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  1. Upon hearing his newly made friend's upcoming wedding. Takumi went out of his way to go to talon's port just to study how to make use of house-magery in trying to come up with a gift for the couple to be wed. He settled with infusing his mana with the ingredients that he'll be using to cook with. He finally decided a gift for the couple, after a few days of stalk-.. I mean spying- and investigating... In the end he couldn't deduce a single thing and simply decided to go for the safest decision.. and that is to offer the couple some food. "Right, Now the question is.. What exactly shall I make.
  2. Takumi would happen to notice the missive clipped against the tree near his favorite spot in Elysium "Uh.. Who placed this here?" He takes a quick glance around just before reading the contents of the page. "Oh-" His face turns cold, as he remembers the turn of events that occurred these past few months just after settling here in norland. He'd sigh "Honestly though.. I never really thought I'd cared about any of the stuff that's been happening around here.. or to anyone around me, but-" He frowns at the thought of it, as he grits his teeth in turn "phew- They must’ve rubbed off me." He mutt
  3. IGN: Nirincchi RP name: Niru Nation/Settlement/Charter: Varhelm, Norland
  4. RP Name: NiruMinecraft Username: NirincchiNation: Norland
  5. Finally got pass my lazy x art block season!! 

    Finished a quick sketch of my persona~ Hope ya'll like it 🤙

    Niru- sketch.jpg

  6. Hey!- Just wanted to ask for assistance regarding my account info in lotc. I lost access to my current account (IGN: Nirucchi / persona: Niru) And I no longer have the means of retrieving it back. And so- since that was the case- I made a new mc acc (IGN: Nirincchi) and I was hoping if you guys could help me in retrieving my data as well as my items back inside my inv. That's all!- thanks for your time.
  7. Niru


    Niru's story had no beginning, it only has a lingering past in which he himself questioned from time to time. He was first found half dead on the sandy shores located near the Kingdom of Hanseti-Ruska. He was around 8 years old at this time. A nun named Iris and her brother Terry took him in. They both lived in a humble tree house located at the outskirts of the city. Niru doesn't have a clue about his past and where he came from. It was only recent that he learned about him being an orphan, and that he isn't blood related to any of them. This of course didn't turn out to be a peaceful resolut
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