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  1. "GOD did..." A young Mareno said as he read the missive hanging in the tavern, making his way to the stone wheel, sharpening his iron shortsword
  2. After a few months of riding around between the four Kingdoms, Darius finally walked into the tavern in Veletz, taking a seat by the nearest table, simply staring into the wall before saying to some of the soldiers "We'll have some training to do, lots of it"
  3. "Aye guys" Artyom yelled out to the ferrymen in the keep "Find a good spot on them walls in the hall to hang my new trophey on"
  4. You play the server long enough to know that majority of people use mini maps and blatantly meta or see other players on the map and use it in game
  5. Kinda funny, half the nations if not more are being d!cks to pvpers, and when the pvpers leave, nations get raided by the same people they forced to leave from their nation, so now in order to fight those people they asked for a change of rules which ruins the purpose of raids by making this a rule you're going to change raids to arranged skirms where the other side has unlimited amount of people to rally and on top of that call up allies and fight max 20 people with a 50 man rally
  6. I believe people can change, ppl growing up on the server can be easily influenced by other people in a negative way.
  7. now you have more time to spend w your kids 😴

    1. Gridlock


      Thanks son

    2. MmmBudaq


      took so long to make a reply, mane, you getting old..

  8. free budaq let him back on the server 😪 😡 😤

  9. what u did in the oren war discord was really uncalled for, man

  10. Discordtag : budaQ#0016 MC Name : lionbileti RP Name : Filly Horen RP Age : 14 Are you a Nobleman representing yourself? : yes
  11. What was the most stressful time on lotc for you?
  12. Discordtag : Buda#0016 MC Name : Budaq RP Name : Sir Anton RP Age : 25 Are you entering as a Commoner/Knight/Champion of a peer? Specify which : Knight , Champion of a peer
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