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  1. A Ferryman of renown smiled, he wiped his sword clean of Orenian blood after the siege and took a stroll down the main road to the tavern. There he stopped, observing the Dwed ransack and mutilate the Tavern- one he shared many drinks in and made many more friends in. "This will do."
  2. That youth bearing the armour frowned. "I thought it looked cool, thought it meant people would think I killed a bear and I'd be let into Oren!" He then spat on the ground with a sigh, putting the helmet back on, "Stupid."
  3. Ser Charles happily clapped his hands within the silence of the tavern- he had hoped with the publishing of this declaration more activity would come to visit him to share drinks with. He knew full well that the remainder of the war he would be killing those he drank with, yet he was content for the time being.
  4. The Lone Imperial Scout “FROM NOW ON DO NOT GO INTO FIGHTS WITHOUT CONFIRMATION FROM SOMEONE HIGH UP IN LEADERSHIP!” - An ISA Captain To the General of the Imperial State Army, If three thousand men in red could not take Stone Tower, why would one be able to do anything at all? It seems that one of your Lieutenants has salt licking his wounds after our previous encounter. Atop his steed, his faulty eyesight lay upon our fortress, but not myself and another. He put up next to no fight, having made less than twenty meters in his cowardly flee. Is this one of your marvellous tactics to have any crumb of victory? Are you scouting our premises? Or is your army disorganized and desperate? Leaving for solo scouting missions and the likes. Our last meeting brought bloodshed to you and you only. We now know not one of your offices will have the doors pushed open, to rally the troops and save this man, therefore he shall suffer. The coming weeks shall be punishment worse than death for this poor man. There is no basement in Stone Tower. Signed, Ser Charles of the Ferrymen, His Most Serene Head of Covert Intelligence, Rosemoor Auctioneer Worm, Ferryman
  5. just finding this application now and its the funniest **** ever


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  6. Ser Aleks put on his ‘I <3 Azdrazi‘ pin.
  7. > a foreign place with no RP intention in mind > built for practicality > will never be used sounds like a landscar. we’re trying to build a story here not have loka. make forts like the one oren has on the Haense border, that’s ones an ounce decent
  8. The server is reaching a slightly raised level of basedness, a lot of constructive posts coming out recently with genuine feedback.

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    2. AnonymousAlexa


      Indeed, now we’ll just have to wait to see if staff actually follow through with what the community wants. Server would be even more based then.

    3. Venomous_Pup


      I hadn't played much LotC before I started playing again in 2019, however, I feel like the past three years have likely been the worst for this server, lot of red tape and general lack of care it would seem surroundings some staff members, toxicity remains a blemish in this community but those who bully others carefully hide it, the server feels like it lacks innovation in regard to plugins, and some of the plugins that do exist is like trying to play an old 90s cRPG, horse whistle plugin for example, it is great and all, but it took me ages to work out how to actually summon a horse 100% of the time.

      When all I got told was to right-click the whistle, I was confused nothing happened, then sometimes when I tried it something did happen, only to realize I had to be within reach and facing a block. But after pressing right-click sometimes my horse would summon, most the times it didn't, so I ended up spamming right-click until I got it, but then that brought the issue of putting the horse back in the whistle again, after sometime, I just realized if I HOLD right-click on the ground and then look up into the sky I could summon my horse 100% of the time.

      I had some of the same issues with Vortex when that was out, the recipes were confusing, so many unneeded items you need to collect to make something like a basic ass fishing rod just meant no one was going to make fishing rods, crafting as it is now is actually just great, simple resources that are generally easy to obtain compared to Vortex when one would have to travel the entire ******* colossal map to gather everything needed.

      LotC just needs to focus on one thing, ease of access to Roleplay, everything single system in plugins and in rules needs to be designed around serving Roleplay. Gathering at the moment is still a chore, where I have to ride around the map every so often to gather materials from mines and then individually click on the nodes is boring as watching paint dry, not to mention, takes away time from being able to actually Roleplay.

      I hope it changes but with how things have been I'm not going to be holding my breath. 

    4. SquakHawk


      in a genuine opinion i don't think staff and players should be viewed as seperate entities as they're one in the same

      i use all kinds of lore the same as anyone else, any change implemented effects me, or any st for that matter, just the same
      i know ET and LT have been doing better in the last 2-3 years than they have been for nearly half a decade, and we're still looking to do better and improve, but I don't think some issues inherently rely upon staff

      while I think crp/wars and rules according are of course in hands of staff and in hands of teams to implement them, there is aswell an inclusion on players, the culture and mentality surrounding them OOC-  after being involved with wars directly for nearly two years as a footgoon, an organizer, and a staffmember organizing, there isn't direct blame to be put on such an easy blanket as staff to target

      example during elvensse war, hearing nightly "We are going to raid these [redacted] [person who touches kids] [slur] until they don't have activity anymore" is ******* depressing that a playerbase has such a horrid mentality and stance on roleplay that they would do this through such blatant rule abuse and thinly veiled victim mentality of "we're generating roleplay, staff fuckign us in the ass!" - To see nations completely shut themselves off from conflict and to simply act like it doesn't exist, to see nations getting into OOC conflict over petty rivalry or disagreement, to see ban-wars and ban-reports on simple fact of "i don't like them, here's a ton of misconstrued evidence, i don't care what happens to them i just never want to see them on the server"- gates always closed, thinly veiled anti-pvp terrain and disgusting contingency forts, targeting of ST for doing "events" for some playerbases more than others-  I don't mean to sound like Tseric (send me ur paypal if u get that reference) but it's a damning reality to realise that no matter what you do, you can't do something that'll make everyone happy- nor, can you write something in good faith or conscious, and expect it not to become perverted and twisted to be used in bad faith and conscious. 

      Example of a few of these could be the recent harassment on a few particular members of moderation from a few communities who are sending threats, being completely uncooperative, and antagonizing these poor guys who just want to try and make things right- the same could be said for ST who have been doxxed in the past, the same could be said for the material (st) node system which can't be made right because of player mentality that no two people or groups can share 

      And the farthest thing from what I'm trying to say is this is how it is, it's certainly there- but there are fantastic members of the community, communities, and groups who make this server worth the while. There are countless people on this server who slave away for staffwork, for playerbases, for roleplay and the betterment of it - there is an insurmountable pride and joy I have to see people happy and having fun with the work I've done, with the work anyone's done - it's a glimmer of light to know that someone is happy, and that someone is making roleplay. Infact, I'd argue the majority of the server is like this- I think it's a vocal, old-guard few can't allow others to have fun if they aren't. NL's like Rudi, Noobli, Terry, Wand, Chase, a few sparing more - have in the last year been nation leaders who cooperate and want to see not only their nation, but the server, a better place than they had last left it- to encourage and entice roleplay even if it might not be immediately convenient for them. 

      I mean to say in this ramble overall, I don't think staff are wholly the issue, as staff are just players- they play the server just the same as everybody else. I don't think players are wholly the issue, as some things are beyond their control, I think the majority of our problems stem from a server-culture which permeates in a victim mentality in which LOTC is a game, and a game that can be won- not a story, not a narrative, not a shared experience. I think a lot of posts recently touch on this well and I think it's fantastic we as a community can recognize this, and make steps to improve. No rule system will work, no story will be great, no retention will be had, if we don't work together as a community, one which acts as a unified unit which seeks to improve itself, to make those things work. No one man, no one team, no one group, will ever make something perfect for the server. But we altogether, with a common vision of making a narrative, a shared roleplaying experience in which we are all valued- we can do that, and by the recent state of things, I'd sure say we're trying to.

  9. @DrakeHaze.@Imperium @CharmingCavalier No mean to be hostile, curious to see the takes on why these lunch boxes aren't landscars in your opinions.
  10. Leon meandered about Orenian land before hearing a cry through a window!- he shouted in response, "Seems by the looks of it yer ma's a common Orenian broad! It's okay though..." He paused to think for a moment "It's not actually... Hope things get better!" With that he continued picking herbs.
  11. woooo yeahhh strong rally guys!11 cool!!

  12. Leonidas Mareno swiftly sends in his application with high hopes!
  13. 'Leon' meandered through the roads of Almaris whilst picking at the shrubbery and berries which painted the landscape of the plain he trekked. While upon his journey did that sagely man cross his path, muttering the few words which immediately engraved themselves within the boys head like a stone tablet. "I gotta write that down..." He murmured to his donkey companion, continuing to hush the words every few minutes in means to memorize them.
  14. Ser Charles Aleksandr III shiver's at the sight of the missive, thereafter he goes to clean his weapon of Rustler blood.
  15. “Meow Meow- kitty a lil’ upsetty.” One of those two Ferrymen mocked to the cat as he pranced around him! Still unable to be caught...
  16. The Rosemoor Auction RESULTS 17th of Malin's Welcome, Year 34 of the Second Age After several long hours of back and forth bidding- several shouts and fights, and as well many winners leaving with their winnings. The greatest auction to take place on Almaris has come to a conclusion, now surely most of people who had to leave late are very curious about the turnouts today! Luckily I have scribbled this missive to update you all on such, let's get to it. RESULTS: Private Amelia Lesie - 400 MINA SOLD Lady Cosette - 500 MINA SOLD Lady Adalene, Baroness of Halcourt - RESCUED, NOT SOLD Lady Heinrika vas Ruthern - 175 MINA SOLD Lady Diana d'Azor - 650 MINA SOLD Signed, The Ferrymen
  17. The Rosemoor Auction 13th of Malin's Welcome, Year 34 of the Second Age https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NwHJiB1jKjA [!] Across Almaris, several people from the north's of Haense and Snow Elves to the south's of Sutica and the druids find themselves with a bird bearing a very simple invitation: Hear ye, Hear ye! I Ser Charles Alexander III "The Wolf"- the infamous auctioneer of the Ferrymen, as well as my partner in crime Diome Indoren here by declare the first auction to be held in our special guest location of South Sedan. We invite everyone of all races to attend such glorious auction as it surely will be one for the record books! Do not get so hasty now, for what we are offering are very delicate yet very expensive Orenian women! Straight from the confines and hell of Providence. If you- dear reader, do find yourself interested in bidding then come on down to South Sedan, we do not wish for any fights or battles to occur at a momentous event like this, so there is no need to bring your thousand men rally. Those up for auction are: Private Amelia Lesie, Lady in Waiting and Nanny of the Imperial Household Lady Cosette Lady Adalene, Baroness of Halcourt Lady Heinrika vas Ruthern Lady Diana d'Azor We are especially excited to see all the bidders or perhaps just bystanders arrive shortly! We expect stacked pockets but no fighting at the luxurious Rosemoor Auction! Goodluck bidding and of course, most importantly, do have fun. Signed, The Ferrymen
  18. "Bandits bandit- merely for the fact to bandit, or in the Ferrymen's case to give to the poor and take from the rich. Why do nations believe we care so direly to hold and control the flow of their city? Why do nations believe they seem brave and bold by claiming victory after they cower" The wise Ser Sanders pondered such thought, the scholar-ferrymen uninterested with the Rustlers politics but rather the misinformation about those who bandit "One cannot claim true victory over something the other side simply never cared about! For that was never their true desire." He offered to a passerby elf a bite of his popcorn as he sat upon his horse, the elf thereafter hearing through one of his sentiments with absolute awe.
  19. Ser Sanders "The Wolf" strolled up alongside Avaermos sometime after the fight, the Ferrymen divulging in some popcorn as he spoke mouth-full "I'm guessin' this is missive a whole lotta not true stuff huh? Some of them elf strats of switcherooing who won and who lost- who died and who survived- and who ran and those who stood their ground!" He tilted the popcorn towards the man, offering some to him "Popcorn? The after show is about to start of both sides malding"
  20. this is a smart rep farm.
  21. Let's make a post about the same topic for the thirteenth time and no matter how many times it's been shut down I have my green arrow army with their green arrow guns to back me up (same as crossbows btw)

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  22. "Hey.. this looks very familiar! Better hop on that OrenSafe" Sanders would mutter, unknowing to what it's similar to.
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