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    Dante was abandoned on the door step of a human family in the Kingdom of Norland. He was raised by them until he was 12 years old when a cult of elf hating humans killed his family and taken in as a slave. And he was worked for 3 years ruthlessly and beaten. To the point where he wanted to kill himself and nearly did. Until there was a riot and he managed to find a way out. And had escaped out in to the wild where he was for a few months when he eventually found a city in the Holy Orenian Empire. And had spent a year there until he decided to leave and pursue a career in the big city. And had
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    Dante was born from a love affair from an elven woman and a common farmer human he was raised by his mother for a while until his home was burnt to the ground when he was 9 by elf hating cultists and hes managed to escape but his mother was killed and he met a mage who took him in and taught him all he knows about magic and was taught about a sealed away god of calamity that the mage worshiped and Dante became intrigued by the promise that the mage told him the god would bring so when he was 21 years old he set out to find a way to break him out
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