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  1. Daibhidh Sutharlainn, owner of the Sutherland Trading Company, read the post, and has start considering to halt all trade between his company and Elvenesse until this event is resolved. Moreover, Elvenesse does not contribute a significant part of the trading company's revenue anyways...
  2. =❁The Sutherland Trading Company❁= ❋Sutharliann Taigh Malairt❋ Left: Banner of The Sutherland Trading Company|Right: Banner of the Sutherland Clan Introduction Founded in SA11, The Sutherland Trading Company is a Company founded by Daibhidh Sutharlainn, a clan member of the Sutherland Clan located in North of Norland. The Sutherland clan has been brewing many kinds of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverage, including the most famous whisky, made with fruit and honey from Nedved Mòr (Nowadays North Norland). For us, creativity takes a community. Designing deliciou
  3. tkr_niflheimr


    Daibhidh was born in a normal family in the outskirts of Varheim. His family owns a little distillery for whisky and some sheeps. When Daibhidh was young, he used to be a shepherd and have to bring his sheeps to the field for food. When Daibhidh was young, he did not have the opportunity to study in an academy, but his father tried to bring him books from the capital Varheim. Daibhidh thus learnt how to speak the common language, his mother tongue is Jalfmarr'tal. As a highlander, he knows how to also play the bagpipes. When he was 19, his parents decided to let him to explore outside of the
  4. tkr_niflheimr


    Filib is borned in a normal highlander family in outskirt Norland. Filib's parents used to own sheep farms and Filib used to be a shepherd when he was young. When Filib was young, there is no chance for Filib to study in a School. So Filib's father use some of his income to buy books from Norland and later found out that Filib loves books. When Filib was releasing the sheeps for them to eat grass, Filib will sit under a tree and read for hours. When Filib turned 16, his parents decided to let him to go out and discover the world and thus Filib left his home. But one day, Filib encountered a gr
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