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  1. JDTheBruh


    Jacob was born to the yarl of a viking clan they had settled in to a town and at about the age of 10 his village was raided by goblins. lucky he was in a ship at the time out fishing with by him self when he returned he found the remains of his village. and grabbed his dad sword, cloak, tunic, his moms hunting bow, flint, and left for the woods. he stayed there for 5 years mastering his hunting and cooking skills and sometimes killing goblins that would pass by. then he decided that this not the way and left to find civilization. he found a highlander clan and slowly became friends with the ki
  2. JDTheBruh


    JD was born to a viking clan and they were powerful he was the yarls son. one day they where at there town and a goblin army came and murdered his whole clan. but luckily for him he was on one of the ships and he survived. when he woke up he found what remained. he garbed his moms hunting bow and his dads sword and cloak and tunic and left to the woods. he stayed there for 5 years until he was 13 he had learned survival skills and gotten good with hunting. he had even killed groups of goblins. but he decided he couldn't stay in the woods his whole life there so he set out for civilization. he
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