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  1. Cobbler I have finished my application again by help of CawwCawwCrow



    1. Cobbler


      I’ll get to it, as soon as I get home 👍

  2. oh I'm sorry guys I forgot to add my skin I thought it was just a pic





    1. Rioling


      There should be three dots somewhere on your application where you can click to make edits if you need to :)

  3. BadBonesAlpha


    Daron Stonehammer was born in Kal'Evraal and had never left until he was 43 then he left home and started to find places to work. It was hard for him as he walked and walked and walked before he found a place to start his life he was 44 by this time. This is when he started to train to be a fighter in his spare time. Soon after he found his true passion, mining. He became a really real skilled miner and made profit of it as he could pay back the pick, rails and carts. Daron became scared of spiders because city of Thumrilgrad fell to them and he was trapped inside for 2 days. He only escaped w
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