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  1. Username: King_Kunuk Character name: Maehrir Dov Age: 79 Race: Mali'thill Are you a citizen of Haelun’or?: Yes Discord: Kunuk#5172
  2. Maehrir Dov: "This is true! True I say! I was there in the Silver Stag when the assassin tried to strike. From the moment she entered into the city I knew something was off as well. I even had a conversation with her, but this... barbarian spoke ill of our thill. The crimes of Elveneness against our great Sohear can not go unanswered! If joining the legion is what it takes to get righteous revenge upon these heretics... then I shall join with faith that the ancestors smile down upon us"
  3. Hello! I am new to LotC server and I just made my character

    I am in a bit of a pickle though, as I am not entirely sure if they should live in the Silver City of the Elves or in another elf nation that is less 'xenophobic' to the other races

    I have good arguments for both, but I guess I would rather get a community opinion rather then try to make it my own due to others having more experience here.

    The High Elf in question is named Maehir, and is a scholar/mage(?)/studier of history, magic, and all things unknown. He, like other high elves does believe in the idea of purity. However he is not a super purist at heart. He has a fondness for the 'lesser' races of the realms (mainly humans), and seeks to mimic them in the ways they peruse goals in their short lives and isn't a bigot towards them, nor is one to look down at their inherit 'inferiority'. Due to this conflicting ideal he has, I have been rather stuck on where he should live. Should he have home in the Silver City? Or should he live in a different elven realm (do know he was born in the Silver City to begin with, and does follow many High Elf customs depending on what they are)

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      thank you very much!

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      I agree that you should probably choose to live in the Silver City as I think it would fit your character, definitely shouldn't let the fact the character would be conflicted about it stop you from choosing what makes most thematic sense. However I suggest at least visiting the others as it makes sense if your character has such a conflict that he would investigate the other cultures. But I imagine that's part of the fun, experiencing that conflict of values in RP, not deciding before hand.

      Regardless, have fun Roleplaying on the server! And if you're a scholar, I suggest talking to the Remembrancers, they're an international scholar guild that has quite the history ;)

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    Maehrir was born in the Silver City of the High Elves, parented by two elven scholars, Tolna Dov and Krith Dov respectively. It would be under these circumstances that would help influence the youth of Maehrir. His name itself comes from the scholarly pursuits of his parents and their studies. While possible not accurate, his name is a heavily butcherer combination of words from the ancient elf language that translates quite literally to 'One who is Wise'. . He would spend his youth under their tutelage learning all things scholarly, Alchemy, and lore based for the better part of 35 years bef
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