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  1. The sooner we shelf elves, the faster we can shelf dwarves and orcs next
  2. The Path to Eternity A portal opened deep in the heart of the earth. A soul has been torn asunder as a being broke the shackles against the world. He screamed with joy as it shed the mortal coils that bound it down. Those who called it slave shall cower with fear. Those who call him friend shall find joy. Those who follow his path shall find salvation. Meahrโ€™ir found himself through the veil, a mind tearing its soul and body apart as it entered into the infinite VOID itself. The ascended being gazed into the star-lit sky that surrounded it and it felt the warmth of a home long forgotten. It gazed into the gaping maw of the VOID and he felt welcomed. He turns around and looks at The Disc of Aos and Eos and makes a wicked smile. A smile one would make when one succeeds at an impossible task. โ€œFreedomโ€ it spoke, the words leaving the many mouths it bore with the greatest measure of relief it could have as it stepped onto the very surface of existence. Lucid visions circled around it. Memories made into reality. โ€œAt long last. Let all those who doubted my ambitions find fear on this day!โ€ it bellowed out then, holding its hands up towards the empty Void above. The stars coiled, they churned with lights that would cause madness to any mortal mind. But the being that stared at them was no longer of feeble flesh and soul. Dovian smiled towards the VOID, its many mouths coiling into a great and powerful echo to shred into eternity. And the VOID smiled back at its newest child, its coldness filling its newest Herald of the Stars with a bond that can never be broken. Those who watch the sky would notice a new, shimmering green star joining the ranks of the thousand above. It gleamed down with a most ambitious gaze of light. The Dovian was not yet done ending his eternal quest. In truth, the entity had only just begunโ€ฆ.
  3. Scions should not be able to preform Atro forging simple. bad amendment to try and power creep an already powerful magic that isn't related to atro forging..
  4. King_Kunuk

    Split The Sky

    Though mighty cloudbreaker was dead, the rotted Pale Wizard, Sorcerer of the Great Monument, had awoken from deaths temporary grasp feeling now for the first time in decades true violent joy. Its years of plotting came forth, and it shattered its jailers with eldritch vengeance. It looked to the stars and reached to clasp them. Eternity among them now awaited- yet doubt lingered, a dreadful sense of doom haunted his mind.
  5. Besides possibly the 10 mage cap, I am quite fond of how this feat gives off the feel of a coven/cabal of sorcerers doing voidal magic, linked together through a bond of some kind. Note that due to how the feat WAS made, I fully understand WHY the 10 cap exists, though the subject of voidal horrors I feel will probably be the only sticking point the LT will have about it if at all.
  6. I expect my grandfather FA once this is accepted tytytytyty ur the best kissue ;3
  7. "This mercy is a weakness" a wretched thing would mutter within a slowly decaying flesh
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