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  1. like bro gimme a list of things to choose from and then put like the lore underneath what i choose for what i chose. that would work waaaaaaay better fro people who dont want to invest time in a server they cant even play. like bro i couldnt find the lore of like places also when i did find places apparently they happened a long time ago????? like how am i supposed to know that?? what is the current date of the world i was never told this either. this server is not very user friendly it seems that you have to know every bit of detail about it before even THINKING of playing it. 



    1. Unwillingly


      Hey there, looks like you're applying as a wood elf so I thought I'd just butt in. If you're having some trouble, you're welcome to message me on discord at un-w#9099 and I can invite you to a new-player-friendly server where we can help you out! We have a ton of experienced helpers and other new players in there who would be willing to guide you in the right direction. You can get free skins in there, ping the helpers if you have questions, and read about lore for whatever you need :) 

  2. so wait youre saying that i can have no help in knowing anything about this server or its lore, and after i spend four hours trying to research it it isnt good enough and denied due to not being accurate enough. i dont really care enough about this to put any more time without help into it. i have a hard time understanding words man i cant read hours of all this junk and actually understand it. yall clownin.

    1. Kuila


      Hey! Reach out to me on discord and I'd be more than happy to help you out! Sorry that it's been rough so far. Lumii#0001 
      I hope everything turns out alright! If you have any more questions, let me know. :) 

  3. manic_mangos


    Ayen Faehorn is a twenty year old wood elf who grew up in a cottage on the outskirts of Linandria. He was born to Elyn Faehorn and Marlevaur Faehorn who raised their children in the faith of elnarnsae'ame, which they all thoroughly believe. His older brother Nym was always a rolemodel. Nym was always keen on adventure and that got Ayen interested. He and Nym would play in the forest a lot as kids. One day Nym joined a group of travelling bandits. His family didn't know that they were bandits until it was too late, though and soon the family heard tell that Nym had been killed while ransacking
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