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  1. Songs looked upon the golden statue of the Rex, a smile on her face as she would hit her chest with the side of her fist. "May Deh zpiritz gyde lat Zhot. Agh may we peep eechothur ahgayn ihn Deh Zpirit Rehlm. Rezt eazy mi friend." A single tear rolled down her cheek as she sighed softly.
  2. Born from a family of warriors and tacticians, Songs Jhet-Krask(the name Jhet-Krask coming from her family's four tusks) grew up to uphold the family tradition; seek wisdom amongst strength. Training in their own little haven in the outskirts of Krugmar, residing near the waters for better nourishment, and to avoid the drama of Ugrad'Lur, for Inkathu and Urzoth had little interest in fighting a war that might not succeed, for the betterment of orcs. But as the war had been won and the clans would soon form with more structure, they sought to settle down and eventually have little Songs. So as
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