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    Music, Minecraft, D&D 5E, Fantasy/Sci-fi novels, Sweets
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About Me

I am Mannamannaa.! Glad to have you visit and reading this!

I play Kor'garr, who you have probably seen wandering around Krugmar or getting horribly, horribly lost somewhere in the vast lands of Almaris. Finally returning to the wonderful lands of blessed Krug, I am always happy to help the orc community flourish!

Some more tidbits about myself... I am 23, getting an undergrad degree in Physics, the proud keeper of two wonderful dogs, and an avid music lover! Been playing the cello for 15 years, percussion for 8, and am currently learning the basics of electric guitar. Some of my other interests include D&D 5E, sci-fi and fantasy novels, various videogames (of course), and the science behind stage magic. I you are also interested, feel free to reach out to me! Think of it as an ongoing AMA.

Well, I think that is everything! Hope to see you online.


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