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    The Verloc Family is a sweet little family in the Kingdom of Norland in the capital of Varhelm with a distinctive family crest of a clover. On the night of a light evening shower, Edennoire Verloc was born. Since she was a child she had always been infatuated with clovers, she always believed if she could find a four leaf clover one day it could bring her immense luck since their family crest and motto had always been about the clover and the luck it brought. She spent most of her days pondering about in Norland and meeting new people that would come by the ports, hence why she never had any t
  2. I am not new to roleplay but neither am I profound in it either, I simply do it for fun and will pop in every now and then on occasion. Reality is harsh so that is why I try to escape from time to time with roleplay. I do hope you treat me well, who knows? I might just learn a thing or two from you and vice versa :)
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