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  1. Xancraes was sitting with his pipe above some papers as he found the missive within them, with a slight frown he read through it. "Such a broad statement, an orc or human unaffilliated with the brigands can be killed without punishment."
  2. (IRP information) Name: Ragnar Tyrsson Race: Human Experience: 20 years (OOC information) Username: Royal_sheep Discord: thepolishhussar Timezone: Gmt+1 - Poland!
  3. Xan learned about the death of his teacher from Netseth. At first he didn't understand. At second he didn't accept. At third, he imbued his flesh with a mark that'd remind him of death and of his teacher. "I wish I knew you better" The elf said as he stood under the dark sky of Nor'asath.
  4. Xancraes saw the missive and gave it a single nod. "An honorable way to decide the winner"
  5. Both kiddos were adopted when they were very little, so for a while they most likely wouldn't know they are adopted. There's a girl and a boy to be adopted, they'd have two dads. The personality is mostly up to the player (Just don't make them into a villain or something). The kiddos would have an easy way of becoming a shaman or a fighter. The female has black hair, blue eyes and ashy skin (The first two can be changed) The male has silver hair, pale skin and icy blue eyes (Again, hair and eye colours can be changed.)
  6. Helious Summer Festival The days grow warmer and warmer. As the ears of wheat ripen, covering the fields with a layer of gorgeous gold, the nights grow shorter and the sun elves find themselves closer to Solaris. Summer is a time of plentiful harvest and for many, well-deserved rest. Alongside wheat ripen also the grapes which cover the vines in Helious. From these grapes, the wine will be made. To begin the harvests, a Festival will be hosted, allowing anyone who wishes to do so to help create the first batch of wine that year as they enjoy plenty of food and drinks. The Festival will be hosted under the sun, near a small river, where all the grapes grow. Anyone is invited, for it’s a time of peace and happiness. Special Invitations His serene highness, Prince of Helious, Jarad Munnel and his kin. The Heliousani house of Aelrothi. The Hope Family The Bishop Family The house of Roa The Franzen Family The Augusten-Kervallen Family The house of Calavénon The Citizens of Helious The Citizens of Amathine The Citizens of Nor’asath The Citizens of Lurin The Citizens of Balian Clan Loa'Chil Clan Jusmia Clan Maiheiuh Clan Kervallen Signed The high speaker of Helious. Patriarch of house Aelrothi. OOC:
  7. Xancraes read through the missive with a frown on his face. "To attack another when the mori are sieging the continent is an upmost crime against all descendants."
  8. What is your name? ASUL"II! Where are you from? EVERYWHERE How old are you? 29 What is your favorite thing? MUSIC and other BARD stuff
  9. [[OOC]] IGN: Royal_Sheep [[ OOC]] Discord: The polish hussar#6991 Name: Agis Event [Jousting or Melee]: Melee Where are you from?: C'nor Optional Alias:
  10. The Barbu’velulaei Threat [!]Around the lands of Celia’nor a missive was hung. Letters of the same content were sent out to the more important nobles and figures, which may aid the effort. The Road Attacks The roads of Celia’nor grew increasingly dangerous before an unknown, enemy force started attacking travellers. They set up camps alongside the main paths and attack unsuspecting citizens, travellers and traders. The attacks, most of the time, weren’t a means to rob the victims but an attack on the economy of Celia’nor. This hints toward a war effort, instead of the work of bandits. The Enemy Some of the enemies have been captured, once they’ve moved too close to the capital. In the battle against an insignificant group, the Celiadiraar had lost many men, before finally scoring a victory. All of the enemy soldiers had either lost their lives in the battle itself or took it themselves before they were captured. They wore armour of unknown origin, kite shields, daggers supposedly of cultural meaning, and either a war hammer or crossbow. All were of the Malii’ker race. [!]A drawing of one of the enemy A call to arms This group is a serious threat to the citizens of Celia’nor. They’re cruel and their goals are unknown. Thus I call you, mal’onnan ehya lari’onnan, to take up your weapons and fight for the good of the nation. Join the Celiadiraar and let them aid you on your path towards greatness. Signatures Valyris Ibarellan, Princess of Celia’nor and the Silver Princedom Mordu’Lar of the Celiadiraar Atheleon Py’lrie Diraar of the Celiadiraar Agis Livarai de Melphestaus [[OOC]] This is a start to a CRP event line led by Royal_Sheep (The polish hussar#6991). The first event will happen on 07.10.2022(Eu date scheme) at 3 pm est. To participate you must be a part of the Celiadiraar. Contact Moping#0674 to join. If you wish to make an event or forum post based on this event line please contact me on discord.
  11. The Velky hussar sergeant Agis Livarai de Melphestaus was especially happy when he signed a missive, which gave the hussars form.
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