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    Finn was born in Brandybook. He was created by his mother Amy and his father Besso. During his childhood, he was a little different from the normal halfling he always wanted some sort of adventure he would sit at the beach near the Spicy Shrimp and would imagine himself going on one adventure at the sea. His mother was overprotective so she was a little concerned about Finn's love of adventures so she keeps telling him horror stories about the undead to make Finn afraid of the world outside the village. During his teen years, he got a little sister named Alpais he loved her a lot and would hel
  2. Bolew


    Bjarki was born in the Kingdom of Norland. His father was dead before he was born so he was raised by his mother Bergthora. During his life he had a lot of friends and was really happy with his mother even with finance problems. Bjarki never go to a school because he didn't have money to afford and needed to help his mother a lot but he was a smart kid and was teached by his mother. At the age of 10 Bjarki had learn more than the basics that is teached in school so his mother allowed him to go train with his uncle Hallmund that would help him fulfill his dream of entering the norlandic army an
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