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    Atlas was born into a long lineage of Knights, known as the Blackblade family. The Knights of this family were free Knights, which served under no specific rule and traveled around the world, exploring and fighting. The Blackblades are a family of Knight-errants. These Knight originated from Norland, which is also where Atlas was born. At a young age Atlas was trained by his uncle Orton in martial arts and in sword fighting. He was trained until the age of 16, where he became an official knight of the family. He traveled two more years with his uncle, until the age of 18. Now fully aged,
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    Illanor was born into a noble house of respected warriors. His parents raised in a very strict way and taught him the importance of honour. While his siblings walked the path of noblemen, Illanor choose to become a knight. Training his entire childhood, Illanor grew up to a very tuff and muscular young man. He became taller and broader than his brothers and sisters. After some time illanor grew tired of politics and royal business and so he wandered out into the unknown. He traveled from city to city and met many people. But he was still a nobleman and so became a target for many thieves
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