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  1. 17 hours ago, Unwillingly said:

    archers can have an infinite quiver

    CRP does not last long enough for an Archer to run out of arrows even with two emote bows. An Archer can carry at most 13 arrows comfortably give or take. Under ideal conditions it would take 27 emotes for one to run dry


    2 hours ago, Unwillingly said:

    melee weapons still take 2 emotes to draw and attack

    This I have not heard of before or seen in crp. Usually I have seen most people  draw a melee weapon in one emote as a free action. Though will say for in this case melee can still be better due to how fast you can move in or less than three emotes. Also assuming combat just started it will take you less time to draw your funny sword than an archer to get 'connected', notch, fire.

    As someone who plays a mostly ranged character three emotes to use a bow just sucks horribly. Even if you start a crp at a distance people can and will catch up to you far fast than you can think. With mages I have heard they can move fairly fast and get away from melee  safe in comparison to the archer. If you want a suggestion for dealing with heavy armored archers (which I agree is silly) I recommend what taking a look at CharlestheDwarf suggest here if you haven't already. \/ \/ \/


    22 hours ago, CharlestheDwarf said:

    IE:) Heavy armor requires the standard 3 to attack and 3 to maintain due to increased difficulty of upward shoulder movement beyond a level plane as well as the general hindrance of bulkier armor. Longbows and Arbalests should remain as 4 emotes.

    Medium armor uses the change as is, with 3 emotes for the first attack and 2 follow-up emotes for every attack after. Longbows and Arbalests are 4 emotes to start and 3 to maintain for damage piercing properties.

    Light armor functions as Medium armor does, but may use Longbows and Arbalests at the rate of 3 emotes.

    I feel like this generally gives lighter armor sets more precedent, where Medium armor pushes versatility and light armor rewards ranged fighting styles in exchange for being so vulnerable.

    It should also be specified that moving should require one to start the firing process over again, which means you'd have to have the longer emote attack first before continung.


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