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  1. Blaytz_Bermuda


    Blaytz was born into a poor family in the kingdom of Sutica. Blyatz Had a older brother, His brother was 3 years older than he was.Blaytz had a brush of death when he was very young (7 years old). When he was wandering around a nearby cave, he and his brother fell into a grand cavern. Only to be saved by a Group of Dwarves Miners. both of them managed to survive this and decided to never explore caves without each other and supplies. When they were older (19 years old), they decided to further explore the cave with some friends. They managed to explore the entirety of it, But when they were on
  2. Blaytz_Bermuda


    Blaytz was born into a family that was in the worker class. Blyatz grew up without that much money, and he often worked during the weekends and the Off-Seasons to help alleviate his families poverty. He was a dependable worker and always gave it his all in school and work. Growing up without that much money made hime a target in many kids eyes. Wealthy families often got away with having their children do questionable things, and the bullies from Blaytz's childhood were prime examples of that. He grew up to resent these families of Lies and Wealth, and cherish the families that could pull thei
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