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    Kia'sei was born into a family of the Far Lander High Elves. His father fought for the Silver State of Haelun'or against the Principality of Alderyn. Kia's father, Asbut was very old when he was born, although his mother was rather young. When Kia'sei was a child he was scarred on his face by a human bandit, and his cat was killed by the same man, who later ate it. This event also emotionally scarred him and he subsequently hated all humans ever since. Kia, as his name is often abbreviated, then decided it was his destiny to eliminate the race of men, as well as the race of orcs, as these two races were too inferior and disgusting to be kept alive. As he grew up, Kia killed many orphans, as he could kill them with less of a fight and still work towards completing his task. Kia was always too smart and cautious to get caught by his parents whilst killing younglings. When Kia turned 15 he left his family to find someone who would teach him the fire evocation. When he finally found a teacher he was overwhelmed with joy, he could now learn fire evocation to help him eliminate the human and orc races. But his teacher learned of his evil plans, and refused to teach him magic. Instead, Kia's teacher, Chunk Borris, taught him self defense through martial arts. It is worth noting that Chunk Borris was just as skilled in martial arts as he was in fire magic, which isn't saying much. However, Kia's teacher, Chunk, died after attempting to send Kia a letter, from which he obtained a paper cut on his pinky finger which caused him to later die from blood loss. After the death of Borris, Kia searched for a new teacher for fire magic, and has been searching for one ever since.
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