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  1. ♩♫♩ "Illy-Billy." The second triplet of Kortrevich mumbled the name over and over again, until she was sick of it. The way she was sick of all the lies, the nobility, the titles. However, she was not sick of her sister. Nika missed her deeply and her brother, a bond that couldn't be broken. Matching clothing, matching toys, matching names - she did miss it all. "Run Illy, you'll be happier." She threw an old cow plush off a snowy cliff in order to mourn.
  2. If she could, Esmée Gabrielle Kortrevich would be rolling over in her grave. Dimirti Kortrevich let out a gasp that nearly killed him. "Can't believe he would disgrace his mother like that! Ungrateful son! HE CARRIES THE SAME BLOOD AS US!" The old disgusted man couldn't be bothered anymore and went back to sleep, waiting for his own doom. And for the lost triplet somewhere in the lands of the swamp, read the missive with an eyeroll. "Stupid nobles," hissed Nika Kortrevich. "This is why I stole the hand!"
  3. It was quiet on most days. However, comfort was brought to the lost soul. The old Rose of Colborn knew her cousin was home, the rightful home - grateful for it all.
  4. Somewhere in the beyonds, an old Kortrevich Countess smiled. Her legacy lived on.
  5. "They stole ummi's name," Dimitri - the old Kortrevich lord - stated as he tapped the missive with the back of his hand. A tsk followed, shaking his head. "I suppose he misses Esfir." He frowned, setting down the missive aside, continuing on his day.
  6. "Perhaps now mother will be proud." Odetta held up the missive, proud of herself.
  7. Rosalind shed a tear from the halls of the All-Father. Rosana cheered, excited for the future married couple. Ivan von Theonus gasped, "NOOOOO!"
  8. i think religion/faith in rp is FINE but it gets to a point where it's just TOO much religion/faith rp gets pretty harmful and abused for the wrong reasons, players feel restricted in certain nations because of the religion, and it causes unnecessary conflict
  9. From the halls of the All-Father, Rosalind smiled, honored to have been invited despite her death. Rosana hurried to finish Calla's dress, quietly cursing. Ivan von Theonus cheered for his cousin, "YOU'RE GETTING SO OLD!"
  10. Rosana smiled brightly, "Mira! Mi trabajo, que lindo."
  11. The young princess of the von Alstreim family went into the gardens of the Kingdom, collecting all the pretty flowers for her uncle and aunt.
  12. She smiled, happy to been invited despite being in the halls of the All-Father.
  13. Rosalind’s heart was heavy with guilt, burdened by the weight of the lies she had said and the debts she had carried. Every day had become a battle, as the guilt gnawed at her conscience, eroding her sense of self-worth. She felt trapped, suffocated by the consequences of her actions. All of this had brought the princess to a cliff, watching waves crash against the jagged rocks below her. This was her way of seeking redemption in the world’s eyes, perhaps her peers and the All-Father would forgive her. She didn’t want to bring any more shame to her people or her nation. — "We are expected to keep up appearances." The 'fenn affirms with a few light nods. "But in private Rosalind, we are just people." He reminds her, "You can be a beacon all you wish, but a lighthouse keeper is given a set amount of oil when he arrives. He cannot burn all that oil in one night and expect the ships to navigate by his light once it's out, only having a premise of where it was before." He continued, "We must cry with our people sometimes.. We must cry on our own sometimes. Don't burn all your oil at once Rosalind, or like the lighthouse keeper your flame will die out, and you shall freeze to death in its absence." — But she couldn't cry with her people, her friends, or fellow peers. The fire in her was gone, the oil ran out - Rosalind was no longer bright. Without hesitation, Rosa stepped forward, her balance becoming unstable on the edge. She closed her eyes, took a deep breath, and let her troubled thoughts wash over her one final time. And so, the princess took the plunge.
  14. MORE RAT TUNNELS. @StrongBear @0zark @Itz_Cookie
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