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  1. Thinking. . . Thinking. . . "Diagnostic complete chance of reta-" BZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ- HULL FAILURE: 10% ALERT- ALERT- ALERT DEPLOYING RECOVERY NOISE BEACON . . . . . . . . . | πš‚Μ‡πšƒΜ‡π™ΎΜžπ™ΌΝπ™Ώ πš‚Μ‡πšƒΜ©π™ΎΜžπ™ΌΜžπ™Ώ πš‚Ν•πšƒΜ©π™ΎΜžπ™ΌΜπ™Ώ | "πšƒΝπš‘ΜπšŽ πšΜ©πš’Ν•πš›Μ‡πšœΜ‡πš πš˜Ν•πš πš–Μ©πšŠΝπš—Μžπš’Μ. . ." A great evil held the heart of the once intelligence unit, HAL. . . . . . . Thinking . . . Updated all commands, repairs have been completed. "Welcome, Administrator, Gashadokuro."
  2. Thinking. . . Thinking. . . Affirmative. "Contract termination voiding confirmed by present authority holder. Countermeasure devising has been approved so long as action is not taken. Potential operatives are being devised. Ordnance are being devised. Strategies are being devised. Intelligence is being compiled for future contacts." "Preparing. All. Outcomes."
  3. Its a cycle, a loop, a shape with no sides, a pizza, a game show, an invention for all time.
  4. Are they compatible with azdrazi?
  5. Community trust :ouroboros: :trol:

  6. My suggestion from a shower thought I had last year wuz that bow users could do 2 OR 3 emotes. 2 emotes means they have to roll w/ a negative modifier to accuracy and do not get to pick a precise spot to hit 3 emotes does not require a roll and always hits in some honorable capacity wherever the archer is aiming
  7. THE ORDER OF DEAD MEN Sulfur Trails It’s come to my attention, from one brother to another, a great skeleton has been lost in the line of calcified duty. Deadmen lost to their own ambitions, or ascended into something else. Loaned or stoned I would say they have a place, if only they knew which hours to roam, looking through old pages on cluttered bulletin boards. From now on it is a harsh and cruel test, and the cracks in the walls are sealed. So the word is given, once again they will march under a new general, for the sake of Iblees, the Red Emperor, Gashadokuro, and so people cannot drink tea in peace. May all our enemies former and future have a bad morning, a bad evening, and certainly a bad night.
  8. "GUWUWUWUWUWUWUHUUUUUUU" Hemlock. . . Hammock. . . Deadlock? Whatever the case was, a zombie trying to hand him the note lost said hand, as the dark-stalker was vigorously training their Razor's Edge technique. The side effect of their incredulous speed was that they could not talk like a normal person without sounding like a fan.
  9. Where csn we recommend events? I thought of a cool event called Lector's Day where we have a felder's parade
  10. "No." A wither skeleton aside the bone throne leaning over neigh prone rose. "I'd sooner kill myself." They polished their teeth with coarse rock. "We'd sooner kill ourselves. Lest again, we trust a-" they made funny hands "Child of the odd. You want 't get sealed by them?" @ThatFunkyBunch
  11. I like skeletons and ghouls a lot do you think the ST would let them get bardmancer to play the xylophone?


  12. "What're they doing over there. . . Are they. ." Two waterlogged spy-glasses, welded together, were zoomed in. "Are they lining out land? And the one with the pink-blue-white flag is pinching his fingers as if to say 'mina'." "I should have made a plan to deal with those wicked spaghetti golems. By Iblees."
  13. "Hey! They killed three skeletons! Let's attack them later!" The wither skeleton held the missive to a bunch of shambling ghouls and pointed to the three skulls underneath the rooster.
  14. I remember these guys from the lectors
  15. "The weak are meat and the strong do eat" Abyssal smog was coughed from the right-hand-man's empty withery jaw.
  16. | Vweeeeeem. . . | A droid, HAL-Bot, made their way from the spotted gravel roads, leaving their storage-unit to look up to the stars briefly. "SUBJECT: Lector Stor. Would enjoy a clear night sky." - "I will relay this to him, for the Owynssiah." | Vwooooooom. . . | The storage unit closed with the machine inside. Until next time.
  17. Aurum testing is an excuse to pull two crossbows from a holster, 10 paces each, and wait for the animii clockwork to strike Saint's twelve.
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