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  1. GOOD MORNING LOVELY PEOPLE OF FORUM- sadly i wont be able to write soon again but xd ill try fill you in with my messy mind every now and then

  2. so i wrote a kids book in rp incase anyone wanna roleplay reading night book to their kids Xd but i only have one 

    (its almost complete) and i cant use that mod that mutiple books for some reason anyone willing to help to at least make few
    i made doc file if someone wants to you know copy paste to acually use in rp :D

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    2. Hoom


      no no couldnt get mod started, it didnt showed at forge

    3. PXY


      Oh it doesn’t work for forge at all, it’s purely a fabric mod

    4. Hoom


      ohhhh ill try again later then !


  3. First idea  was

    1)Esha and Irvan never got hunted down. Antha was born peacefully and lived with her biological parent






    That day Esha decided, they didn't needed to go for a walk and Irvan look confused. He asked "You sure?" asked. He was suprized she would always...always want to go to walks. He turned and walked over to her, having a worried expression "O-okay we dont have to walk...we can sit here and ill writ-"

    Some moments later that i would be uncomfortable to write abour later...Samantha came to word and we pass boring parts in this so...blah blah babyhood. 

    idk how to delete this


    Antha had a normal babyhood thats when she met. Hermey, her childhood best friend. They basically grew up together-


    OKAY NOW I AM CURİOUS LOL can i draw with dots here lmao



    OOOO so thats how you get this lol




    okay so thats how you do that loll



    OOOOOOOO YESS i could use this


    The Good

    The bad

     i am learning so much in this post













                                              .          * ** ...........................................................................................

                                            .       .        *  .............................................................................................

                                               .        .     .

                                                   .                                                                                                       . 

                                                            .                                                                                               .

                                                            .                        .  ................                    .................                 .

                                                             .                        .   ............                      .................                   .                                                                                                                         .                                                                                              .

                                                                .                                                                                             .                                                                                                                             .                                                                                         .                                                                                                                                .                                                                                   .                                                                                                                                    .                                   ----------                                .

                                                                    .                                                                                   .                                                                                                                                          .                                                                            .                                                                                                                                              ............................................................................                                                                       .                                   

      need practice BUT THİS COULD WORKD LOL 


    sorry this one was a bit mess ill xd write good 1st idea tomorrow 


    1. Hoom


      it didnt turn out way i expected it to turn out



    hope everyone has a great night or day < 3



    where did we left off lol :D...


    so i wrote some ideas but you know i wanna do something else now, more like sweet because i been trying to keep stuff calm lol.


    so like this ig


    also i like this colour while typing idea cuz i think color is cool af :D


    also i know i should write like Irvan perspective because its his books but you know...I wanna have some new experince...Its good to just let lose (specially i am after 2 huge exams lol)




    Esha and Irvan decided to take some time off of all their family drama, and decieded they should go to have some picnic. Irvan got ready his writing stuff while Esha was prepearing food and extra. Esha really hoped Irvan would like her blueberry pie. She prepared with extra love for his beloved boyfriend.

    Irvan was too busy selecting a book to write his picnic adventure.


    sorry cutting here but i kinda like idea that Irvan sees everything as a adventure even if its simple stuff. It adds f**k ton to his personality


    he does not have a exciting life so seeing everything as adventure would make sense for a simp with a boring regular wood elf life and amazing imagination

    (i wont cut again i promise, sorry)


    Irvan was thrilled to have some alone time with his so loved girlfriend (like a true simp). He prepared and got basic stuff and some cloth so they would not get dirty while having some fun.

    Esha looked at Irvan as she was finished with prepearing food. She looked without making a sound. She thought to herself 'such a dork'

    While Irvan in room "I SHALL WRITE MY BEAUTİFUL GİRLFRİEND AND YOU WİLL BE BLESSED WİTH HER BEAUTY FLOWİNG İN THROUGH MY PEN!!" and so on acting like he was going on a death mission.

    In Irvan eyes book was shining as if it was some kind of magic. After 10-15 minutes of Esha watching Irvan, she gently spoke. Esha voice was so gentle you would think birds are singing. "You ready?"  she asked.

    Irvan turned around and nods running over with notebook and pen he had. He looked into her eyes and said " I feel so lucky to have you..." you could see pure happiness while looking at Esha, he was having unconditional love for this woman. 

    Esha looked up to Irvan and smiles "....and i feel so lucky to have you" finishing his sentence. She was dumb but at least aware she was smart, she felt happy near Irvan so she knew he wasnt using her, her idology was even if he was, she was happy ; was not that all it matters...happiness both provided to eachother.

    Irvan held her hand and asked "Shall we go my lady?" gave a soft smirk. Esha held his hand gently "anywhere with you" she followed him out, picnik basket in her hand and in Irvan's hand notebook.

    He looked at it and said to himself outloud but wanted Esha to hear so thats why he said outloud.. "I hope one day i can pass on my happiness to writings as you make me happy....so our souls can live in these pages and one who reads this feels our love flow through these papers...." He picked him up and twirls around to mess around and so that he would make her feel was he was...up in coulds from happiness.

    "we may not live forever...our namea might disappear but ill make sure our love lives on" said while his eyes sparkle...he putted his love down and walked down as Esha was blushing deep red. 

    They found a nice place.

    Sat down.



    This was great...this wouldnt last forever but while it did. It made them happy. Irvan ate böreks of Esha and Esha drank some apple juice. Irvan wrote some stuff but didnt pay attention to notebook a lot few words were enough to explain whole day...

    [a great day with love flowing through my blood]

    no one would know what happen that way expect memories stuck under that tree that had picnic under.

    You never know how much a tree holds love, sadness. They carry our stories, they share secrets.

    They keep our love and our love shall live on with it forever as earth exists and sun shines up on us.

    Irvan looked at her and said "These are really good" and smiles 

    Esha gets up and looked down "There's a lake down there, want to go swimming?" she chuckle, before Irvan could anwser...Esha pulls him near lake.






    Irvan speaking...we return after swimming.

    *cries in wanting to do fun beach writing* That slap was hard tho

    Irvan "too bad i dont care"

    *****-i am writing you...

    Irvan now having ducktape on his mouth and tied

    hehe-f**k you.

    we return after this fun mid thing i love doing and they swim.




    Irvan and Esha drying off and wore their clothes they brought as extra.Irvan looked at her and said "that was fun, i liked it" 

    Esha nods and looked up, she noticed it was getting dark and suggested they go back home. Irvan nods and walked back to clean around. Never leave picnic sites dirty, clean everything. She did so as well as Irvan and then began to walk back to their village.




    that was fun, i am glad to be back and write more

    let me know if you have any ideas lemme know

    also i promise ill so ideas i wrote...I just wanted to take easy today..and mess around.

    ALSO i  appreciate people actually reading it, THANK YOU!!


    reminding this has no effect in rp, this is just silly fun stuff :D.

    I am not adding any of these


    byeeeeeee <3


  6. Hello i been away but ill be back soon with new and more crazy ideas :D

  7. xd so i just woke up!! and had some ideas while asleep about Esha and Irvan meeting and one what would happen IF they were never caught maybe they never went on run that way or maybe they escaped, how every you wanna think it.


    Also i am graducating today (somehow i made it) but after that ill come write more detailed (am i writing this while all my classmates probably busy getting prepared in my important day of our lives yes...yes i am....)



    Sooo When did Esha and Irvan met that was my question at night, we know its before teen so i would say childhood but i wanna pass childhood, closest bonds are made when your a baby, like mother, father, in this case i wanna add Irvan as a friend in there 



    so for Esha its Mother, Father, Friend (she only gets one and thats Irvan, why because i am writing this i can do whatever i want)


    Esha and Irvan met as babies, at then they were just friends, grew up together.


    i didnt like this a lot, it kinda sounds like they were siblings if they start as from babies (i realized while writing like 'hold up' ) so lets make old enough to be close friends to later devolop love but still old enough that its not literally learning to walk together. 

    what has internet come to cant even think two indivicual without writing them growing up together and dating...they dont even have biological connection, WAIT WHY AM I STRESSİNG....this is my story, yes they grew up together and they are not even biologically realated not in anyway close- 



    Esha and Irvan met as babies, at then they were just friends, grew up together. They learned to walk together


    [i realized this wouldnt be a known info since he isnt old enough to even hold a pen so shhhhhhh]


    Esha and Irvan met as babies, at then they were just friends, grew up together. They learned to walk together. They were best of friends throughtout all their babyhood.


    Okay i have to leave now let me write a quick idea about my AU way


    1)Esha and Irvan never got hunted down. Antha was born peacefully and lived with her biological parents


    2)Irvan's next page will fast forward a bit and tell about Antha (Pregnancy times so no AU) (which is Esha and Irvan's 30s)


    3)Also wanna do one where Anth has a childhood friend from time she was living with her Adoptive parents (not included in IRP)



    Edited by Hoom
    EDİT1: added '(Pregnancy times so no AU)' EDİT2: added numbers to ideas down EDİT3: Writing Edit 2
  8. Another writing down some ideas.


    Antha's parents; this time i want to focus on Esha, Antha's mother. 


    She would have similar looks as Antha or more realistically Antha would look more like Esha. 

    I haven't thought about her. 

    Maybe she would be the side character that looks like main character in Irvan's writings, i mean like this;


    Irvan is writing some stuff to his book. He sees Esha come and gives a soft smile. His mind goes 'she looks amazing in that dress'


    I mean now we are seeing from Irvan point of view of Esha since, he will be writing about Esha and that will be only known information on Esha. So when i will write ideas even if its for just Esha. They have to be from Irvan point of view so lets go like this then.

    (that just made me realize we can never know how Esha is without Iran beacuse in eyes of Irvan, Ehsa is a godess. We need a 3rd point of view in this.


    Maybe Granparents, (?) no that would go way back; and i want family tree to look like its starting from Esha and Irvan.

    Maybe it doesnt need to be a person, maybe it can be like.



    Irvan could hear the old ladies in the balcony talk about them, when they were passing by. They weren't speaking about Esha as Irvan saw it. Words like "Is that Esha...that crackhead girl in woods." their looking down on his love made his stomach get sick. Old ladies saying 'She is not smart or talented.' Irvan thought 'how could they not see' when they got a bit far, his thoughts changed. Focusing on new things.


    Here we see about Esha without using Esha but still Irvan perspective commenting on a more realistic 3rd person talk about Esha.


    I try to make characters like give from one side and get from another like;

    Irvan is smart but not handsome

    Esha isn't smart but pretty


    which in whole complete and even eachother.


    Antha in other hand is a mess but kind.


    I like this way because its easy to devolop instead of just dumping trauma on the character; sure there is sad parts but also more packed background like Antha didnt had biological parents but a great adoptive parents. 

    [This is all my ideas for now]


    have a great day!!

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    2. PXY


      For sure, there's only restriction on what is considered 'rare' knowledge so all of that stuff is fine -- encouraged, even

    3. un-w


      good stuff, keep at it :)

    4. Hoom


      thank you so much!! < 3

  9. Good morning to everyone lovely people of server and forum

    make sure to have a great day like amazing person you are

  10. finally!! i am so exited for this also why would someone shoot arrow to the birds? then how we will know if it reached or not, :/ they could emote and we would not be near the bird we never know? still so excited to try this out!!!
  11. Writing İdes

    About Antha's Parents

    (i wanna give more of a idea how they are even though they don't have impact on roleplay of Antha at all, They are fun to play with)


    I WANT TO GIVE IRVAN A BOOK WHICH HAS EVERY DETAİL ABOUT Antha's past and about Esha and Irvan 

    these letters would orginally be in the book sadly book is lost because after their death their stuff were on sale (?) (i am making up right now  because i have thought what happened after their deaths clearly yet) but book basically contains all information about her her parents and such.


    General information 

    Mother : Esha


    Both of them are Wood Elves

    A very little information is on them since they were just regular Wood elves.


    so ill make one which lets say Irvan and Esha is teens which would be way before Antha could be an idea. 

    A Teen Love note from Irvan to Esha 


    [1st page]


    My Dearest Esha,


       Time stops when i look at you my dear Esha, i know i shall see you again tomorrow,

    but i overheared you never got a love letter...and i believe you deserve best of everything.

    So here is my love letter for you, i am not very experinced in this since you are my, one

    and only love. You are the only elf i'll ever turn and look twice when i walk past. Your hair

    shines under moodlight, even moon gets jelouse when it looks at you. I love you so much

    and i want you to always know i'll love you and protect you! 


    I dont get why you wanted to have a love letter or fancy one because i do tell you every

    second we are together that i love you! I think you mean by love letter you mean one that 

    shows i asked you to be my love? in that case i'll start over my sunshine!  I shall send you

    all the love letters i can write!

                                                                                                 Love, Irvan

    [2nd Page] He is trying again


    Dear Esha,


       Please date me, i think your hand would look great while holding my hand. My hands can

    also keep your hands warm in winter and my lips can cure any sadness of yours. My eyes

    would be filled with love if they looked at yours. My surname in future would look great 

    if your name was at front of it...I think my head would feel better on your laps. We would

    be a great couple due to all reasons i listed above, i think your love would be fitting in my

    heart best.


                                                                                                           Love you, Irvan



    Irvan being proud boyfriend that he did it right.


    Esha questioning her life choices in choosing a boyfriend. Having a small laugh reading. [kinda liked it]


    Mail Man wondering why the f**k two teens sending letters at 1 am, while living next 30 minute apart.




    Took one of books he recently bought and began writing.


    [this would be begining of the book]



    (he putted the two copies he made of the letters aside, they were exact same copy)



    This is Irvan's jurnal, I am unsure how i want do this but i want people to know my story. Stuff might happen and i think in this era we are all aware of it...I want to just carry on, people to remember me, stuff i did or will do. But most importantly i want people to remember Esha. Esha is kindest and most loving person i know and she is love of my love. As for me i love to write and draw, i dont write and draw because i am good or enjoy doing.  I write because i am scared...scared to be forgotten, this may come silly to most since. No one lives forever. But i will, in peoples minds. What am i writing i dont wanna be remembed like that. 


    Smudged on the first begining but due to ink it could still be read


    This is Irvans Jurnal and, i am  [crosses sentence]


    This is Irvan's Jurnal and this is my life...I want, whoever reading this to be not throw it out, heck ill just write what i am thinking, no one will read this anyways! I wrote love letter to my soulmate, love of my life Esha. Yes Esha is most beautiful elf in entire world. I love her a lot but- sometimes i fear i am not good enough. For her [tear drops visible in this part as it smugh 'for her' part still could be read] 

    There is some damage on the papar either crubmled while still attached or thrown into the wall, corner seems to be damadged so most probably thrown into wall as it wasnt ripped of which would have happened if paper was crumbled while attached to paper.


    There is more attemps to write a start but in end it just started as


    This is Irvan's life, and your reading me... I am not writing for you for, or for Esha, i just dont care.

    This is me, in all openness, no fake lies on 'want to be rememered' or to carry on, this is just me.

    You may not like what your read but there is nothing i can do. My life in all of its openess.

    I wrote a love letter to Esha today, I feel so lucky to have her but i feel she isnt lucky to have me. I

    am not gonna write myself amazing like in previous attempts. I am weak...not anywhere strong 

    or talented. I write some stuff here and there but thats all, and if you could call small decorations

    on side, art. I can draw in you do. I dont even have much life to say other then i am a wood elf 

    and a teen in elf perspective. I havent met any other race but heard humans are very strong.

    So yea this was begining...I guess i needed this.


    [end of first page]



    this was all idea for now ill write more if i have ideas 




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    2. Hoom


      Thank you i will!


    3. Hoom


      the mod doesnt work on my minecraft :/

    4. PXY


      unfortunate. it's 1.17, you'll just need fabric

  12. Hello this isnt really anything realted to LOTC or roleplay in general.

    [I dont know where anyone lives but]


    if you could just put a cut of water for street animals or something to eat possibily (to any animal cat,dog,bird idk fu*king horse idk?) in this hot summer ,water some plants on street (because as much as animals they also need water and they cant even ask for it) that would really make an animal or a plants day shine. 


    thank you :) have a great day.

    Edited by Hoom
    corrected mistake
    1. Samler


      It has been raining and raining and raining, first proper sun is supposed to show up the day after tomorrow, in additional my city has multiple source of water which animals can gain access to. I don't think I am needed. :)

    2. Hoom


      Oh thats great! today was so hot and it hasnt rain in few days so i putted some water out, poor things were so thirsty and trees that i water everyday were extra dry today. So thats why i posted this.

  13. Good morning to everyone :D

    1. Rioling


      good morning!!

    2. KILL_MAPS


      gm bro

  14. hello, cool...my character dont know magic yet but xd when she does ig it wont be as hard anymore
  15. First wanted to get a point on how i wanna draw Antha so i am making some sketches on it :D

    i thought best way to begin would be face!!

    really messy sketches on her so i can draw better ones :>



    Edited by Hoom
    1. Hoom


      here is she!

      Edited by Hoom
    2. PXY


      v cool amigo !

    3. Hoom


      thank you :D

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