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  1. LECTORS echoes throughout the Iron-Horde
  2. BRAEVOS* A Du-Locian would inscribe, fixing the spelling mistake!
  3. "LECTORS" The Word echoed throughout Sakuragakure.
  4. based making default items italic-less
  5. Lower most CA's respawn timer too, lets them do more player-events and losing isn't a long respawn timer so they'll be more okay with losing. See the Deadmen
  6. If not the auction house, someone should build the grand exchange and hold events for people to sell stuff off in a neutral territory
  7. It did, infact effect his 30% stock of the Grub-Bucket. Due to Necromancer capture of Shugo-Kato the stocks have lost HALF OF THEIR VALUE.
  8. MC Name: wowj Discord: Image: Description of Image: Grub-Bucket restaurant Logo, image made by Dung_Devourer. Dimensions: 1x1
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