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  1. Demi Djinn - Quality of Life حكيم وشيطان Pyre Original Soundtrack - Path to Glory QOL UPDATE - Party Hands [Non-Combat] [2 Emote Charge, 1 Emote Cast; 3 Emote Spell] A spell possible for conjuration is one that is rather unique in its peculiar flashiness - an ability that allows the Demi-Djinn to lighten the mood with décor and sublime performances. In these displays, the palms of their hands summon forth beams of dim vibrant light that furnishes or arranges alluring spectacles. SPOILER: Within charging energy around their hands, their shackles collect forth a vibrant glow in the hue of the Demi-Djinn’s choosing. This glow moves down to their palms following their second charge- to which the final act allows the Demi-Djinn to deliver a beam of light that manifests into illusionary feats of fireworks and sparks - being able to light up the skies in their show. These displays are nothing but mirages however, and cannot be used to damage anything. If outside [20] blocks, the Mirage cannot be seen. If within [20] blocks, the Mirage is as clear as day, and looks indiscernible from reality. Their hands are not just for summoning illusions, but may also bathe a room in décor- surfacing a peasant’s room with noble silk or instantly furnishing an empty room with a clap of their hands. They may conjure anything that they can comprehend so long as it is not combative. The equivalent of conjuring a small house would result in the Demi-Djinn becoming drained of their stamina. A Demi-Djinn may cast the spell on themselves or another object. In the case of themselves, they're able to become an object or mirage leaking their supposed mist, or any clear tell being that it's a Descendant bound to such, such as their body protruding out of the object. If the object is destroyed or chipped to a significant extent, they revert back to the form in which they casted in. For inanimate objects the Djinn can enchant an already-existing item to make it warp in appearance or action, although it still needs to retain the same base shape. - A mirage akin to something such as a firework cannot interact with the physical world. - Decorations cannot be used in combat, only serving to translate roleplay into builds. A Djinn that has turned themselves into a decoration however may be used in combat, but obviously cannot wield themselves since they wouldn't be able to move. - Only one mirage at a time may be summoned. - A Djinn cannot cast Party Hands on themselves to turn into something complex like a cannon or arbalest, unless it is for an event. A Djinn cannot man their own complex machinery. - When shapeshifted with Party Hands into the form of a mount, the Djinn gains the speed of a mount in balance-default CRP. CHANGE: 15 blocks to 20 blocks so it fits within #rp range, if they don't see the emote, they don't see the mirage, simple as. Credits: The Zu Crew
  2. "Oren mean, Oren PeeVeePee default Gillriik as noob for calling King gay." Said Gillriik'Ungri.
  3. "THE AGE OF HEROS IS NOW." Spoke an Accursed Daemon.
  4. Faiz wake up

    1. Reckless Banzai Screamer

      Reckless Banzai Screamer

      Get UUUuuuuuUuuuuUuuuuup

  5. Takemura bids 50% of the Grub Buckets stocks.
  6. Takemura pulls a lightstone out of his pocket. "Wariwari need more lightstones."
  7. "Well that just happened." Said Takemura.
  8. Takemura manned the border. "Papers, Please."
  9. "RIP AND TEAR FOR THE GRUB BUCKET" Takemura screamed
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