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  1. Gillriik'Ungri does a backflip whilst yelling this to a goblin to note down. "WHAREZ DA TUN BARRULZ UB ZALT?"
  2. Gillriik Ungri does a backflip as he gets his card read
  3. If they pull out the Thanhic Pole Axe say the magic word.. PVP
  4. "MI IZA?!" A Random Olog shouts in the streets of Orenia, having asked for roughly twenty years now.

  6. Discord Name:blub#2300 Group Size: 1 (ME) Offer: [base price/negotiation] One Moist Sponge.
  7. Olog Tyrant, Gillriik Ungri, would wonder where the 10 Barrels of Salt was that the Irehearts owed Lord Quentin Brae of Du Loc.
  8. [!] Letters would be sent to the great leaders of the men across the continent of Almaris, while additional copies would be circulated to traders and caravans throughout the realm. It would read: To His High Holiness, the Pontiff; @Pureimp10 To His Imperial Majesty, the Emperor of Oren; @Nectorist To His Majesty, the King of Haense; @Xarkly To His Highness, the Prince of Savoy; @Publius To His Lordship, the almighty Lord of Du Loc @Shorsand Finally upon decades of experimentation and poverty, my people have finally found a way to circulate Olog CAs of a epic purpose. Unique and unrivaled, we've got a you a 1.5 day delivery. Able to turn you into an Olog in the short time of whenever your CA is accepted. A feat achieved without sponsorship nor support from those beyond our realm, the value of the work we have done for the betterment of all of Olog-kind and the potential it holds to grant you power and OOC supremacy is not lost on us. Therefour, respecting my Ologpality's historic neutrality toward all other realms, the recipe shall be offered via an auction. Starting at the bid of 500 Mina, the highest bidder shall be given exclusive insight into the recipe for this cure, to administer throughout their respective domain as they see fit. The auction shall proceed for 24 Saint's Hours following the arrival of these letters, and bids shall be circulated consistently to all who have been outbid to ensure fair competition. Please note that this is an open auction, and will not be restricted to the addressees of this letter.
  9. Seeing his bids outbid, the man bids 100.5 Mina
  10. Gillriik'Ungri The UnderLord of Du Loc, raises 10,000.1 Mina.
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