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  1. Daal licked his dry lips as he bit into another shoe he took. The imp not having known or recalled much if anything of the prince was living his best life but thought of him anyways, for better or for worse only he knew
  2. Spuds sat back with the missive on his mountainous horde that would make dragons and giants envious. The musin ticked with a pen a little piece of paper as he then glued the missive to his wall to join his collection of familiar faces “Maybe. Just maybe, this could be it.”
  3. The news landed in the hands of the sweet tooth scourge, the Elden beast enraged by the news.
  4. Stalking the Balian streets looking at stalls Dhen Ma’al scans over each item present under the sun. Shop keepers tuning out the endless rambles of the creature as it made a few purchases. Balian economy must be supported!
  5. Daal skipped along merrily in his whimsy towards the tower. A hexicanium blood all the way
  6. Musin on the rise

  7. Spuds read on. The great plan slightly shifting “Surely they speak of the ratiki. Diseased ridden vermin. I must go on out and have a nice visit with Cyris as this now raises concern about our safety with Field mice.”
  8. Dhen Ma’al walked through the allies of Balian keeping vigilant, its large two handed blade drawn as it checked the dark corners of the city “You feed on the weaker ones. Come on out and meet one who stands equal to your own strength. Let me gnaw on your bones and engorge on your detestable bodies.”
  9. Reading over the journal Spuds couldn’t help but feel second hand embarrassment for the poor writer, but now an idea crashed into his head like a pile of ologs “I know what I have to target next. If this was so successful then screw stealing thanium, journals are the new big thing!” throwing the copy into his pocket he sprinted off into the Shire, going to check his neighbors’ unlocked properties for research purposes
  10. Dhen Ma’al- A freakish homunculus that isn’t all it appears to be. Wanting to socialize and make friends everywhere despite it’s horrific and unsightly appearance
  11. I know some of yall are going to ride into berry bushes again today. Watch out
  12. Some more inferi love. Thank you for this, I hope it goes through!
  13. Dhen would be fixing a table with a new hammer it had gotten “I sure do hope no one has lost their hammer. Would be a shame not to have the right tool for the job of fixing furniture.” Afterwards it read the missive “Well he can’t have my hammer.”
  14. Spuds read on. The moment he finished reading he ran out of his house and got on his faithful mastiff mount that quickly set off towards Norland nothing would stop his from candy and trinkets by his favorite sugar provider “ONWARDS BROWNIE! WE HAVE TO GET THERE BEFORE SHE RUNS OUT OF PIE AGAIN! MUSH MUSH!”
  15. Dhen sat in the empty courtroom. Ready.
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