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  1. flour looked over his favorite newspaper as he sat in a chair eating a tin of cookies smiling at each illustration “I have to invite him for dinner sometime soon again.”
  2. Flour read the missive over and grinned “Looks fun, might as well.” he then sat down with his recipe book to start choosing a dessert to practice
  3. The olog had the missive copy read out to him “Dah metul cow ting iz a Bûrz Zpawn? Dat momozkaher ate mi ztew bef’ure!” He tore up his copy of the missive in anger
  4. the olog had the missive read out to him “Dey praize dah Maw?! Wub dah skahhhh?”
  5. I Bannerlord Flour “Orc-Lifter” have seen a need for a Mayor in the city of Vikela. And where their is demand supply must be given. I wish to be your mayor! As mayor I will bring to light our recent issue of robberies and try to prevent it from happening again with my four year plan. Vote wisely Vikela their can be only one and only one will do you justice. Vote Flour for mayor!
  6. On many notice boards across the land and in mailboxes were missives put up. It was an invitation of sorts. It read as follows: “ Slava from the North! It is the Vistulians here and I’m sure you missed us all. We write this to invite you all to a very great celebration. In six cactus days we will be holding a great festival in our little coastal down by Docks of Norland. This festival is to hold plenty of drinks, a feast, folk tales, and a call for great warriors across the land in a fighting tournament with a grand 100 mina prize for first place and 50 mina and a pat on the shoulder for second place. Bring your warm cloths and your fighting spirit. We look forward to seeing you there!” — Sincerely, Flour “Orc-Lifter”
  7. Flour looked over the notice hung by his door “I’m no elf but I support this new chiefdom.”
  8. Flour reading the note grins seeing an opportunity to strike using his friend’s misfortune “Time to get a little artsy.”
  9. The musin would drop from the ceiling covered in dust onto his shoulder and would read the post “Sorry I was doing some cleaning when you called me. Do you think this is a Ratiki letter or is it too formal to be them? Either way they make a good few point in this.”
  10. The Musin looked at the official government guide book and smiled seeing the titles, names, and faces "This must of taken a lot of time to make. Very good on Leika for doing it this well." he would say to no one in particular
  11. the musin peered over one of the letters on the manor ground that seems to of been dropped “Oh boy this is going to be something I can tell already.”
  12. The musin sighs at the missive as he tosses it in the fire place and takes a plate of cookies he had beside him bringing it to his latest guest at his mansion as he leaves it at the door by the stairs and lightly knocks “Alejandro I left something at your door just take it when you are ready also please don’t hurt the chair to much save unless you want to help me carry a replacement one in. Good work out but oh my ancestors you giants make furniture too big and heavy.” (@Josifi)
  13. The olog dipped his head in sadness “Ancestorz gi’de dat pinkeh.”
  14. the olog had the missive read out to him before eating his copy of it “LUB KRUG, LUB mi Rex. ‘ate Zee’nor twiggiez. ‘Nuff zaid.”
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