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  1. I’m going bonkers I’m going mad I need this!
  2. The Imp scowls. He had missed the food that was suppose to come to his front door “NNOOOOOOOOO!” He cries to the Heavens probably the only time he would acknowledge it
  3. I like it. I can finally roleplay C-Moon +1. Redlines are clear and set perfectly reasonable boundaries to the magic.
  4. An imp screeched out a wretched sounding battle cry getting his hopes up for a feast of flesh that is coming right to his front door “OH BOY OH BOY OH BOY FLESH THING NUM NUMS COMING TO ME ME!”
  5. A imp had the missive call read to him scowling “Do not not test me man things you will be eaten devoured yes yes!”
  6. Want help with making a Musin CA?
  7. All according to the Great Plan
  8. Power to the ice creamancers +1
  9. @Dj_McMuffinhere you go thanks for the reminder https://discord.gg/qwPrJh3m
  10. Musin the micemen of Almaris Good evening gamers it’s me even though you most likely do not know me. I’m here on regards of one matter. MUSIN. The little micefolk of the server. They are my favorite creature on the server and really was caught my eye when I joined. So why should you care? Well my dear reader I want to extend to you an offer that most likely you will refuse. I am offering all those who want to play a musin help writing the CA. The player base and community would love to see new whiskered faced around the server and in our discord where we also offer some free to use unshaded skins for musin. I look forward seeing you around! Offical Musin discord: https://discord.gg/qwPrJh3m
  11. What is your favorite kind of burger? do you enjoy playing CAs? What is it like being a teacher irp?
  12. A Imp looked at the paper before looking at the Redclfys he stood by tossing his arms up in victory despite not knowing in the slightest what this meant “YES YES, NEW PEOPLE THINGS TO BARGIN DEAL WITH WITH!” The imp said in his broken common dialect
  13. Erm ok nerd https://tenor.com/view/nerd-nerdy-nerds-nerd-emoji-gif-25380417 +1
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