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    Born in The Holy Orenian Empire, and being the First Born of Lazel Family, She was taught well by her Parents and she was taught by her Father how to fight hand-to-hand combat and how to handle a bow at the Age of 8. Her sister was born when she was the age of 9, Her sister's name is Aden Lazel. She felt that she had to protect and care for her sister even at the cost of her life. At the Age of 10, Her Father had died from an unexplained illness and her Mother was overwhelmed with Grief, but her Mother continues to Teach Bismarck and Aden. The Next year, Her Sister was kidnapped by Bandits, she tried looking everywhere for her but in the end she couldn't find her. When Bismarck had turned 19, her Mother had died and she decided to look for the Bandits that had kidnapped her sister and save her sister from them. She searched everywhere in the Orenian Empire but couldn't find her. She decided to venture outside of Orenian to try and find her sister
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    Bismarck is very Nice Girl that tries to find her sister since they were separated at a very early age. Her Father died from a Disease when she was young, Her Mother took care of Her and Her Sister but Her Sister was kidnapped at the age of 7. Her Mother who was in Grief decided to forget about it and continue teaching Bismarck. She had a Few Friends growing up and she was very well taught. She was born in The Holy Oren Empire. She is also persistent on finding her long lost sister, Her Father also trained her in hand-to-hand combat and archery
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