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    Drago Bryldurath was born in a small village, founded only 5 years prior to his birth, far north of the Jade State and east of Krugmar. He always had a passion for animals, and his father was a horse merchant, selling saddles and fitting horses with shoes for 12 years, from the founding of the town. His grandfather was the right hand of the mayor of the little settlement, and was very wise in his doings. At the age of 6, however, things would take a dark turn. The settlement was attacked by a beast. It had gone far from its nesting grounds, and had somehow ended up in the small town. It's hunger knew no bounds. Drago's grandfather died that day, devoured by the beast. The town was wrecked, his fathers shop ruined, and when Drago was only seven, his mother committed suicide in the back of a tavern. From that day on, he vowed to kill the beast and avenge those who had fallen. By the age of twelve he had learned to wield a blade, and was experienced in combat by fifteen. His father became distant from him, and he hasn't spoken to him since he left the shattered town for the Eastern landscape, where he took work slaying beasts and killing orcs. He inherited his fathers ability to tame animals, and enjoys riding on horseback for the pleasure of it. His grandfather's wisdom is also one of his inherited traits, along with the slivers white hair from his mother at an early age. One great feat which he came close to achieving is the slaying of a dragon. He is known for having a drop of dragon's blood in his veins. His grandfather, his great great grandfather, and so on, all had this drop of dragons blood bestowed upon their veins. This is the blood of Bryldurath, an ancient dragon known for it's cunning and strength. Drago is even capable of speaking in the dragon tounge, and has battled Bryldurath twice before. Once, in his travels, "the wise dragon", as its called in stories, came before him, seeking vengeance for the drops of its blood that had been poured through the generations. He fought the dragon for three days, and at the end, Bryldurath slashed his back with its long, spiked tail, leaving a scar that never truly healed. However, he too caused the dragon to bleed, taking a vial of dragon's blood wherever he goes as a show of strength and as a sign of will power. That day, he earned the respect of the wise dragon, but both seek vengeance on one another. (idk if I made this too long lol)
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