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  1. back in blood

  2. I don't know if I should come back to LOTC.

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  3. dm me shookie#0047 for links
  4. Heahms Legacy- A book written by the soul of Claid Heahm the leader of the bloodline Heahm conisiting of Halflings, Half Humans, Half High Elfs, all abbandonded at birth by there sucessors left in the forest to survive if they die there soul is banished from the world only the most skilled Heahm have dare to step a foot on the earth dropping the book in Elysium founded by Oddeleous Odinson Heahm the legacy continues.
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    Claidheahm has been a very determined boy ever since he was 12 he witnessed his brothers death at 15 at 16 he shed the blood of his dad for mistreating his mom. He has left his home town to gather Mercenarys and assasins to create the Mercenaries of the Mist.
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    Voidonius was a little baby at birth his parents have abandoned him he was taken in by a Merchant that ran his shop off the coast of a Kingdom. Voidonius lived in fear of being abandoned so tried to not be a burden. One day Voidonius stumbled upon an Elf stealing a infant from a mother who had been devastated. Voidoniuses life was about to change he chased the Elf threw the woods trying to get the infant back then the Elf killed the infant in front of his eyes and disappeared Voidonius pledged to build a kingdom to live in peace and has set out on a journey. Saying goodbye to his caretaker and gathering resources to set out on a journey. This is the events of Voidoniuses life.
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