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  1. Neriel reads over his newly assigned responsibilities. "A squad ... of five? Training ...?", he thinks to himself, "... it's about time!".
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    Neriel was born in Haelun'or as a healthy high elf to a small, middle-class family of high elves. While travelling (through the now territory of the Grand Kingdom of Urguan) at a young age, he and his family were unknowingly caught in the middle of a bloody battle. Although they escaped mostly unscathed (their horse which wounded by a stray arrow), the carnage stuck with Neriel. As he grew older, it was apparent that Neriel was unlike his peers. Exhibiting greater emotion and empathy than was typical for a high elf, Neriel quickly became an outcast to his peers and family. After finishing his Alchemical schooling at 20 (current day) he left Healun'or to pursue a happier life elsewhere, to escape his cold and uncaring culture. Although he is now considered Mali'ata ("Tainted Elves"), his parents maintain occasional contact. Now, Neriel hopes to start a new life somewhere he may be more welcomed. Although he is not commited to any specific destination, he hopes Aegrothond might become his new home.
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