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  1. phatskeng


    as a child strohm was abandoned by his mother and father who he later found dead. after being greatly affected by the tragedy strohm started to research wars to understand their decision making and strategy as a escape from reality. he researched and looked into detail of the blackreach uprising and the sedan rebellion as this interested him greatly. 6 years later at the age of 18 he realised that he needed to also be strong physically if he wanted to be head of a world power. so when it was light out he would train for hours hand to hand combat and also to get stronger then when it was dark he went and studied tactics. he did this until the age of 31 when he decided to go out find a place where he would be needed and can make himself known to everyone and has been studying conflicts on the road until know
  2. phatskeng


    he was born in a small wood elf tribe on the outside of human civilisation at the age of 5 his tribe was attacked by humans and watched his most of his family be slaughtered in combat with his dad dying in his arms his tribe then moved far away. during his time in his new home he would try his best to get stronger and to become skilled in combat his tribe supported him and when he was 20 he was finally the best in his tribe and able to beat anyone there he kept on training though as he was not satisfied and by the age of 25 he was able to beat anyone with little difficulty. he was skilled in hand to hand combat with swords and at range with a bow he then gave his farewells to his tribe and left to ambush any human alone in the woods and at 28 he was able to easily beat any human. he started to set his aims on taking on large groups and destroying towns.
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