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  1. A Minecraft 1.25.1 fantasy roleplay server populated with real players + 300 AI players.

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    1. FlemishSupremacy


      this is the future liberals want

  2. This is a cool rp initiative. I missed the recurring bi-elven-weekly bit, thanks.
  3. I would be interested to see the results of an AI chat bot trained on the LotC in-game chat data.

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    2. player 67Ui829

      player 67Ui829

      I mean RP text data. What kind of character would it create in dialogue rp?


      After all, the location in game doesn't make too much of a difference -


      and, the GANCraft project has shown AI capable of world to world translation (input a virtual world and output a detailed RL image), thus capable of translating meaning from builds (although some fantasy details might be pretty complicated to interpret).


      It honestly wouldn't be too difficult to develop a naive chat model.


      A server has implemented and is continuing to develop bots that simulate 1.8 pvp gamemodes such as bedwars.


      These algorithms would be a considerably heavy load to also run on a server.


      However, imagine the future.

    3. painfulPantry


      I was just thinking I could afk in the lobby with OOC set on for a certain amount of time and then just feed it whatever disgusting shit it picked up for a few days to create a hell-hole of a AI

    4. player 67Ui829

      player 67Ui829

      Hundreds of players already have hundreds of days worth of text logs.

  4. A practicing physician welcomes the invitation. what is the time frame?
  5. Accepted lore could be given a three digit numerical tag that must be included in the description of ST signed items. E.g. 553


    Lore items would have a simple reference to relevant lore.


    Lore items could be tracked simply by counting the number of each new item made for each tag.


    Old/rewritten/shelved lore items could be easily identified.


    When lore is rewritten/shelved, the difference between updated items and old items for a particular lore piece could be observed.

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  6. for anyone interested in machine learning:

    NVIDIA’s AI Plays Minecraft After 33 Years of Training! 🤖


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    1. TreeSmoothie


      Ooo! Gonna give this a watch, love AI

    2. The King Of The Moon

      The King Of The Moon

      only a matter of time until we can automate Community Team

  7. Tribute. Slaves. Sacrifice. Strength. A withdrawn Uruk laments the forgotten.
  8. On the road that lead Celia'nor, a foreigner's eye had lingered on the passing soul, obscured by the dismal tinted lense of its birdlike visage.
  9. any aussies at splendour?

  10. @un-w I support narrative-centric roleplay and I really shared a similar perspective to you. However, I reckon as we cop monk revival on the chin, CT roleplay should also be something we cop as a necessary suspension of narrative sensibility. Thinking about this server as the game it is, I reckon that a safe, active, central hub is a core aspect. I don't care if you disagree, your opinion is valid. These are just some thoughts I had.
  11. some thoughts on the new map 1. Islands that are reachable only by boat. By creating islands that are exclusively reachable by genuine sailing roleplay and packing them with appropriate lore content, an opportunity is opened and encouraged for roleplay regarding ships and sailing. These islands could contain a lore resource/structure that cannot be found elsewhere and provide a platform for oceanic events. Additionally, given the isolation, there would be a lot of freedom for these areas to be shaped by roleplay on scales considered too harsh/disruptive for the mainland (e.g. burning down a forest or a large scale magick thing). 2. Continental events. I reckon these are integral in shaping perspective of the new map. I'd personally like to see these be largely known of in the beginning, but unreachable for an extended period of time. This enables characters to create discussion around the current questions and future predictions of the new land, as well as character motivations. On the story-team side of this, there could be the trouble of planning out a whole event line prior. I reckon that you only need to plant the seeds to enable future events and develop the events over time. There is the issue of players with no lives doing their best to instantly champion whatever the events are. This could be a grand mystery rumoured to bear a great reward, a mysterious location/structure only to be speculated on for many months or a region of strange conditions. Something critical that defines the new land for characters. I find the maps too quickly become defined just by new city builds. It feels like updating to a new version of Windows. 3. New (secret) lore. New lore that hasn't been scrutinised by every common player. Characters themselves can be given the opportunity to discover, rumour, document and discuss new minerals, plants or creatures. New biome?? 4. Increase Soulstone Timer Increase the soulstone timer. Add fast-travel carts to CT at every city (a service provided by the cloud temple monks). If you SS to a dead city, you can go back to CT. Also can incentivize people to walk out of a city instead of teleporting out. 5. Support Cloud Temple RP I think CT, for all its faults, is important to the 'Minecraft Server' aspect. The server needs to be able to welcome new players with stable infrastructure and an appropriate setting for beginners. By promoting roleplay at CT, it not only creates an instant lively atmosphere for new players in their common area, but also allows them to be introduced to other players. This doesn't mean encouraging consistent slice of life roleplay at CT instead of Oren, but certain types of RP can be had at CT. Market stalls, a basic library (not a grand library), and perhaps a clinic setting (for characters to utilize).
  12. A brother of honour bristled with rage. None but the apostate Uruk disrespects the legacy of the very Ancestors they claim to hallow. A handful of missives were soon defaced with white ochre-paint.
  13. ur rp is a positive for me unwillingly
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