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  1. Gabor5000


    Alvanor was born in a small town that was under the command of the Holy Orenian Empire. His father, an alchemist was called Tribald Grayson and his mother, who used to be a librarian but is now a housewife was called Jayda Haldis. Alvanor was hated by his mother, because he wasn't the ideal son. He was weak for his age, so he couldn't help that much around the house. Alvanor was never let outside his hometown and because of this he was thirsting for adventure. His father was actually really fond of him, teaching him a very basic level of alchemy, but he still denied going out of the town. Alvanor was really interested in his mother because of her librarian past, and wanted to know the stories and legends she knew. His mother of course did not share any of this with him. Couple of years past and now Alvanor is a 19 years old young man. By this time he came into a pretty good shape. He was coming back home from chopping firewood, when he saw his mother leaving the town on a cart, with his father standing at the front porch. Once he arrived his father told him that his mother left them for good, saying that she was unhappy. This didn't really upset Alvanor since by this time she was like a stranger to him. Due to depression, Tribald, Alvanor's father commited suicide when Alvanor was away from the house. He left a message for him that read "Continue my work. I love you my son." . Alvanor was devastated from this, since his father was his best friend his whole life, and he looked up to him. He thought about how his father wasn't famous and that all that remember him is a few older people in the town and him. This is the moment when he decided that he will have an impact on history by doing his father's work (alchemy) and that he will not be forgotten. He decided to explore the world (Which is unknown to him). His journey began by going to Providence, and is still unknown how it will end.
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