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  1. This poll is meant to be a simple baseline on what direction things should be looked at regarding this rule, can get more detailed with it later mostly just wanting to see if the rule should be kept vs removed.
  2. For all comments mentioning specifics like capitals I would like to avoid that for two reasons. What defines a capital? The build or the region, both are flawed. Capital regions are not drawn to the city usually are just big boxes that sometimes can be way bigger Capital builds is inconsistent as well what about the places like halflings who don't use walls what gauges in and out of the capital city
  3. Hello everyone! I am here today to bring you the first area of combat rules I would like to address. Combat Lock has been recently a topic that I see popping up more and more in debate and discussion to whether it is a necessary rule and if the community actually wants it at this stage. For that reason here I bring you a small poll to gauge general community reception to the rule to see how we should consider it going forward. The options are simple as they are just remove the lock, keep it, or make a minor tweak in changing the time. If you have more you would like to say on the matter or other ideas please feel free to leave it in a comment or speak about it within the moderation discord. https://discord.gg/RYdsFzc6hA Sincerely, spurf.
  4. The missive would reach the attention of the wandering knight as she set out from what was once a home to her for a brief time. "Will there ever truly be an end to any conflict?" she would ask herself as she cast a final glance at the destruction war had already caused, before setting off to venture once more.
  5. Squakhawk you just took the only flex I have on this god forsaken server
  6. I think another issue that causes these massive empty realms is the fact that every tile has a valuable resource (except amethyst) so keeping a one tile realm unless you settle on netherite is just a pure disadvantage in any sort of conflict scenario. This causes the drive to just buy land strictly for war economy purposes resulting in realms with way more land than they honestly need imo. (There is a lot of netherite in the north of the map leading me to think this is partly why many are choosing to settle up there as well)
  7. This is because I outbid her in an auction btw (didn't even win)


    are the mods gonna sperg in staff chat again for fake ip

    1. Spoopy_Duck


      Bro how do I have the same IP you said Satin has

  9. you are reinvited to my birthday party.

    1. Netphreak


      No no no no baaaad! Duck person gave me a forum warning; #foreversalty

  10. Can't add this but if you do just have randoms on your pillar I believe as owner you have a command to remove certain people, if you don't feel free to modreq and I would fix any issues.
  11. SS Pillar rules have been updated. Pinned on original post from yesterday. Thank you everyone who voiced opinions on the matter.

    1. ClassyDryad


      Thanks to moderation for taking community feedback 🙏

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