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  1. The Petran Rebel side has gone 24 hours without a forum post. If a leadership figure would dm me we can negociate this $20 payment.

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. exoo


      Can I claim it if I tell the leadership im allowed to do so? <3

    3. UnusualBrit


      theyve lost

    4. Kisshmael


      I'm a big fan of impartial, unbiased moderation.

  2. I will pay whichever side can go a day without a forum post $20

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Spoopy_Duck
    3. Charles The Bald

      Charles The Bald

      The real question is, can you go a day without moderating any posts for 20$ ?

    4. Spoopy_Duck


      Sadly I cannot

  3. North isn't an Azdrazi this is bait
  4. A golden eyed 'aheral would be lying on a bed within his keep, he had been part of the fighting to take the castle and heard the tales from his allies who stayed of what occured within the city. A small grin came to his face as he closed his eyes going back into his sleep. Miguel had been enjoying a life off on his own after leaving the city. Until he was brought back by an old friend to help defend his Archduchess. He spent hours guarding the doors to the meeting, unaware of what was going on behind the walls. Only confident that he would live to see a united Petra, or die trying.
  5. This is actually one of the coolest projects I have seen in a while.
  6. We don't want the people to get Ratio'd harder.
  7. Kaito would read the missive sent to him by his friend, "Alright, this might be one the coolest training areas I have ever seen. I'll make sure to check it out."
  8. How do I get started with a membership?
  9. Kaito would be handed the missive in the middle of the summit. The 'ame would briefly read it over before glancing up to all those in the room before him, tearing the paper in half and letting it fall to the floor with a faint grin. "What a war this shall be."
  10. A golden eyed elf would come across the notice, pausing whatever he was doing. He would find his bandana and blade and make haste towards the tower to meet with his companions.
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