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  1. Some updates: @Iverach @Lirinya Allies have until 11:59 pm EST on 9/26 to post war paths. Does 2 or 3pm est on 9/30 work instead for Hae'lunor side? Both nations should have rosters submitted to staff by 11:59pm on 9/27. Players can still fill out form after this time.
  2. @Iverach @Lirinya If either of you have allies that are participating. Have them draw the route they would take from their land to the war-claimed tile and comment it on this thread.
  3. Hi @WestCarolina @Iverach, congrats on being the first Aevos warclaim! This is your official warclaim thread, feel free to propose times and dates for the upcoming battle! Wondering if the weekend of 9/30 and 10/1 works for both sides? Wargoal: Conquest of tile_jungle_beach_3
  4. Guys do I buy the galaxy's edge replica  Cal Kestis legacy lightsaber? (It changes colors)

    1. Greehn


      The stall in numendil has been refilled again! Come get your purebred horses while you can! 

    2. MeteorDragon


      A foolish question. The answer is yes

  5. Can't wait for the first req saying someone is weird power-gaming Cool classy lore though +1
  6. I am not the tech so I cannot speak fully but 60th has been willing to code a basically raid req of sorts that would give the prior notification in some factor possibly similar to how the bells already function. Forgot to address first part, but basically the idea above addresses that where the players will have some way of knowing. Could be as simple as the plugin just has flavor text when a ping is made that scouts spot an enemy or something.
  7. No you would be allowed to log off or go somewhere else before it starts with zero reprecussion. I do not want to see "Hey you now have to be on the server for at least an hour gg have fun"
  8. I like this a lot actually, future conversation to be had but I will keep this noted.
  9. Hi Everyone, Alongside our rework of the combat rules we are also working on reworks for the server's raid rules. We opened a discussion in the moderation discord about this subject and after getting some feedback we have decided to make a forum poll to reach the larger community for their thoughts on this particular matter. This is just a small poll for a section of the rules with future discussions to come in the near future as we get further along this project. If you wish to be involved in the moderation discord for discussion as well you can join it here. https://discord.gg/nSuRUMvCbM
  10. Remember what they took from me. 


  11. For some reason the forums aren't pinging me but I saw this thankfully! So the middle paragraph of this statement is actually ne to me (joined in 2022) so honestly not even something that was on my mind when writing this up. So to answer this to the best of my ability involved in combat really means you are in it which there are 2 ways to be in it. You are part of the group once combat was initiated or you joined via the late arrival method of 2 emotes. Either one of those conditions would have you in the combat, which does not really get around the issue that you presented. If you can think of a way to word it or something along the lines I can forward it through I at the current moment cannot brain enough to think of a way to write rules. Discord: spoopyduck since that'll be easier than a forum back and forth imo.
  12. Billions must MRP Ill respond to this since this project was my child from back in March so I feel responsibility for it's outcome however it's received. If I ever take charge of a project like that again I can include a forum post as well (key word is "if" because MRP alone sucked the soul from me still recovering.) The idea behind using the discord is that it sits at just under 300 members and discord back and forths are much easier than the forums where a lot of people will leave comment then leave on discord it is more real time. I also thought since I was doing daily updates for a few days that making multiple forum posts would be redundant or one post that I kept adding onto would have less and less retention than being able to do an everyone ping. I still believe discord is a better medium than the forums for discussion but you are not the first nor last person to have a comment like this relating to communication of things. TLDR: Feedback noted forum posts are still nice. Just for fun and transparency I will also include some of the notes I was writing down based on the player feedback I was getting during the final days.
  13. I posted the exact draft that was forwarded to admins in the moderation discord Burnsider linked.
  14. 1. Falls under RP rules moderate. 2. Three emotes uninterrupted, bell emotes are actions and you can't really whisper range ring a bell they are big and loud. 3. Rolls as a full on system have been removed. Under the alternative section we say that players can do whatever they can both agree on to resolve CRP which is where rolls most likely falls under now. Ranged attacks are also honor same as melee in default systems.
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