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  1. Upon the walls of a keep Farah had been staring up at the eclipsed sky whilst in conversation with an old friend. "I intend to continue serving, with or without the gifts of order. For that is my duty." The words had left her mouth not even a minute before the skies shifted and the light pierced through. She turned to her friend, "Whatever is to come, I will be ready to face it... without fear." she wrapped up the conversation as she parted to the roads again. The fallen knight glanced down to a glowing blade at her side, ready to embark with a single purpose. A mission she would carry to her very grave... Protection.
  2. Posting warpath for Brabant (Realm is pending approval their participation is subject to change based on verdict)
  3. Hello @thequeennadine & @JTMedea This will be the official thread for the warclaim. Couple of things: 1. We will be unable to host a warclaim this upcoming weekend, so we will do the weekend of 06/22 and 06/23. Which day and time works better for both sides? 2. Any allies joining in will have until 11:59pm EST on 06/13 to post their warpath on this thread (no exceptions to the timer) 3. Both sides please make sign up sheets and have them shared with staff by 11:59pm EST on 06/16. (Players can still sign up after this deadline) There will also be a channel opened in the moderation discord for other questions and discussion to take place. Goal: Conquest of Tile_Jungle_Plateu_3
  4. Skin: - Attire Skin [2] Bid: - $23 Discord: - spoopyduck IGN: - spurf
  5. Skin: - Attire skin [2] Bid: - 15 Discord: - spoopyduck IGN: - spurf Can't wait to be outbid 50 times!
  6. [OOC: You know who you are] By the way werewolf would like me to inform everyone this is an rp post so please keep comments irp. - Fun Police
  7. We've been on Aevos for a year now

  8. The two solutions I am more in favor of are either simply 1. Lockpick 2. You can make hidden sign doors, but they cannot use a key (any right click on the block will open it) The reasoning for the second is it still allows you to have your hidden entrance but eliminates the "metagaming" that is always thrown when someone gets the key right. You can still put your 3 iron doors behind the pistons to make it hard to break in so the redstone itself really should just be for aesthetics rather than a barrier imo.
  9. Some time after the battle, a dark haired elf sat alone in a cabin. Her right arm branded in a depiction of ascending dragons. No matter what she had tried she could not rid of the curse. The former paladin stared at a silver blade hung on the wall, the once glowing stone now lied inert. A book would close and she would rise to her feet, taking up the blade abandoning the cabin. To Farah, this was another beginning. Order would preserve.
  10. I don't have to solo moderate another global war lets go
  11. this is like a kidz bop disstrack
  12. Within the pine forests, a young seeker sat before a tree with her blade across her lap. An empty gaze staring forth at the slowly dying wick of a candle as she lamented the loss of the keeper. She remembered the fiery initiate who refused to step down in battle, having to drag him from the ruins of Mori invasion. She remembered his offer to give her a place to feel welcome as she braved the world alone. "Salvation is no more, the titan shall fall." The seeker uttered the vow as she rose, the flame of the candle finally dying out as she would continue forth with her journey. Such was duty.
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