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    Jaxx Williams was 17 years old when he lost his parents, his Father, Grey Williams, was a fine lad, and a skilled warrior, as for his Mother, she was a nice lass helping those who needed it, her name was Alyssa Williams, they lived in the capital of Norland for a good bit. As time passed by, Jaxx was now the age of 15 as they moved from the Capital out into the wilds, on his 17th Spawnday (Birthday) Jaxx woke to find his parents where no longer there, they had packed in the night it seemed, the snow was fresh outside, meaning no tracks formed, Jaxx was on his own. He started out by keeping his house going, working with what he could to keep his humanly needs satisfied. There came a night that would change his fate even further then what had already happened, Raiders came into his house, as they came in, they knocked down a lamp, setting fire to a near by rug, the shatter woke Jaxx up, he came into the room and confronted both Raiders, Raider 1 came at Jaxx with a blade, Jaxx dodged his attack, taking a slice to his left shoulder, he ran past Raider 2 knocking him into the burning rug, the raider caught flame quick, Jaxx made it to the fire place to grab his fathers sword, he slashed the burning raider as he was squirming on the ground, a quick death came to him, Raider 1 was up at this point, he charged Jaxx with a ready blade, clashing swords with him, the two clashed with might, in the end, Jaxx's blade was quicker then the Raider's, but the raider took Jaxx's Left eye before falling, the burning raider spread the fire, forcing Jaxx to make his escape, he watched as his home burned to the ground within a night, he camped out near an old Barn. The next morning he made his way back to his now Burned home, nothing was left, though one thing made it, his Fathers old armor, Jaxx took it up and packed whatever else he could, the young lad travelled where his roads led him, taking work where he could, and this, his story starts here. (Terribly sorry for the short text, Jaxx is an all round character I own, his story wasn't really meant for something like this, so I took this time to make him a story to fit this experience, his Original Lore is much different, but bending it to match this, it wasn't to terribly hard, but I feel like this is as good as any for a Biography.)
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