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  1. The court is only happening because the plaintiff has called for it! And Atilan is only having the court, because the assaulted wishes it because from an unbaised opinion, it can be seen that there is a trial is able to be had.
  2. SUMMONS TO THE AULIC COURT OF HANSETI-RUSKA: Lord Audo Weiss Issued by Ser Atilan Viktor Bishop On the 19th of Tov and Yeremy, 461 E.S. VA BIRODEO HERZENAV AG EDLERVIK, Following the filing of a civil claim regarding the supposed assault by the defendant, the Office of the Justiciar sees fit to summon Lord Audo Weiss to the Aulic Court of Hanseti-Ruska. The investigation of the charges began due to the jovenaar seeing visible signs of injury upon Stefan Af Don calling for court dealing with injuries that Audo had inflicted upon him. As such, the Office of the Justiciar sees it fit to summon this individual to appear before the Aulic Court to state their cases on the evidence. Should they fail to attend Court, the Crown will consider such an admission of guilt and the presiding Jovenaar shall issue their sentence wherein they shall be considered criminals within our lands. The defendant, Lord Audo Wiess shall appear before the Aulic Court and answer for the following charges: VIII Let he who harms another outside of battle be guilty of Assault. I swear the contents of this summons to be true and accurate to the best of my knowledge before Godan. MONN TAMORT OE SPARVEED, Ser Atilan Viktor Bishop, Jovenaar of Haenseti-Ruksa, Knight of the Order of the crow
  3. AULIC COURT OF THE KINGDOM OF HANSETI-RUSKA Krawn z. Alejandro Sands and Florian Sands Vzmey and Hyff 461 ES 12th of Gronna ag Droba, 458 E.S. Jovenaars Ser Atilan Viktor Bishop Prosecution Lady Adele Emma Ludovar Defense Firr Alejandro Sands and Firr Florian Sands Testimonies Lady/Her Highness Amity Ionna De Pelear Lady/Her Highness Veronica Isabella De Pelear Lord Haus Weiss Firr Alejandro Sands Firress Callista Santos THE FOLLOWING CHARGES WERE BROUGHT AGAINST THE DEFENDANT: V Let he who attempts or conspires to commit a crime be guilty of Attempt, to be punished as if they had committed the crime itself. VI Let he who aids or conspires with another to commit a crime be guilty of Contribution, to be punished as if they had committed the crime itself. VIII Let he who harms another outside of battle be guilty of Assault. XXV Let he who lies with another outside of matrimony be guilty of Fornication. [ Jura i Krima ] THE FOLLOWING CLAIMS WERE BROUGHT AGAINST THE DEFENDANT: The defendants pleaded innoence to the crimes listed above. The two charged were found to be in a compromising situation together that occured outside the bounds of marriage. Alejandro and Florian also claimed innocence to the charge of assault and contribution regarding the attempted murder of Callista Santos. THE RATIONALE FOR THE PRESIDING JOVENAAR IS AS SUCH: Based on the testimony of Lady Amity de Pelear and the lived experience of the Jovenaar, the fact that although, the two were found to be in compromising situation, there was no real evidence that they were laying or in the act of that and thus can't be found guilty of the crime of fornication, which requires that of laying, not being found in a compromising situation. Now as for the crimes of assault and contribution, based upon the fact that the accused willingly turned himself in, inspite of the crimes against him and the fact that the person who did the crime was Lorec Stormheart, who was reveleaed in court to be crazy and insane in how he was shown when he was killed, and the way he handled himself after doing the crime. The defense showed that there was proof that Lorec was indeed an insane individual which thus affirmed the defendents need to flee from the place of the crime in fear of Lorec. This would show that they had no proven intention of assault and murder. It is so Ordered.
  4. After his long day of exercise and fitness, Atilan Bishop would return to Ostervik. He moved to his daughter’s crib and he would gently take the crying babe and cradle her in his arms. As she gently lulled to sleep, Atilan would move to his office still holding the child in his arms. The newly appointed jovenaar would open a book on law, gently reading it out loud hoping that the boringness of the subject might lure his daughter to sleep. As he did so, a servant would knock and the Bishop would say “Come in”. The servant would hand him the missive. The Bishop would read the letter his brows furrowing and his face growing in rage as he did so. After reading a viable sudden calmness could be seen, as the Bishop calmly laid the missive down and went to grab at the law book and then after appearing calm. Atilan would just yeet the book all the way across the room, which would create a loud thud. This would make the daughter in his arms cry. And Atilan would scream out “Sheizze”. The crying of the baby and Atilan’s curse would awaken Isabel and she would rush into the room. “Mein love, is everything alright?”. While holding the missive into the air and slamming it down on the table so that she could take it, the Waldenian would respond with “Nein! Zhese Rutherns have zhe audacity to say mein cousin Aurik and his 8 year old son haven’t been contributing to Haense. Vhat on the… so vhat mein family doesn’t make big grandiose statements in the courts that we are doing some contributions!!! Just because we don’t make our contributions public does not mean zhe Koeng doesn’t know vhat mein family brings und has contributed to Haense… und Zhen he has the audacity to suggest that I lead the family, just because I have to be the poor lad who has to go to courts and deal vith men like him my family doesn’t do enough!!!”. Isabel would simple open her arms and take the crying daughter from him and would proceed to read the missive.
  5. Atilan would read his poem and only give a small smile to the poem about his trial. He would continue to read the poems and seeing the one about the Wall, he would sigh regretable wishing he had done more that day. Finally after reading all the poems he would show the Poems to Isabel, reading them outloud so that his daughter in her mother's arms could hear her and say "Godan be... zhis Borris Iver Kortevich ist quite zhe writer indeed!"
  6. A tired and sleep-deprvid Bishop could be seen working at his desk when a servant walked up to him and said "Lord Bishop, House Ruthern has decalred war on Norlad? At least that's what these missive entail...." The Waldenian would take a look at the missives one of the declaration of war and the other containing news of the Queens capture. The Bishop would blink many times, unsure of if he was hearing was true. The Bishop finally respons with "Godan be... Godan be...". The Bishop would then look to his collections of weapons near his table, but for what reason he himself wasn't sure... was it fear? a happiness to use? Reluctance to use them?
  7. House Bishop and the Brotherhood of Saint Karl thank all of the noble houses that have participated in this donation drive. Many of you have worked hard and that effort will not be forgotten! The Kingdom is sure to benefit from its nobility and its generos endeavors for many years to come. Prizes: House Colborn donated 3,200 leather pelts and thus have claimed the first place prize of 1,500 Almaris mina! House Barclay donated 2,943 and thus claimed the second place prize of 500 Almaris mina! Large thanks is due as well to (in no particular order) to House Ruthern, House Baruch, House Kyazyev and House Weiss for their passion to keep the military operating at its best. God Bless the Haeseni Nobility. Note: House Bishop, along with the Crown and Peerage of Haense, rebuke the actions of the criminal who has infiltrated numerous noble holdings and slain their livestock, and further, attempted to shift blame onto another. The guilty party is known to our discussions. And he is encouraged to seek a priest for confession. - Aurik Bishop Signed, Atilan Bishop, BSK Quartermaster Aurik Bishop, Baron of Ostervik
  8. Upon reaching home and finally having a moment to think, Atilan Bishop crashes down on his office seat. He recollects day and then grabs his best botte of Ser Erwin's and pours himself a glass of the scotch. Looking out the window he sees his nieces playing outisde and then he looking back to the fireplace, his memories move and shift in his mind and all of a sudden he remembers a fireplace from years earlier. The fireplace near in the King's court. A young Atilan stands there watching it, excitedly awaiting his father and to attend his first King's court. He remember sitting next to his father, the 11-year old boy gazes up and sees the King in all his glory stand on that throne. He sees the congregants of the court hush their chatters once the man speaks. He hears the boom in his voice and the 11-year old thinks "Zhis Koeng ist so cool". His father Thomund tells him "Ja, mein son und one day du vill serve under him too und follow in dur vatter's footsteps as du serve in his majesty's army!". The Present day Atilan smiles softly thinking of when he had first met the King. He thinks about the childhood conversations he had with the King after. Atilan looks around his room with a sigh and his eyes make gaze with the sword hanging on his room and he sees his old childhood sword. He remembers following through and joining the army. He remembers the conversations he had with the King near the Duma halls and outside the palace. Atilan thinks "Godan... Ich really did have ein gutte Koeng und he vas ein gutte man to mich... even vhen Ich vas just ein lad". Atilan suddenly realizes that Karl III was like that with everyone and he smiles and a small tear forms in his eye that he quickly wipes down. Atilan remembers speaking with the King about Norland and how impressed the King had been by his understanding of weighing the risk and benefits of going to war with them as a teenager. He remembers proudly standing guard during court. Cartrying that same sword childhood sword in his sheathe but always ready to protect his Kingdom. He smiles fondly thinking of those days and the conversations he had with the King. Both his tears well up, but Atillan quickly brushes that aside. Atilan averts his gaze from his sword and looks over to the closet in his room and walks up into it observing the clothing there. Atilan smiles as he then observes his older red jacket that he wore during his time in Lifstala. Atilan remembers the men's presentations during that event. He chuckles to himself as he remembers his nervousness walking into that arena. He remembers how he had told the King that he wished to a trial of wit for his presentation. He sighs as he remembers being unable to answer the first question the one about the national fruit of Haense. He smiles then as he remembers getting the second question and then the third. He smiles remembering how his family had cheered him as he won the squireship. A single tear falls down Atilan's face as he remembers the joy and happiness in being awarded the squireship. He remembers his many failings in life too such as his flirtacious manners of his past and how it nearly cost him everything. But then he thinks of the how the King had still stood by Atilan and instead of removing him of his privileges, Atilan remembers how despite all that the King had still put his trust in him and how from then on Atilan would knew that he was still worthy and capable of redemption. Two tears from from his face this time, as he remembers fighting with the King in the battles against the Inferi. He remembers the joy he felt in knowing that he had served well and fought with all he could for his King... but now the King he fought so hard for is dead. Atilan goes back to his office and pours himself another of Ser Erwin's scotch and smiles and sighs looking out to see his nieces playing. Atilan looks out to the clear day ahead and looks to the sky out the window and says "Godan be... King Karl Godan be... du changed mein life for zhe better und made much zhe man zhat Ich am today. Und now it ist time to continue as du vould alvays vant mich too. Rest vell dur majesy". He smiiles and sighs placing the bottle down and thinking of the man who had done so much for his Kingdom that he ruled and for the small little Waldenian Bishop that had once sat down at one the lad's first ever courts.
  9. In his offices in Ostervik, Atilan Bishop says "Well zhis is certainly a way to get married. I hope nien one dies from zhis duel and zhat his highness James Leopold can prove himself worthy at least for his sake." he said then looking to Rebekka and Joa "Shall ve have dinner?"
  10. The Armiger and Royal Alderman would sigh and put a hand to his face in frustration "Zhis vas supposed to be ein competition to provide much needed leather. Godan, whoever did zhis... Godan may he be prosecuted to zhe fullest extent of vhat is possible". The Bishop would then toss the paper away onto the table and start working on the bookkeeping for the Leather Leaderboard.
  11. His desk flooded in papers and drafts, a servant would hand him the missive. Atilan would take a quick look over the paper but then stop at the section mentioning him. All of sudden he broke out into laughter and shaking his head, he would look to the servant and say "Godan, zhese critics must certainly have never met zhis Bishop!" glancing again at the section he would then mutter to himself "To start having a track record in zwy Duma, vy need to have served in it or have ein position in it, previously. But as for vision, oh zhey will see plenty of zhat in ve years to come!" he said then returning to drafting his bill.
  12. The quartermasters of the BSK, from recent reports, see that it is lacking in leather pelts for the crafting of its arms and equipment. To rectify the problem, a competition has been devised and put forth for the Houses and families of the Haeseni society. House Bishop, challenges all of the most productive noble houses of the dual Kingdom of Haenseti-Ruska to engage in a leather donation competition and to fill our armory’s stocks. Both the Quartermaster Atilan Bishop, and the King’s Lord Marshal Sviatoslav Godunov are looking for bulk donations of leather that shall be donated to the Brotherhood of Saint Karl. For the sake of simplicity in this competition, we stipulate that each noble house designates either their peer, or dedicated steward to be solely charged with donating the shipments and verifying the records shared among the quartermasters. Prizes: For the House which contributes in the highest order to the BSK Armory: 1500 Almaris Mina For the House which contributes in the second highest order to the BSK Armory: 500 Almaris Mina Note: House Bishop will not be participating in the competition itself, but will watch on with interest. Signed, Atilan Bishop, Quartermaster-Armiger of the BSK His Excellency, Lord Sviatoslav Godunov, Lord Marshal of the Brotherhood of St. Karl, Baron of Verskaya Aurik Bishop, Baron of Ostervik
  13. Atilan Bishop reads the notice and decides that maybe this year, would be his year to do more. He begins to write his letter.
  14. A certain Bishop could be seen carrying logs as part of his training regime when a House guard comes to the Josephin Bishop handing him a piece of paper saying, "Lord Bishop, Ich have been ordered to tell du zhat du should ready dur best wear". Dropping the logs, the sweaty Lord Bishop would then take the paper and smile. He can be heard saying "Vell, gutte on him! Took him forever! Godan!" he said, happy for his friend and prince. He would then think of Rebekka and wonder if when he would have to see her walk down the aisle too.
  15. Atilan Bishop sits there on a bench near the fountain in his new home, Ostervik. His body recovering from the wounds of battle, a vodka in hand. He sighs and thinks of the battle. A small tear drops down his face, guilty that he hadn't done enough to kill the Inferi guard. He quietly says "Ser Walton, I failed you. You saved my life and yet I couldn't do the same to you. Why couldn't I have just plunged that blade into his neck!", quietly relaying the events of that battle in his head. In frustration at himself, he throws the bottle over the wall where the breaking of a glass bottle could be heard.
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