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  1. Need to find a place to rp in


    1. Tav


      then find one 

  2. Tournament Registration RP Name: Jonathan O'Cool MC Name:Awesam5555 Discord: awesam5555 Do you Petra Perhaps
  3. A middle-aged blonde Waldenian can be seen walking about the seven skies, a cigar in his teeth and the smell of vodka upon his breath (yet he remained sober in apperance and mind). "FALLLOn! Gott! Vhat took du so long?" he said wrapping his arms around her in a bear hug as he took the cigar out of his mouth and then pulling away and seeing the wound in her chest "Godan! Gutte to see du died zhe right death! Zhe death of combat! Honestly, du had mich scared du vould die mein cousin's sad death of old age!"
  4. An beatiful paitning of the Aurentian Alps could be seen The mountains. It is said that like how waves tower on the beaches, so do the mountains tower over that of the land. Perhaps it could even be said that the mountains are the waves of the land. The waves are a beautiful sight to behold on the beach and such are the mountains on the land. There are many beautiful waves in this land of Almaris… but there is one only truly great mountain range, that of the Aurentian Alps. The Aurentian alps… a luscious mountain escape from the busy world. Luscious and green were the long flowing grasses on those hills. The air always felt fresh and clean. As one traveled up those mountains, one could feel the warm sun peeking over the alps. As the gentle light of the sun embraced you and the beauty of the nature around you met you, one could almost feel the embrace of God himself. And on those alps lay a lovely Viscounty called Hohengarten on the Outremont pass. It was a lovely keep with its bright colors and grape vines that supplied many a beautiful and lovely wine for feasts. The house, like the alps itself, contained plenty of greenery and flowers. In fact, it was almost as if the House was essentially a part of the alps itself in its beauty There existed in that lovely Viscounty, a lovely family. A kind but proud grandmother with a gentle-hearted grandfather. Currently, she shared that household with her 8 children, and her 4 children and daughter-in law of her adopted son. She had a total of 8 grandchildren. Half of them came from her adopted family. And in that adopted family, there existed a cute little blonde boy named Richard von Leopold, the twin brother to Peter Von Leopold and younger brother to his sister Helena and Anne von Leopold. And in that lovely family, the young child Richard was sent on a quest to explore his beautiful little world in the mountains and return with a precious item. “Richard, mein grandson, find zhe item dur Uncle James left on one of the mountain peaks near here… trust mich mein grandson du vill it know vhen du have found it” A Portrait of the young Richard Von Lepold could be seen here And so young Richard Von Leopold began his quest. Armed with a small sword, some food his mother had prepared for him and with hugs and kisses from his sisters and brothers, he walked along those verdant alps, the sun just starting to peak over those tall Alpan mountains. As he walked up those mountains, he breathed in the fresh country air. Perhaps it was a wonderful thing that Hohengarten stood so far out from the world. It was peaceful, away from the troubles of the world. Away from those evil Adrians and those evil Mori who seemed beset upon conquering his little mountain world in the Laurentian Alps. He felt the breeze of the light country air, as the wind was slowed and gentle. The breeze itself was a product of strong winds meeting the even stronger and mighty Alpan mountains that forced the winds to slow, making their breezes gentle and calm. The air felt invigorating and full of life in those luscious mountains. Richard continued his hike, he climbed up on a mountain and he would reach its peak and with a light huff, he found there to be nothing and sighed “Awww, nien, nien, nien!” he said in frustration. He would then look to the other mountains that his grandmother had pointed to and realized he maybe had 5 more to go to! He sighed and kept walking, his legs quite strong and able for a lad his age. For, he had always been an excited lad, running around his quant house and mansion in Hohengarten and never getting tired. Now, what most people don’t realize is that life in the Alps is a bit harder on newer visitors. The high altitudes often tended to make newcomers to Hohengarten a bit shorter of breath than they were used to living in lower altitudes. Eventually, as one got used to living so high above, one would adapt to mountain life and find themselves to be more capable of doing things and last longer in their exercises. But Richard, a child his age, would have no idea of this and he kept walking amazed at just how far he had traveled. His home vanished into the mountains as he continued his walk. Richard would then find the second mountain and climb to its top only to find no object upon its peak. With a sigh, the young Waldenian would find himself thirsty and after drinking the bottle of water that he had. He found himself needing more and so he stood tall upon that mountain and like an eagle he looked around until he found a small creek that he could use that took him to the direction of the third mountain top. And after a bit of a struggle the young Waldenian made it to the creek and would proceed to drink from it. Splashing some of the water in his face, his cute rosey cheeks would redden at the coldness of the creek but it would be a refreshing feeling given his weary traveling so far. The young Richard looked around and smiled for the mountains truly do bring upon great small little wonder and this place was one of them. An protrait of the creek could be seen made by a young Richard Von Leopold for the next time he traveled to this creek The noon sun made the young lilies shined brightly, their petals if felt would have felt soft to the touch. They had a wonderful smell to them and as Richard plucked one. He would giggle and smile at the softness of the lilies and its wonderful. “Ich zhould save zhis and give it to mozher und find anozher for grandmutter” he said with a smile as he took two lilies and put them in his bag. The grass like the lilies, showed a bright shade of green. They were as high as Richard ankles, undisturbed by the presence of man in these mountains as hikers and travelrs were few in this section of the Alps and so Richard like the young lad he was, rolled around in the grass like a child, giggling and laughing like many young little Waldenian children do. As he rolled, the dandelions that were in the grass, would realize their fluffs, surprised by the presence of the child. As he smelled the grass… he could feel something.. Almost as if he could feel the alps themselves speaking to him. And then with a happy and tired sigh, he would stand up and realize “Ich should travel to zhe next mountain!” he said with a giggle and trying his best to remember how he got here for another time. He would then proceed to hike up the third mountain, his legs been rested at the creek, he would proceed to walk onto its peak and finally as he reached the peak he saw the sword stuck in between two rocks in the mountain. Hours at passed, it had long been since mid-day but the sun was still brightly shining. It was msolty likely 3-4 in the day. He giggled in elation as he finally found the sword and he would quickly move to take it. The sword was a bit heavier for Richard… but it came with a backstrap and so he used and put the sword on his back as he returned home. An image of the sword with its scabbard could be seen After that, Richard would then proceed to return home with the only companion he had with him in his travels… the Sun, for it it had been there when he started his trail and now, it was setting down over the mountains as Richard knocked on the door to Hohengarten. “Hallo! It’s mich Richard!” At those words, an elderly red-haired lady, followed by her younger adult red-head daughters and son, a young blonde mother carried in tow with her adolescent blonde twin daughters rushed over to Richard. What came next was a series of hugs and kisses and jubilancy in Hohengarten. “Grandmutter! Ich found zhe svord!” he said then giving her the sword and with that his grandmother Cosima, Countess of Hohengarten would smile “Zhat’s mein gutte little grandson!” she said taking the sword, hugging her grandson and placing a kiss on his forehead. And then looking to her now growing family, she would smile and say “Come! Now we celebrate” she said, then ushering the family to the upside patio, where a wonderful Waldenian dinner would be prepared. A portrait of a sunset over the Aurentian Alps could be seen
  5. Name: Aurelius Ademario Age: 21 Position you are applying for:THE DIRECTOR-GENERAL OF IMMIGRATION; (DISCORD:) Awesam555#3719 (USERNAME:) Awesam5555
  6. hello! I am looking for people who are interested in commonor rp and wanting commonors to have a greater place in society! I am planning to start the organziation in Balian as a start and show the world the commonor has a place in goverment and has a voice and poltical power! Please dm me on discord at Awesam555#3719 or /msg Awesam5555 if you are interested! I plan to be actrive and have fiun meetings and fun rallying things! And do not worry! I have been working my best to try and get everyone jobs of all kinds of fields and not just military rp, which is common but in also other fields too! So shoot me a dm if you are interested.....
  7. Atilan Bishop would relax in his favorite place. A tavern covered in yellow and black banners. He woud down the most heavenly shotsm of vodka and smoke the most heavenly of cigars. He had lived a life and he had died. The smiling Bishop would close his eyes and simply rest. The warrior in him at peace in the Seven Skies.
  8. "Good riddance" said a man with a cigar in between his teeth. The young man would then relax on the walls and continue to smoke the cigar "Not everyone can cut it..."
  9. The Blonde Bishop would smile. "Danke dur Majesty!" he said giving his widest smile. And then slowly his smile would fade and looking to his former King "Dur Majesty, please tell mich, zhe seven skies have ein tavern and ein gutte cigar!". Atilan would then reach into his pocket with the sigh, hoping that truly heaven did bring upon the most heavenly of drinks and the most heavenly of cigars!
  10. Baby Atilan Bishop 𝔸 𝕃𝕚𝕗𝕖 𝕃𝕚𝕧𝕖𝕕 Atilan feels it… he sees it.. He knows it… It has come! A grown-man wearing a BSK uniform can be seen fighting a small blonde child with a wooden sword. With some swift strikes, the man loses the sword to the younger blonde. “Mein son! Dur ein savante” he says in pride at his second-eldest son. The giggling child smiles and says “Danke Vatter”.... And so begins the life of Sir Atilan Bishop, a soldier and warrior till his death... Child Atilan Bishop growing up a soldier in the BSK Years pass since then and the savante has grown a bit.. A young stockly lad, with the acne and pores of someone typical of his age. The lad can be seen fighting with metal swords… he takes a cut to the hip in a spar. The offender apologizes “Firr Bishop, my apologies” he said in a thick Ruskan accent. The lad would hold his pain, his father having taught him better than to just scream it all out “Du… it’s fine… it’s fine…”. The guardsmen sighs “Stop lying… ag take ve drink… it will help you with the pain…” he said with a hidden smirk. The Bishop took a sip of the vodka and felt hell down his throat as the strong Ruskan drink did wage war upon his throat. The guardsman and the other soldiers broke out in laughter at the lightweightedness of the child. “LightWeight! LightWeight! LightWight!” was the taunts and cackles. Then, a sudden gasp… As The enraged Bishop would then fight the pain and chug down half the bottle, he would scream in their faces. “Say zhat one more time!” THe soldiers around them look at each other and then looking at the Bishop they smile and rush over to him. Hugging and embracing him as one of their own “Kruzae Zwy Kongzem!” they chanted in glee…. And that was all the Bishop would remember (as his tolerance to the drink would not develop like it would later in his life) the sense of happiness and pride he felt in drinking the Vodka… he felt like a man who could conquer the world and put his enemies on their knees begging for him. And so… It was the first drink… and the one of more to come as the Vodka would later become a part of his life just as much as his pride for the dual Kingdom of Haenseti-Ruska. Atilan remembers his first kill… an insolent BSK medic. He was wearing his metal chainmail armor of that of the elite commando unit. He remembers looking at his Sotnik Sviatoslav Gudonav, his eyes begging him to not do it… But the Sotnik makes his orders clear. Like the good soldier he was, the Bishop plunged the blade into the freezing cold woman who he had just thrown into the lake hoping to then pull her out to set an example. But the women had ran off into the river stupidly. Despite the Bishop’s pleas to create a fire to save the freezing women, his pleas are ignored and the Bishop looks TOmilla in the eye as he is ordered to kill her. He puts the blade to her throat and watches as she gurgles, the blood leaking out of the wound and yet he is forced to watch it all… And so, forever more in atonement, the Bishop would always aim for the neck whenever he fought in battle. To atone for his sins that he never served true retribution for. Years pass, a grown Atilan appears. A man with highs and lows… a flirtatious man and yet a man with the heart of a warrior. A younger Atilan brash, arrogant, hotheaded, and yet handsome could be seen… long blonde locks, a well defined jawline, and scars on his body that would grow over time. The same young man who had so with his tongue quite dishonored himself among the women of Haense and yet with that same tongue and attitude about the world had worked himself to an armiger in the BSK and a squire. Atilan would remember that day the well-loved King Karl III had been impressed with him during the men’s presentations. His trial of wit succeeded he showed the Kingdom that he had earned a squirehood and the young man would smile. If An older Atilan could look at his younger self, he would shake his head at the young adults' egregious mistakes and flirtation and yet smile at what the young man had been able to accomplish. He would come to his younger self, clad in his heavy Bishop armor, patting the young squired and upcoming warrior Atilan on the back with left hand and with his right hand, delivery a gut-wrenching punch to the stomach, sure to have sent the young flirtatious man wheezing and begging for life. And so… began Atilan’s path to redemption after his penance in the church. A portrait could be seen of the Young Adult Atilan Bishop as he was in young 20s Time would grow on the Bishop as he moved into his 30s. His body carries more scars from knights' trails, and battles with the Inferi. In his mind, Atilan would remember those battles as the battles that aged. That took that young idiotic lad he was and molded into something fire. It’s said that iron only melts under heat… and so too would the Ironheaded Atilan melt under the infernal heat of the battles he had with the Inferi. Many men are fortunate to say they have never seen hell. Atilan and those who fought with him in the battle against the Inferi were thus unfortunate as they did see hell and it was in those battles…. And so… Atilan became battle heartened and experienced with that of war. The man so excited by battle had been worn down. He still fought with pride for his nation, but he no longer loved the fight for the fight…. He fought the fight because it was necessary for him. Time passed…. A baby in 424 E.S. was growing into 454 E.S. A moment of happiness seemed to occur. A ring had been placed on his finger. His responsibilities were growing on him, he was now a judge, yet to preside over his first…. And final case. And yet, all that he could remember is taking a knee and with a stoic expression on his face, as the new Queen Esfir of Jerovitz tapped both his shoulders with the sword. And so stood Ser Atilan Bishop. Armiger, Jovenaar, Diplomat to Balian, Husband, father, Bishop… Life comes with its ups and downs… and with what must go up… must come down. It’s the law of gravity really and a law-knowing judge would come to understand that law soon enough. He remembers the day the Hyspian and his lover came to the courtroom. To his final breath, Atilan does remember that first and last trial of his life. He thinks about being a fair and fair ruling judge.. One that chose to honor the wishes of the victim… oh what a mistake he made! To follow the wishes of the injured party and deny the people of Haense the justice they wanted seen done over that of what his position demanded. If those in the seven skies could ask the Bishop what he was thinking, he thought of this… He thought of the small little blonde baby girl in his wife’s arms as he made the verdict. He thought about being a right and proper judge to set the right example for his future daughter to grow up in… and so, he made the fairest judgment he could as a judge. The Hyspian was to walk for the laws and evidence could not prove beyond a reasonable doubt at that time that he was a guilty man. And so… Atilan’s best attempt to make a fair judgment was the wrong judgment. Furthermore, the now de-knighted Atilan Atilan would lose everything he had done in Haense. His previous mistakes and stupidity have caught up with him. He was to leave haense and move with his family to Helious. Goodbyes made… and goodbyes said. One to the new king of the Dual-Kingdom he had so long loved and served in. The goodbye would be a sad one for him to have to say goodbye to a long good friend of his. King Georg III would say goodbye to Atilan but left with him with one final words… that Atilan was a good man.. But he was also relentless and unyielding… And so.. The Avoran would leave Haense.. The place he had long loved. And yet the famed saying is still true. You can take a man from haense.. But you can never take the Haense away from a man. And so began a new life in Helious… Finally, after hitting rock bottom did things seem to be going upwards, a knight again.. Sir Atilan Avoran would smile and relax… a cigar in his teeth for his hand.. The Duke Jarad was a kind and good man to him. The Duchy had a sense of new air… it was a different life. One unlike the bustling cities of Karosgrad with chimneys and smoke but with the clean air of the elven coasts! This would be a happier time in his life. He felt at home in the Duchy, happy to have a place to serve and belong once more. He felt a renewed man once more as the DUke’s steel retouched his soldiers and so rose Sir/Sel Atilan Avoran. His children would grow, his daughter having warded in Pavia, his eldest son and heir following suit. His baby twins are growing in his arms. And yet he still found happiness in Helious among the elves. Until.. As life always had with Atilan, what goes up.. Must come down… and so it did again in the form of family drama, the only battle a hardened could never really understand and that of an attack in his own home, the attack where he would lose his eldest daughter and later his wife who ran off with the twins in tow. And so… the former Bishop was left empty, all his work.. A title of Sir.. but with no family to share it with… The beasts enter into the throneroom. The knight says “Form the V!”. The cannons fire from above, and the beasts is injured but like the Bishop himself, has learned to move through the pain. The beast continues its advance. There is destiny… there is fate. We all must die and yet none of us ever really know when it will happen. There are sad ways to die… such as falling down the stairs and bashing your skull through. There are great ways to die. Legends and tales speak of these kinds of deaths. Some are the glorious deaths of combat and sacrifice. Others are happy such as those of the happily satisfied, who lived happily and found only the luckiest happiness in the world. All their earthly matters were settled and they lived a good happy life, perhaps they left a great impact on the world… Perhaps they died knowing their family was safe and happy. Perhaps they just felt happy as they died and came to accept the way it is. But the greatest death is the death of your choice. To die as the man you want to die as and to die in the manner you did. And for Sir Atilan, this could never be true. He was a man of many things. He had truly lived a life. He had been everything his childhood self had dreamed and thne some… as a warrior, a judge, a soldier, a father, a husband. And yet, we have said that he was only that of the warrior. And if that is all that remains in the man, then the only thing that man must wish is to die like the warrior that he is. And so… Atilan died the death he wanted in the way he wanted. A good goring through the chest, the death of the warrior. Was it foolish what he did, rushing at the beast? But did he die the way he wanted too on his terms yes…! Did he care about what others would think of him at that point? Why could he? Dead man don’t think and Dead men tell no tales. A warrior , savante, an idiot, a man, a husband, a father, but more importantly than all things a life.. A life Lived And such is the story of Almaris. We live and we die, we make mistakes and we fail and we succeed. We have ups and downs, but we live and we live life. And when we die, we ought to do it on our own terms. For a man can earn his way in this world and lose everything, but his death ought to be everything to the man. Atilan felt it… he saw it.. He knew it… It had come! 𝔸 𝔻𝕖𝕒𝕥𝕙 𝔻𝕚𝕖d A final protrait of the blonde knighted Bishop, made 5 years before his death.
  11. Like the cool dude that he was, Jonathan O'Cool, a lit cigar in between his teeth, would find the missive fallen to the the ground as he was kicked back and chilling doing his gate duty. Relaxing as read the paper, he would break out laughing and would think to himself. Respect? Does he even know what that is? I was just walking around smoking and then he and his friend accuse me of smoking as if it was some attack to the lady who was with them. I was just left there stunned like what? Lad... I was just smoking and exploring the beatiful city of Atrus! and ye were disrespectful to attack my cool vibes and ruin my smoke and instead of being nice about it! ye accuse me of smoking to create some harm! Where is the respect in that! As for keeping your cool, you nearly tried to fight which would be a bad idea on your best day and then call me an imbecile Which disrespected me so, especially as I chose to not return your disrespect! At least the others were willing to calm down and speak about it afterwards and we made a level of peace with it! Know respect before you preach it and learn the truth too! You can't say you have no intention to slander, but then proceed to do it! Where is the respect in that!
  12. GReat Dude! Love rping with him! He's loyal to the server and jsut an epic Guy! Would be a food to now have him in the staff team!
  13. After a long and tiring day of training, a sweaty Adam would sit down and relax, closing his eyes. His sleep would then be interrupted by the sounds of his fellow companymen speaking and coming over to hear their commotion "Quiet down!" he muttered. A fellow companymen would then hand him the missive. Taking a quick read over it, Adam would read it and then blink his eyes. "What the? What the heck?" was all he seemed to be able to say. Rereading it one more time, Adam would reply "The heck was he thinking?" sighs and then shaking his head. He would stand tall and proud in his buffed 6'4 frame and say to the privates "Alright! Enough of this! He's still your highness. Cease your frivolous talk on this matter and man those walls!"
  14. Looking to join a community! and sort of be a part of it! Let me know if your interested on discord!

  15. A former Bishop would be seen relaxing on the calm and quiet beaches in Helious. He sat tired from a hard spent day of training off his angers and feelings and sitting by the docks and relaxing a cigar in his teeth, a Bishop servant would run to him. "Sir Atilan, du must see zhis" he said then handing him the missive. The Waldenain would blink and then nods his head and sigh "He was a interesting man that Sigismond... a once former friend, though perhaps it was good that we stopped being friends when he tried to extort me for my family's wealth" he said with a chuckle "Saved me from getting a stab in the back! May Godan bless him in those seven skies and give him a place befitting that of his loyal traitorship!"
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