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  1. Eloise would gasp in excitement upon reading. "I knew you could do it Senna!"
  2. Honeyhill has been totally destroyed by moles. It looks like a de-mole-ition site.
  3. Elle would look over at the poster near the tavern, with a clear state of mind on her loyalty. She nodded while passing by, silently praying for justice to prevail.
  4. MC Name: ellevuna Discord: ellevuna#0663 Image: Description of Image: An elegant hand holding beautiful white dendrobiums. I would like this painting because it's absolutely gorgeous and I need a touch of renaissance in my decor <3 Dimensions: 1 wide 2 high
  5. Ellevuna


    Elle was born in the great plateaus of The Grand Duchy of Balian in her own home, where her mother, Alamandria(Highlander) and her father Han (Eastern Far Folk) both resided in. She was a single child and born into a lower class family. At an early age, she was schooled at home and was interested in arts in crafts. When she turned 8, her mother became very ill and died due to no doctor knowing what illness her mother had. Since her mother was one of the main sources of income due to her bartending job, her father could no longer feed two mouths and placed her into a monastery. Elle lived among nuns for years and those years were actually quite peaceful, but lonely. When she turned 15, she chose to leave the monastery and she found work in a flower market. This is where she found her love for light colors, something that was lacking at the monastery. She promised she would never wear black again. When she worked in the market, she shared the space with a lot of other shopkeepers who she built strong relationships with. The thought of her mother's death though, which caused her father to leave her, still was a bright memory in her mind. She couldn't leave it alone and decided to pursue education in the medical field. As of now though, she is working a job at 18 years old in a flower market yearning to save up enough money so she can sail to Helena to get a good education.
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