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  1. Anastasia de Viatge, formerly Ingrid Freyja Kolsson rubbed her temples as she picked up berries from around the camp of the Holy Oren Empire, which for some reason everyone calls Redclyf.
  2. "GOD will protect us from the rallying world, Redclyf shall not fall!" a pious and devoted Canonist of Redclyf reassured to her kin.
  3. keep the temp map to replace beta

  4. Ingrid Freyja Kolsson remained in awe as she read over the history of the Baron of Artois!
  5. In the camp of Savoy, a grown Bishop walked left and right with seemingly no rest. She had shed one too many tears, her sickly pale skin of a redish color. She would never forget her mamej.
  6. “Mommy? Why is Daddy punching the iron?” “Melly dear, he is infusing a soul into the iron! Soon enough, it will become a fine sword!” “Woah… So, he is like GOD?!” “. . .” “Mommy? Where are you?” Rain echoed outside, a lone child sat in the living room of her home in Petra. She looked out the window, heavy dark clouds nearing from the sky. Everything was dark - and rain only poured heavy upon the wooden roof. “They won’t come back, will they, mama? The rain carries bad omens.” The War of the Cuckold unfolded within the Petrine lands, and many had to take up arms and fight, even if they did not want to. Such was the fate for many, including Melly’s father. Having lost her mother just a year earlier, she eagerly awaited her father's return from one of the many raids. But the sky, that day, carried no good signs. Dark clouds had conquered the peaceful sky, and rain poured as strong as pebbles upon the mortal grounds. She knew, her father would not return. “Melly, oem’ii, I am not your father..” Our not-so-little Melly, now styled Ser Melinda, awoke from a deep slumber. She was laying belly up, her beloved armor donned and her helmet resting by her side. She was confused - The sky had many a star, yet it was so unfamiliar. She could hear the melody of crashing waves upon the shore, and after turning her head she noticed many grains of sand around her. Lights shone from everywhere in many different colors, from green to yellow to red. She went to sit up, and only now noticed her parents sitting in front of her. She squinted, once, twice, countless times. Then tears came, and she threw herself onto them for a group hug. “Mama. Papa. After you died, I met a new family. A lot of family. They all loved me so much. Especially Bia and Garen. They were my new parents, I loved them so much. Oh, and Nehtamo... He was rude, sometimes, but he taught me SO MUCH!” Arrows, explosives, and many other armaments went off that night. The Haeseni fought against the evil Mori, protecting Karosgrad from the incoming siege. Being the last standing nation, Haense had for the prior year shone like a beacon of salvation for the descendants of Almaris. On the eastern wall, the Cat-Knight of Barrowton fought off the incoming legionnaires. On the same wall were many of her friends, including Nehtamo, who she had adopted as her father two decades earlier. She was not going to let him down, and therefore charged onto the group of soldiers with great anger and furious vengeance. After being overwhelmed, she begged the others to keep him safe, and then jumped down into a nearby pond with two of her allies. More explosions went down as she fell, and soon enough she was reunited with the group. Together, they marched towards the Haeseni forces, discussing arguments of pressing actuality. It was once they arrived that the Cat-Knight was separated from them, opting to stay back with a Sergeant and make sure he would be alright. Elite unites of the Mori were nearing however, and she was an easy target. Arrows flew past, and then suddenly, a screech in the night of that dreadful siege. “MREEEWOWWWWWWW” Ser Melinda Glennmaer, the Cat-Knight of Barrowton, had been struck by an arrow in the head and effectively slain. She fell to the ground with a proud thud, content of all the way she had gone. Elite unites marched over her mere corpse, heading towards the square of the capital. Karosgrad had been compromised.
  7. green apple juice appreciation post

  8. A certain Hybrid paused over one of the titles, her lips curling up in a wide grin. "Look, oem'ii, she is so powerful!" she exclaimed proudly to her newly adopted child and nephew.
  9. Lilliana Tennallar hummed a true Tennallar tune as her eyes rolled through her cousin's work, singing in her head. A faint smirk was present on her lips, proud of the latest release.
  10. why it stink like bdussy in here

  11. The lips of a blind hybrid curled up into a smirk. "Truly a powerful woman." she stated to her nephew, who had brought over the news.
  12. "I LOVE MY TALONNII!" A Tennallar exclaimed proudly after reading the story
  13. Far away, a step sister cried. Between a sob and a sniffle, she would soon enough learn to not feel hatred anymore.
  14. "All too true." painfully mused a former Adrian, damned to spend the rest of their life in the cold of the North, eaten by regret.
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