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  1. "Let them marry who they want," proclaimed Helena of Formindon before a cup of tea. "My only concern is; did the High Pontiff approve..? And the curia..?" she stood from the living room, cup pressed between her hands. "Canonism might be dead. We killed it."
  2. "Oh, look at that." remarked Angelica; a creature of the light. "A family reunion - how sweet." she mused to her elven protegee, the missive floating right towards him with a flick of the witch's hand. @exogens
  3. rly tired of mindlessely walking around looking for places with people XD whts some european friendly community?

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    2. Diogen


      celianor also has plenty european timezoned people n aussies

    3. marikandaperc



      eur*peans are not welcome nor should they feel welcome sorry !

      omg wnna pick me up as necro student >_<


    4. Poor_Fellow
  4. "this is crazy" says marika

  5. A wretched Seermancer felt the blessings spread further, and she rejoiced. Sister Angelica was happy enough as it was, but perhaps, one day, she may meet the blinded soldier.
  6. erm what the scallop

  7. Ludmilla Silvia of Velec (Adrian nationalist) smiled the fleeper's smile for her Duke
  8. "Finally someone WORRIES ABOUT THE RIGHT THINGS!" cried Helena of Formindon
  9. IGN: meowrika RP NAME: Helena of Formindon PERSONA ID: 84277
  10. Helena of Formindon (sometimes Barclay) had a thin smile grow at the corner of her lips. "Finally." she mused contentedly.
  11. "It's all falling back into place..." muses omniously the soulmancer Ludmilla of Velec

  13. A sudden pain struck the Adrian rebel Ludmilla of Velec in the midst of the reading. "Lorina.." Ludmilla murmured, recalling back of her times in the Adrian greycloaks. A memory became aware once more; the Varoche sisters talking about books, and their next trip to the capital. She did not realize how happy those times were till the time was late.
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