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  1. id genuinely break down and cry if i had to argue w someone under a complaint post 

    1. alexmagus


      you had to do that

  2. ?????? i have no involvement whatsoever w this war lol
  3. main post was unneeded lol the problem happened and was fixed servers not perfect
  4. hiring rp teacher 8$/h

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      some things cant be fixed

    4. marikandaperc


      yeah i think i might just kms after that yeah np 

  5. HER SERENE HIGHNESS, HOLY DAME, SER, HELENA 'the charred spear' OF FORMINDON. Dowager-Princess of Minitz. (depicted in her earlier years by her cousin, Frinna Glennmaer.) THE SOUL IS A MOST FICKLE THING. YOU CANNOT CONTROL IT, FOR IT IS THE SOUL THAT DRIVES YOUR ACTION. INTO THE ARCHIVES OF HAENSE, stood quietly an armored outsider. She had not been a citizen of Raev town for longer than a week - when she had decided to transfer there, but changed her mind not much later, which caused her return to Reinmar . She had no loyalties to their kin - and every time she thought of her death, she saw the perched stare of a doom crow. Growing up, her mentor taught her of the Emissary Owyn and the Charlatan Sigismund. She had rooted some fond despise for the Haeseni prophet, which was uncanonistic; for no man or woman of the cloth should ever foster such a hatred. But they do - why? Perhaps, because it is not so human for us to be perfect image of GOD. If we could not sin, we would not need to spend time in the terrestrial world. But I’ve circled the point for far too long; there is only one important matter right now - the death of Helena. “Why?!”, you might be wondering. Why on earth would Helena side with the attacking ferrymen? Well, such is explained in the earlier note! Death to Sigismund is what she had to hear for her entire childhood, and nothing could change such a hatred. And when the ferry-cavalry was heard upon the gate, it was clear that there would never be a better chance to put such a hatred to rest. And so, while amicably stealing the Raev-gear, she perched into the empty throne room - but was quickly swarmed when the opposition figured the plan out. She was betraying the main platoon and nothing would let the Haeseni allow that. Stuck in a garden, Helena could not spot a way out of there! With her back to the wall, she could not do anything but fight, and fight valiantly. As such, she wielded the stolen Raev-sword, and tried her best to fend off the assailants. Unfortunately, that was to no avail as she fell down to the ground, helpless before a world of hatred. All the while, in the far distance, two powerful entities clashed swords, and only God could pick a winner. But what would Helena, the rough lady-knight, wish to give her living relatives? She was not one to be emotional, or wish to show emotion (although, we should note, she does love her dear cousin Bronwyn. She would never cease showing love to Bronwyn!). There were some scribbles pages found among her diary, and it read as follows; LEON. MY LEON. YOU DON’T KNOW HOW HAPPY I WAS WITH YOUR REIGN! At first, you seemed a terribly competent ruler, and I could not be prouder of all you’ve done. While I did not really like your wife, she too proved to be a far better Princess than you could ever ask for! She is dutiful, sincere (but not too much), and knows the ways of the world. She did lie to me, on our first encounter - many times. But I do not care, she was a daughter I could love. Lately, however, our flame flickered far too often - and, at last, it died out. My world turned dark and my eyes could see naught but the sense of anger. I do not blame you, I was a terrible mother, but I hope you will one day forgive me. Also please let my corpse decay to the wind, I do not deserve any remembrance. GLYNDWR, TELL DAD I LOVED HIM DEARLY. We did not get to spend much time together, but I loved you as a brother all the same. I am sorry to go, and I am sorry that I will never be enough for you and Garenbrig. I am glad you've taken up such initiative though, and will be overlooking your hamlet from the skies. I love you, Glynd. As her eyes flickered from open, to shut, to open, and to shut again - only one image was present in her consciousness. An old friend, one who shan’t be mentioned, for he was a friend no longer - but rather, a walking shadow, loitering at the back of her mind. A pair of eyes, stuck onto her figure, at all times. And thus, ends the story of Avalon. The fairsighted lady, who on one random day, switched her world upside down. Avalon, who had to face many a stutter along her path to heaven, but who at last found peace in what she was taught to do, and what she loved, fleeping out.
  6. vouch, great rper, played my son once and my uncle another time & i could not be more satisfied !
  7. i think the problem is w the players not wanting to lose their valuables lal (kinda what unwillingly said), i've never had any bad encounters personally : 3 forgot to mention this when i first wrote the comment, but another problem is how people just can't seem to have fun. the idea of being bandited triggers them to a needlessely deep level and they get frustrated, hence making the encounter terrible for everyone. it's good to not take the game 2 seriously sometimes
  8. i HATE the duchy of adria

  9. gcU0pVR.png

    1. M1919


      fact-checked by real heartland patriots

  10. ya free wowj

  11. serious question can u b a corc and lycan at the same time
  12. John Knox: Men will never willingly bow to the weaker sex.
    Queen Mary: And they will suffer greatly for it.

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      ill believe it when i see anonymousalexa 20 heart orlanth

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      bladee: haters spitting theres saliva everywhere but they will never have me im on the run!

  13. cheese1sgrater had my character tortured by lanre cerusil i think shes guilty

    1. Cheese


      Be nice to Juni and that happens less frequently :(

    2. xo31


      i remember this!

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