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    Grimmith was born in the year 70 SA. Abandoned at birth by his parents, he was raised by humans who found him on the street. Once he was old enough hold a shovel, he was forced to work, frequently collapsing due to the stress on his body. Grimmith did not understand that this wasn't normal. He created tunes from his mouth to comfort himself, he thought he'd created this. It wasn't until one normal summer day that 15 year old Grimmith was finally found and freed by his 6 brothers: Gazer, Gunter, Goof, Ganter, Gooshie, and Gistolph. In vengeance, the brothers killed his human captors and took him back to his true home in a far away forest. There, they told him about his family's past, their lineage, and their mission- to end the age old rivalry between his and the Goc family. They told him about "The Vale Of Navaehlen", one day he wishes to travel there and greet all the other elves and share his joyous tunes.
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