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  1. A house guard of House Barclay, Addas readied his mace, and set out to find this bounty...
  2. " Everyone makes choices. He made his. " Let it be known, through this missive, that today, a RAGUK is stripped of name, honor, and properties. A RAGUK is stripped of their status as BROTHER and WARRIOR. Today, the Redskins have nothing to be proud of. It is the decision of WARGOTH TURKURZ'RAGUK, with the approval of REX SAHGORIM'UGLUK that the Uruk known as KUL'RAGUK is to be WHITEWASHED and hunted down in honor of the spirits. He is known to be not only mingling, but having joined the wretched and wanted group of the AZDRAZI, becoming one of their 'ORDAINED HERALDS'. As such, the Uruk known as KUL'RAGUK is to be hunted down and killed, or captured and brought back to WARGOTH TURKURZ'RAGUK, to either repent his crimes, and be branded as a traitor, and once more live amongst the Urukim in dishonor, or, should he choose to avoid and continue his dishonorable ways, he is to be hunted down and killed. Additionally, the WARGOTH is offering to personally craft a weapon of might to any Uruk that brings him the tusks of KUL'RAGUK. Additionally, any properties once belonging to KUL'RAGUK found still on the Iron'Uzg, be it in his own property or the Clan's, shall be henceforth apprehended and placed amongst Clan Raguk's donation chest, or stockpile. ANG GUND GRIIZH
  3. THE BLOODSTEEL “ Dah grizh iz powerful. Dah grizh-lady guidez uz. “ A Raguk smith, explaining Bloodsteel. Raguk bloodsteel is an ancient smithing tradition of Clan Raguk. It is one of the specializations of the clan and their art and trade, utilizing blood and sheer willpower to work their steel and make it more powerful and more resilient than regular steel - although some say that this is not true, and purely the belief of the Raguks. The process of crafting bloodsteel involves sacrifice, offering, mixing and precise measures, so that an offering to the Mistress of Blood does not go by without attention or care. CRAFTING BLOODSTEEL To make bloodsteel, there are four steps, though they all surmount to the same result; bloodsteel. Step one, is to create the mold. Weapons of bloodsteel do not use traditional sword, axe or spear molds, for they cannot be conventional weapons. Despite being as sharp and as powerful as regular steel, bloodsteel is made for ceremonial weapons, for a Raguk Warlord’s execution weapon, something that invokes fear and respect. As such, the mold must match that. Step two, is to prepare whatever is to be offered to the Mistress of Blood. Be it a live sacrifice to the mistress, or a sacrifice of pure blood, the Redskins of Clan Raguk believe that, to make bloodsteel without an appropriate sacrifice, while it might still work, will anger Gazigash. After the sacrifice is made, the smith can move on… Step three, is to carefully place a bowl of blood and a collected bone by the stream of molten steel in the forge. The blood must heat, and the bone must slowly melt to the heat, so that they may be mixed with the molten steel and produce the ceremonial red steel. The bowl of blood is expected to be sizable, and the bone, while not necessarily needing to be that big, would be appreciated. Step four, is to mix the half-molten bone and the boiling blood with the mold of cooling ferrum. The blood and bone mixture should mix seamlessly with the cooling ferrum, and after the last processes of smithing are done; the proper shaping, sharpening, sanding and whatnot, the steel should come out a hue of crimson; the ceremonial steel of Clan Raguk. THE PURPOSE OF BLOODSTEEL The purpose of bloodsteel is purely ceremonial. Knives, axes, swords and spears that will be crafted and most likely used for sacrifices, demonstrations, and since it is as durable as regular steel, it can even be used for honor klomps and small duels. It is a Raguk smith’s proof of devotion to Gazigash and Gentharuz; the ability required to forge a mold and a sword while a bowl of blood heats up without having it boil and evaporate, as well as the skill put into the sword itself. It is also a trade craft for those seeking a more.. ‘aesthetic’ blade from the Redskins of Raguk, known to be the best smiths in all the Uzg. However, the price for buying bloodsteel can be and is usually quite high, for it is an offering and crafted dedication to Gazigash and Gentharuz, and should be treated with seriousness, or the Raguks will simply klomp someone to have it back. However easy the technique seems, it is a knowledge reserved only to Raguks. Other clans have attempted to copy this ancient tradition, to no avail. It would simply not come out red. Everything needs to be at a perfect point; the perfect point that only an authentic and trained Raguk smith truly knows.
  4. " LUP'GAZIGAZH. LUP'LEYD. LUP'GENTHARUZ. LUP'RAGUK " The Wargoth of Clan Raguk stood in the middle of the Clan Hall, staring upon the shrine of Gazigash, with an idol of Leyd in his right hand, and an idol of Gentharuz on his left. The declaration of an eternal grudge that could be settled in a duel was certainly something to be laughed at, but yet, the Wargoth was not laughing. No. For Raguks held grudges of their own. For Raguks not only remembered, but cherished history and wished for its continued record. For Raguks kept tabs on their own alliances and the meaning of their word. For Raguks cherished and welcomed the new, but respected and venerated the old. The Dâr ob Griizh are known for being honorable folk, servants of Leyd, Gentharuz and Gazigash. Strength, Smithing and Blood. And they lived by these standards, and died for these standards. Therefore, much like the eternal grudge of the Irehearts, another would be crafted. And the missive would be clear. Concise. "We remember the time when the Grandaxe Kings of Urguan, in Axios, allowed the Orcish Clans to settle upon their deserts and make it their home. We remember the time when Raguks and Dwarves rode to battle together, and wrought havoc upon foes and darkspawn. We remember when we stood by Urguan upon the rebellion of the Frostbeards. We remember when we stood by our word, even as we were turned against. We honored it. And we remember, now, how we have been stabbed in the back. How word means little. How commitment isn't valued. And how honor is a fickle mistress in the Grand Kingdom of Urguan. Bakir Ireheart and his gang do not represent the Grand Kingdom, and we, the Redskins, know this. We understand the value of the word of other clans, who took it upon themselves to form a new Urguan. To renew the honorable ways of the dwarves. However, what is said cannot be unsaid. What is dead may never die. What is any being without its word? Therefore, like the Irehearts of Urguan, the Raguks of Krugmar declare ETERNAL GRUDGE upon Clan Ireheart. But ours, is truly eternal." The Wronged: Clan Raguk The Assailant: Clan Ireheart of Urguan The Wrong: 1.) Disgracing the image, word and figure of past Grand Kings of Urguan. 2.) Threats and slander made towards the Iron'Uzg. 3.) Continuous violence, cowardice and mockery towards not only the descendants of Krug, but their own people. Terms of Settlement: The deposition of King Bakir Ireheart or The rekindling of dwarven honor through public rites of repentance and apology for dishonoring the Descendants of Krug WHAT IS DEAD MAY NEVER DIE WHAT IS SPOKEN MAY NOT BE UNSPOKEN LUP'GAZIGAZH, LUP'LEYD, LUP'GENTHARUZ ANG GUND GRIIZH
  5. The Raguk Wargoth looked at the 'beast riders' and clicked his tongue, nodding firmly. "The time of the Myrzyms is nigh... they will be back."
  6. The Wargoth of Raguk laughs out loud in joy. "harharharharharharhar"
  7. The Raguk Wargoth can't help but grin. Widely.
  8. Wargoth Turkurz'Raguk is very happy with this interpretation of him, but sad they forgot his metal jaw.
  9. The Wargoth clicked his tongue idly and nodded. He ran a hand idly along his metal jaw, golden eyes looking at the horizon. "Theze am dah zame azh'z whu let dah grizh-zteel fade away. Whu let dah Myrzymz flat. Whu let Gazigazh thirzt agh thirzt... We will peep who am truly worthy."
  10. < A MISSIVE TO ALL URUKS > Wargoth Turkurz'Raguk stepped on to the main square of the Goi, dull golden eyes scanned those around, before drawing his red-tinted steel warsword, and raising it, to draw the attention of all uruks around. Once he was sure that the attention was captured, he began speaking, iron jaw moving fluidly; "To all you GLOBS... The halls of Clan Raguk are open once more, and the trials shall begin. The smiths will churn out iron and blood. The criers will resume their chants to the spirits. The REDSKINS have returned. I invite any and all uruks that are brave enough to take upon the RAGUK TRIALS, and become a member of the clan. A road that is not easy, but, with strength, blood and perseverence, an uruk can certainly endure them, and become a member of clan Raguk." He withdrew his sword, then, and folded his arms over his chest. "And those of you that try and fail... Know that there is no shame or dishonor, for the redskins of the Grizh are not for everyone. Soon, the myrzyms will return. Soon, the bloodsteel shall be remade. And I hope more and more young-bloods are brave enough to partake the trials."
  11. Being there from start to finish, Wargoth Turkurz'Raguk clicked his tongue and slowly shook his head in mild disappointment as the 'ker was beheaded. The body would be used to its full extent. All parts offered and pledged to the Lady of Blood. " Zkahin' wazte... "
  12. A depiction of a Raguk smith. Having recently declared himself WARGOTH of Clan Raguk and not yet having had anyone DEFY him, it was time for Wargoth Turkurz'Raguk, ZEKOND of his name, to claim another position, but this time, one that SHOULD belong to a Raguk, for they are the mightiest smiths of Krugmar, and were once the mightiest industrial power of the entire Uzg. Having not been able to attend the REX meeting, and missed the rise of the new Rex, the fellow Uruk - and all other Uruks - would receive a missive, either through written paper or through hushed words of other uruks. It was a simple, clear and concise missive; " Wargoth Turkurz'Raguk declares himself Rukagoth of the Uzg - MASTER OF THE FORGES and SMITH OF THE UZG, and challenges any glob that would like to say otherwise, to a smithing duel, to see if they even deserve the honor of consideration. Wargoth Turkurz'Raguk claims that REX Sahgorim'Ugluk has seen his smithing first hand, and seen its quality, and as such, the Red Uruk claims the position as his. " And, as suck, a new Rukagoth of the Uzg was declared, the position falling to TURKURZ'RAGUK, until challenged and bested.
  13. ANG GUND GRIISH Fatkurr'Raguk had been away for far too long. Far too long. Not since the days of Leydluk. Not since the days he was known as KUNTKLOBBERA, and Fatkurr served as his Grubgoth. It was far too long for the large Uruk to be away from his people. Away from the Uzg. Away from the RAGUKS. And so, upon returning and finding out that his clan was nearly dead... It SHATTERED his heart. It stabbed him in the back in a way that he wouldn't expect. It enraged him. It drew him to do more. To take initiative. To take the helm. Sittin inside of a tent with a metal jaw model, the Raguk would begin to work. Through pain and and screams of agony and anger, with the aid of a single goblin, in accordance to tradition, the challenger would go through the procedure, and replace his lower jaw with METAL. With the METAL of CLAN RAGUK. After such was done, it was time. It was time for the declaration. It was time for Raguk to come back and return to its might. He gathered the Uruks around. Uruks of all kinds. He had informed the Targoth of his intentions, with Bumba of Akaal as witness. And there he stood, in the middle of the goi. And he began; " Clan Raguk has gone stale... disappeared. Softened. Died out in the absence of those who command it by right. In the absence of Leydluk, my brother-in-blood. In the absence of many others that guide this clan into GLORY. And as such, because of your COMPLACENCY, a new direction must be given to an ancient, honorable and legendary clan. We will not let it fall to darkness and death. No. We will not die out. We are Raguks. We are Red. Let it be known that, from this day onwards, I claim the name of an ancestor. I take upon the name of TURKURZ. I claim his name in HONOR, as Kuntklobbera claimed Leydluk! Let it also be known that I hence claim the title of WARGOTH OF CLAN RAGUK, and challenge any and all of my kin who are brave enough to CHALLENGE ME. We will drive this clan to a new age. We will bring it back from its darkest time. ANG GUND GRIISH. " And then, the Uruk - the new WARGOTH until challenged by another, stepped down, and marched off, to begin his work.
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