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    Cole Balor was born off the shores of Almaris. he was born into a royal family ruling over a reasonable sized kingdom. the first time his parents looked upon him they thought he was a cursed child sent to bring destruction to their kingdom because he was born with bright glowing green eyes. they locked him away hiding him away from the people of the kingdom. all this time locked away Cole started hearing voices not knowing if they were real or just him losing his sanity. when the family thought he was old enough to fend for himself they exiled him from the kingdom and threw him on a boat sending him to anywhere far enough from their kingdom, the place he was sent to so happened to be the lands of almaris. all the years he spent at sea he heard stories of the wars and battles fought and won in these strange lands he was heading to. hearing tales of elves, dwarfs and humans all in their own wars but one race of creatures intrigued him most, the orcs. one of the stories of a certain orc called Craotor'lur, a well know orc in the lands of Almaris known for his waaagh's and his battles. Learning about the orcs and wars they were involved with Cole decided to do some research on the wars that have been fought against the orcs, he did this in hope of finding ways he could make his name in this world. The war of the orcish submission was the story he focused on most. on how Emperor John III assisted Prince Tristan in ending the orcish slave trade. and eventually going to war with the nation of Krugmar and with ease capturing the orcish capital with minimal resistance. these stories inspired Cole exciting him and giving him the goal of becoming one of the best fighters in the lands, he hoped to find ways to help the people of almaris like Emperor John III did and then hopefully be able to build his own kingdom and get revenge on his family for what they did. but the voices in his mind... wanting more dark and evil goals for him to achieve.
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