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    Leif Baerenklau (Character Name), is a Man who was born in a poor village far away. As a kid he got lost at sea and was found by Pirates (they told him that they found him between the waves, but he was never too sure if they didnt murder his former family), he lived with them until he was 17 years old. He more and more felt like they had murdered his parents and spared his life as a little child. He left them even thought the Pirates always had a laugh with him and appreciated his presence. Also he couldnt rob any other people anymore since he remembered his original parents who always told him to appreciate the other beings around him. From his time spent with the pirates he still loves getting Drunk sometimes, and spending time with pretty women. Leif isnt very clever but he has a good knowledge of human nature. He attaches great importance to his outter appearance, aswell as being polite to anyone new he gets to meet.
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