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    Michael was birth in a simple village, with very normal people. Farmers were the most comon job in there, and he was trained to be one. His dream was to become a great mage, that could make the crops grow faster, giving his family and village more gold to grow. He started reading magical books. Most of the time he was learning new and simple spells, but, one of the books contained a dark secret. A secret about a relic that could make anything grow full of life. The Nature Crystal. He didnt belived. That was exactly what he wanted. He started looking for this crystal. The book has a map, but it wasn't clear. For almost one whole year, he was following the tips on the map, hoping to find it. He almost gave up, but one day, he saw a weird green light coming from the woods. He went trought the trees, he was sure it was the crystal. When he finally reach the light source, he found a weird star shape crystal. It HAS to be it. He grabed the crystal, and sudently he felt himself stronger and healthier. He then started running to his village, trying to reach there as fast as possible to show everyone the relic. When he finally reaches it, it was burning down. Dark mages attacking the citizen, exploding houses like they were nothing, destroying everything. He tried to hide, but eventually got caught by one of the mages. There he was, in front of three dar mages. One of them took the Nature Crystal and corrupted it. The crystal lost it glow. Turned into a dark creepy looking purple, and then, was shattered by the mage. The boy tried to run, but another mage has attacked him with a spell, that started to change his appearence. He was in panic, it couldn't end like that. He then faint. When he wakes up, hes alone, his village burned, and his face... He had a huge purple mark on his face, and now his left eye was dark purple, the same purple of the crystal. He was now alone. A 12 years old kid. He runned away, trying to get as far as possible from the village. Now being 21 years old, he lives in the woods, having good relationships with elves. He dream on having revenge. Killing every single dark mage. But maybe it is too late.
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