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  1. Name: Wisteria Adeline Pinemaw Age: 21 Are you an inhabitant of Dúnkeld: Yes
  2. Wisteria sat beneath her favorite tree in Dunkeld with her lume ferrets cuddled up to her as she opened the letter. Since she had not heard from or seen her teacher since being connected, she had expected some news on her first lesson, or perhaps some instructions for study in the meantime, but as her eyes scanned the page, she was met with some rather unexpected news. Her hand began to tremble and her mouth hung open slightly. Chocolate and Chip began to tug at her sleeve, trying to pull her from her apparent daze. Eventually, she carefully folded the note up and set it in her lap as her gaze turned skyward. "How unfortunate..." She managed to murmur, her voice barely above a whisper.
  3. Wisteria gave her approval without hesitation. Definitely not because she had recently lost her hand and had lost her patience with the excessive puns made at her expense.
  4. The term “stranger danger” had never properly settled with Alvena. Despite her family’s best efforts, Alvena remained stubbornly trusting. It usually worked out in her favor, and when it didn’t, she still managed to find a way out, often through her might. Though, her luck would run out. Her trusting nature was tightly wound with her love of people. She desperately craved the development of friendships and the promise of belonging and approval it contained. That is why when a pair of friendly faces invited her into a secluded place, she was all too willing. It didn’t end in a huge battle as the girl had often imagined, or rather dreamed, her death occurring. She was simply caught off guard. As one restrained her, the other slashed her heel, and the will to fight was gone as she realized there was no way out. In a single moment, her entire future was destroyed. All her plans slipped from her grasp and all her relationships ended. So many things were left unsaid and yet to be done but all she could think of was “Dad…” The most important relationship of them all, that between her and her dad, Orion. Perhaps the one mercy in all this was she never found out that she was leaving her dad after another significant loss. Still, as her life slipped from her, the most devastating realization is that she may not ever see her dad again. Likely her most admirable quality, that of her trust and love for people, would be what ripped her away from all who loved her in life. She was brash, easily angered, and irresponsible, but in the end, it was her trust that killed her.
  5. Alvena had been rather upset but reading her cousin's message brought a small smile to her face. She grabbed the missive and lofted it above her head. "Yeh tell 'em little cousin!" She cheered, likely to the confusion of those near her.
  6. Name: Wisteria Adeline Pinemaw Age: 19 Are you an inhabitant of Dúnkeld (or plan to be): yes
  7. After providing her approval for the act, Wisteria excitedly set herself to learning the newly declared language of her home.
  8. Name: Wisteria Pinemaw Are you an inhabitant of Dúnkeld: Yes, I am. Madelyn Noryth (1-5):4 Wisteria Adeline Pinemaw (1-5):5 Vauban Daesmon (1-5):3 Lin (1-5):4
  9. Wisteria smiled as she saw the missive. "Oh! This would be a good way to help my haelun!" She chirped then quickly filled out the application. Name: Wisteria Adeline Pinemaw Are you an inhabitant of Dúnkeld (or plan to be): Yes, I am.
  10. Alvena's heart dropped seeing the confirmation of Claudia's disappearance. She set the missive aside and made plans to go looking for her friend once other important matters were settled.
  11. Alvena did not take the loss well. She never took loss well. She spent about an hour punching a tree and screaming until her voice was sore and her knuckles too bloodied to keep going. A coping mechanism that she had thought she'd left behind with the anger of her childhood, but no, that anger was still there and more alive than ever with the news of her aunt's passing. While Alvena's relationship with her aunt had been strained ever since Elena began to fight with Auntie Laurissa, she still cared for her. Elena had been the first of Alvena's aunts that she felt a real bond with and even after Alvena had sided with Laurissa, Elena still showed her care. She was still family to her. Admittedly, there was a certain guilty sense of relief hearing of her death. After all, it meant one less threat to Alvena's family, and that she would never have to fight against her own aunt. There were few things Ali feared, but hurting family was definitely among her greatest fears. As she started to calm down from her anger, there was comfort in knowing she couldn't hurt Elena now. Ali started to wrap up her hands as she tried to think of a productive way to move forward. It was hard. She wasn't a level headed woman, but she knew if Elena was there, she'd want her to try to think clearly, so she paced until something came to her. She knew exactly what she needed to do next, the perfect way to honor her aunt.
  12. As Alvena caught sight of her friend's name, a relieved sigh left her lips, though her brows furrowed as she finished reading. "Whot 'ave yeh been up teh the last few years Emilio? Ah t'ought yeh were dead!" She mumbled. She became rather intent on tracking her friend down as soon as she was better.
  13. Alvena squealed with excitement over the news. She could finally tell people about her dad and pa without being vague for safety's sake. She ran off to find her parents and give them huge hugs.
  14. Marol Malthengolv was busy frantically preparing food for the event! It was hard given so much of her cooking supplies and just food in general had been stolen. Knives, spoons, and spatulas flew about the kitchen, animated by a swirling silvery blue mana, as she tried desperately to get prepared in time.
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