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  1. The Haelun’or Gazette Published the 14th of Snow's Maiden, Y. 156 S.A. Vol. VIII Important News and Events - Haelun’ors Local and Global news column It seems the newest addition to our paper has resulted in some success! Congratulations to Carallia and Raelon, and we hope for them to have a strong and promising relationship. Perhaps a marriage is on the horizon in a few years time? Caelia appears to be having incidents arise, with bandits seeming to swarm the new, crudely built valah vassal. From what we’ve gathered, they never quite seem to do much about these incidents, endangering the wellbeing of citizens of the Silver State! This looks to be an issue of laziness, as their city is constantly bursting with guards who do nothing but stand on the wall and gaze out at passersby. In a recent diplomatic excursion conducted by the Rex of Krugmar and a following of his people, it has been called by his order that the Bronze Elves should not return to Haelun’or lest their hands be cut off. The new Rex did not seem to appreciate the Bands “Dual Citizenship” as it was said, stating that they must choose one home rather than two. Sorcaril Sythaerin, the now former Okarir’sil of Haelun’or, went missing with no trace left only a year after his tenure began. We of the Gazette are saddened by the news, but welcome the promotion of the current Okarir’sil, Theveus Sythaerin. We can only hope Theveus does not meet a similar end to his kin. On behalf of the Okarir’akaln, Yera Silvera, donate mina to the Empire today! Along with that, we encourage all citizens to participate in the Okarir’s merit system, where your contributions will be said in future volumes for the rest of Haelun’or to see. Whispers in the Wind - Haelun’ors gossip column The mysterious Talonnii, Brodielonde, has once again returned to Halaenor after their longest absence yet- two-hundred years spent on the waves, seeing the ‘Patriarch’ presumed lost at sea. Yet he has returned with a large brood of High Elven progeny. Many are left to once again speculate about this Talonnii..- where did they go, why have they returned- and who gave birth to all these children, including two sets of twins? Maethor wanted to arrest a woman that looked at him badly. He initially chased after her to find out why she looked at him badly, but when he could not find her he came up with the idea to arrest her. By arresting her, he intended to learn why she didn't like him that way. As he was just recently promoted to Asul'diraar, that should hold some concern. Along with this, Maethor has threatened Soris, another guard, as well as threatened his own kin due to a difference in opinion on how a situation should be handled. Maethor seems to have no care for diplomacy, causes new diplomatic issues left and right. An Interview with Pamphilos Hyptos… Disclaimer: This interview was conducted before the recent disturbance involving the Hyptos. Tell us about yourself. I am Pamphilos! I was born in El'Cihi'Thilln, to a beautiful haelun. My father a fisher! Though he was absent on his trips, I was held well there, amongst my lliran the young Sullas and Caliths of my early youth. Though I was soon called by my father, and we sailed to distant lands on great odyssey. When I returned, an oem’ii of only fourty-seven, I met again with my lliran. Only some remembered me, but that was grand! For we had returned to our great lives of plenty, living in the blessings of Larihei's silver cihi. Song, poetry, and all the like. I suppose there, amongst my lads, the youth of the blessed Talonnii of El'Cihi, when we hefted bigly, lived, laughed, love, I was truly made! As that was when our greatest joys were had, and that when our greatest trials came. Writers note: We humbly apologize for the confusing wording you are about to endure. What are your inspirations with your work? This is my wealth: My spear and my shield. With this I trample sweet wine from the vine. With this I am called Master of Serfs. Those who do not choose to have a spear and sword, and fine shield of polished bronze to protect them, all cower at my knee and submit. Calling me master and great King I sought to expand Haelun'ors borders for the same aim any pure 'thilln should. For health and progress. will recall now, the words of my ancestor, My inspirations come from the deeds of Larihei, and of her strongest supporters those of our revered ancestors. In my travels, I have discovered how privileged we are to be only a few generations removed from the ethnogenesis of our race! Though with each successive passive, we seek to progress our purity, we must look back to the ways of the ancient elves who came before. How lady Larihei, first of Malin's generals, rebuked the impure stagnation of the father, and how she and her crew, her loyal band, submitted themselves to the purity of our golden waters. For in those ancient days, just as today, one can measure and quantify purity, and so they did. For it was our ancestors, most loyal to Larihei, who built the walls of our high cihi while she took them by tip of cruel spike, and zap of savage spell. It was Larihei, who gave to us what we have, and it is our ancus who bring her gift to the future! May it not be spoiled! What are some things you would want to change, given the chance? There is very little I would wish to change with the system that is our blessed Haelun'cihi, instead, I would seek we return closer to that pure vision of progress and health of our maiden and those who had come before. Suffer not the impure. After all, we have the science, and we have the methods, and we have the means. I envision a time, when one can walk the street of el'cihi'thilln, and ne have to bare witness to the repugnant nature of the impure, the dragon worshipper, or the dark magician! After all, let us not forget the fate of Larihei, when she faced the vile impurity brewing in the first cihi. I would have tighter purity checks performed by licensed professionals who can accurately measure purity, and I would seek to have vessels of pure water which burn only the impure, whilst leaving the pure refreshed. Just as the ancestors intended. Writers note: We find this mention of ‘pure water’ rather off for his character, as he himself once stated his discontentment at the abolishment of our archaic acid pits. He had even suggested we instate pits of hungry vipers to eat the impure. How grotesque… Do you have any close friends, and who might they be? My friends are numerous, yet sad to me is that many of them pass and go from our eternal Cihi. My closest comrades, since my earliest youth, have been Elarhil Sullas, Edgars An'asul, Luthriel Xataphon, Valazaer Calith, Seth Calith, and of course, all my neighbors. Never did I have any who sought me ill will, nor have I felt the same! After a/ll, we are neighbors. Our ancestors beloved one another, when we held one another with our prophetess. Writers Note: We think you may lack the llir you claim to heave. Do you purposefully put on an act of being boisterous because you seem to lack maternal love and affection? Nei! I need not put on a boisterous act, as we are mali of silver. Our souls are silver, and we have the power to experience the full length and breadth of every emotion. To repress oneself is ne the same as being stoic. Being stoic is to be able to maintain your purest, truest form, even when one is troubled. It is true, while I was on Odysea with my father, my haelun, who loved me very much, had vanished, leaving me in charge of the home. My father was taken by sirens, and I fear my love is taken by impurities! Writers Final Note: We merely changed some of the spelling for correction within the interview. He writes like this, and seems to not be able to keep with a singular phrase. He has been heard numerous times switching between ‘mali of silver’, ‘mali of the sun’, and ‘mali of gold’. Many of the things he has stated, we do not share the same mindset as he. Miss Matchmaker Curunir Maeyr’onn 204 Male A diligent Sillumir, tall, pure, brooding. Piercing yellow eyes and luscious blonde locks. Stern, but gentle-hearted with time. Enjoys long walks on the beach, poetry, and preserving the culture of the ‘thill. His weaknesses are gifts of roses and other classic romantic gestures. Ashwyn Sythaerin 140~ Female A scholar (unemployed individual) within the Sythaerin talonii, with flaxen hair and golden eyes. She has an affinity for literature and science. It is said she quite enjoys poems written in honor of herself. ‘N’tellahr’ Faust 50 Male A member of the Sillumir working under Theveus Sythaerin, bearing dusty blond hair and green eyes. The new member of our city even has a small goatee, making him an interesting sight to see. He is an avid reader, with a liking for fine alcohol. We have heard he quite enjoys waltzing in the firelight. Maethor Sythaerin 120~ Male A man of much concern among citizens, an Asul’diraar within the ranks of the Sillumir. He is a man often seen speaking with multiple ‘ame women at various times, with little interests besides women and fighting, even with his own kin. Ildilyntra Uhierir 224 Female The mysterious, unseen Okarir’tayna, with a porcelain complexion complimenting silver hair and green eyes. With unwavering loyalty to the Empire, she is a custodian of the past who weaves the threads of time into great kept narrative. She enjoys receiving dedications of scientific or literary works as a form of devotion to love. And now, onto the Gazette’s public questionnaire: Who is… It seems that our dearest readers are once again torn as this poll resulted in a fair few ties, one being split between four individuals! The fairest of all has been split between Yera Silveira, Elarhil Sullas, Cresence Tinuviel’vihai, and Carallia Maeyr’onn! The second poll, asking who is most likely to be disowned, was won by none other than Theveus Sythaerin! Quite a shock, considering certain events.. And finally, the most likely to eat a poisoned apple by accident was Liamme Elbar and N’tellahr Faust! Onto this editions polls! Who is… most likely to be executed for impurity? Who is… the most gullible in elchihi? Who is… the most charitable? This edition of the Gazette was graciously written by: - Boniber’an - Clives Would you like to see your own entry in the Gazette? Send a letter into the Gazette Dropbox
  2. The Haelun’or Gazette Published 15th of Snow's Maiden, Y. 153 S.A. Vol. VII Important News and Events - Haelun’ors Local and Global news column We of the Haelun’or Gazette would like to start this edition off with a congratulations to Miss Carallia Maeyr’onn for her 50th names day celebration. We encourage our readers to also send their regards to her as she reaches this monumental milestone. It seems the report we had gotten regarding Lurin and the frostwitches was simply a hoax to put blame on innocent Lurinites! We offer our condolences towards the people of Lurin for the falsified information provided by the frostwitches themselves. Nelecar Maeyr’onn has returned, but not in a way that was to be expected. Allegedly, the eldest of Curunir Maeyr’onn’s oem’iian had attempted to murder a citizen of Haelun’or under the pretense that said citizen was, in fact, the writer of this very newspaper. A few distraught onlookers have reported his younger lari’onn attempting to defuse the situation, and even used herself as a shield for the innocent citizen. We should like to note, neither of our writers were involved in this situation and we’d like to apologize for the unjust treatment brought upon them due to hurt feelings over one of our articles. Whispers in the Wind - Haelun’ors gossip column An infernal uprising is brewing below the feet of the citizens of Haelun’or by a devious imp! Could this be cause for concern, or simply a drunken tale? Maethor Sythaerin has been seen hanging around with yet another wood elf woman? What could this mean, and is he possibly stringing some women along and toying with their emotions?! The bench broke in the city square, which was then crudely fixed; then, broken again. A large piece of stone has been put in the square as a replacement… Where did this stone come from? Who brought it into the square? An Interview with Haus Tell us about yourself. I was born on Almaris in Karosgrad, a half-decade before the conclusion of the inferi siege of Karsograd. I was always enthralled with books - most of my youth was spent reading and learning whatever I could from within the city, and I quickly developed a wandering spirit - roaming place to place in search of more to learn until I wandered into Haelun’or. It was later in my life that I was introduced to the arcane arts - around a few years after I started my practice I, can under the watchful tutelage of Valindra Nullivari, the First Veil Watcher, and it was by her offer that I joined her as a Veil Watcher. It is a endless and thankless task, to watch over fellow magi and ensure they remain cautious, while tending to the Veil, but it is a purpose I endure with pride - it has been under Valindra’s mentorship that I’ve become the Watcher I am today, and through our work we safeguard descendant kind on our side of the Veil. Interlude aside, since I took on the burden of Watching and the arrival in these new lands, I’ve found my wandering spirit re-invigorated. When I’m not conducting my research within the Silver City I tend to wander place to place - watchful of the Veil and inquisitive to that which I come across. It’s been eventful, to say the least. What are your inspirations with your work? Spite, in the simplest terms. I have been told countless times what others have thought of me and what they think I’m capable of, been subjected to the wills and wants of others as nothing more but a tool, a means to another's ends. It is in pushing myself to the extent of my capabilities, in enduring where nigh all other crumbles and falter, that spite to spit back in the face of problems and challenges and overcome that pushes me to achieve what I have, and inspires me to do better the next time. It is also in those I find myself looking up to, in my closest friends and teachers - the unyielding, those unshy of the truths who seek it out, those who pioneer and carve the path forward - that I find inspiration. I have found my best works, the moments where I shine the brightest are from standing together with those close to me - who I know would do the same for me at a moment's notice. One’s self is powerful enough, but to link arms in unity and persevere is strength in its own scale. What are some things you would want to change, given the chance? My lab space. I must admit, quite embarrassingly, I underestimated how much space I’d need, and now require an expansion. I’ve begun the process of gathering the needed approval for such, but it is tiresome. To have my work hampered over red tape is trying at best, and insufferable at worst. In the same notion, I truly wish there was more…research conducted. When I first arrived in Haelun’or, what caught my eye was how much work was put into the gathering and preserving of knowledge, and the scope of the clinic. I find both now rest on a shelf of stagnation and indifference, tended to by a scarce few while the main effort goes into efforts of war and violence and armies. It saddens me as much as it angers me to wonder what could have been, had such effort gone into gaining an understanding of the new lands we live in, instead of mindlessly amassing arms to point to the nearest gathering of life. Do you have any close friends, and who might they be? Cresence Tinuviel'vihai has been a dear friend of recent, helping me with my research and cooking. I’m a bit biased towards what I make, so having an outside voice is always helpful. They’ve also been quite kind and understanding during the rather difficult work I do. I would, of course, be remiss to not mention Valindra Nullivari - fellow Watcher, Valued Friend and Dearest Teacher of mine. Through her experience and expertise and under her watchful guidance, I can attribute most of the reasoning of why I am the mage I am to her. Through tragedy and hardship she’s stood with me, stalwart and unyielding. I could ask for no better teacher or friend, and I am honored and humbled to be her student. And certainly, there is Inny Yuln’aher. A most fabulous Headmistress and Innovator - someone who has driven me to wake up, and stand for myself. Without her, I most assuredly would be dead in a ditch somewhere of my own digging. Few others have made such a impact as her in such a short time, inspired me to reshape myself into something better. Words alone are quite insufficient to express my gratitude to her, and how deeply I value the bond we have. Past these dearest few and unnamed others, in the Silver City it is difficult to say. There are precious few I consider close to me, and I assume my appearance is off-putting enough to discourage others from trying. I’ve learned not to mind - the people I do have close to me are quite dear in my life. How is it being one of the few valah actively around El’Cihi? It’s difficult to say, as in most cases I feel as if I’m treated fine - irrespective of my human-ness. In some particularly humorous cases I have been referred to as a ‘aheral, which makes me wonder if some mali’ truly consider me an elf or not. I'm not sure if I should take that as a compliment or not, yet. More often than not, I find it pleasant to be in El’CihiThilln - it’s only on rare occasions do I find myself the subject of passing jeers and glares. It baffles me still that some ‘thill hold high opinions of me, while others hold abysmally poor ones. Regardless, such vanities are just that - I’m happy to be welcome in the city, and able to continue my research in peace. Miss Matchmaker Carallia Maeyr’onn 50 Female The heiress to the Maeyr’onn talonii and librarian within our Eternal Library. Tall and graceful, with a presence akin to the sun with her white hair and golden eyes. An aspiring artist and writer, she enjoys spending time with her young ward. Her weaknesses are sweets, specifically lemon-based treats. We’ve also seen a rather sharp increase in men surrounding the ‘thill, perhaps all are potential suitors? Ashwyn Sythaerin 140~ Female A scholar (unemployed individual) within the Sythaerin talonii, with flaxen hair and golden eyes. She has an affinity for literature and science. It is said she quite enjoys poems written in honor of herself. ‘N’tellahr’ Faust 50 Male A member of the Sillumir working under Theveus Sythaerin, bearing dusty blond hair and green eyes. The new member of our city even has a small goatee, making him an interesting sight to see. He is an avid reader, with a liking for fine alcohol. We have heard he quite enjoys waltzing in the firelight. Raelon Brodielonde 55 Male A sailor and soon-to-be Sillumir, another newcomer to the city. Of the vastly large Brodielonde talonii, he’s a blond man with seafoam-green eyes. He has an enjoyment of the water and sea, though is looking to settle into the lands. Lashrael Irune Tinuviel 200~ Male The newly returned, missing father of Athri’annyer Tinuviel. Not much can be said on the man, but it appears he was not welcome back with open arms. And now, onto the Gazette’s public questionnaire: Who is… Last editions polls surprisingly had a winner for each category with no ties! The first winner was Maerayla Sythaerin as most likely to perish. The second was Vylarr Githrahel as the most likely to fall off of El’Chihi’s walls! The third was Cresence Tinuviel'vihai and Theveus Sytharin for the next to be wed, and finally the one most likely to go through a messy divorce was none other than Sorcaril Sythaerin! It seems the scrutinous focus has shifted towards the Sytharin talonnii rather than Valazaer Calith. Onto this editions polls! Who is… the fairest of them all? Who is… most likely to get disowned first? Who is… most likely to eat a poisoned apple by accident? This edition of the Haelun’or Gazette was graciously written by: Lavendula Pyrenaica Diphylleia Convallaria Would you like to see your own entry in the Gazette? Send a letter into the Gazette Dropbox.
  3. The writers of the Gazette whisper with hushed tones, leaning into one another. They ask themselves; what might this be?
  4. Hello! Other writer here, apologies if there is anything I happen to repeat that my counterpart said. The entry was given specifically through our Dropbox; something where we cannot see who entered what. We ourselves did not go out seeking anything. It was a rumor at best with your names with the intent to cause disruption, that we sadly did not screenshot before clearing the Dropbox for the newest entries. So there is no useless back and forth further, we will delete that section this time. Keep in mind, any future entries we will not be doing the same. None of this is meant to be taken seriously.
  5. I would like this to be removed at an OOC level. Not because of the fake letters that were never sent, but because it could imply metagaming which i never did and i don't want to be involved with We understand your concerns of meta gaming, but alas we are simply writing what we have overheard within our nation through IRP means and/or through our dropbox (from which we gain the information we need to write our lovely article). If it is a matter of you personally not wanting to meta game, that is not something you can impart upon us. Oocly this entire article is to spur roleplay and talking points for the nation of Haelun'or and for any who decide to react to it irply. Finally, our dropbox is anonymous, so we cannot confirm the validity of any statements or writings received. However, we can write about what we receive and we are free to be corrected if we have received statements that are not correct through irp or drop box means. Have a lovely day, Signed - The Haelun'or Gazette.
  6. @Morigung-oogWe of the Haelun'or Gazette send our deepest and most humble apologies for our printing error. It seems our latest apprentice has decided to change our written thought for their own likes. They have been swiftly dealt with and shall not cause any trouble to our work again.
  7. The Haelun’or Gazette Published the 1st of the Deep Cold, Y. 149, SA Vol. VI Important News and Events - Haelun’ors Local and Global news column With the final battle of our war against the Valeites fast approaching, we implore all who are able to join in arms with our Sillumir and bring us a swift and glorious victory! Join the war effort while you still can, and if you cannot remember to send your support through our war bonds! Miss Matchmaker We would like to add a small note before we head into our Miss Matchmaker section. All entries for our currently eligible matchmake’ees are written exactly as they are given to us! If you, the reader, believe these entries are perhaps a bit self-centered, just know that we have not altered these submissions in the slightest! For our future matchmake’ees, we have taken the liberty of writing the public opinion on them! These are meant to be of a playful sort, rather than be taken as us promoting the oem’ii for courtship. The entries are formatted in the following way: A portrait of our matchmake’ees Name of our bachelor/bachelorette Their age Their gender And finally, a self-written description! Curunir Maeyr’onn 204 Male A diligent Sillumir, tall, pure, brooding. Piercing yellow eyes and luscious blonde locks. Stern, but gentle-hearted with time. Enjoys long walks on the beach, poetry, and preserving the culture of the ‘thill. His weaknesses are gifts of roses and other classic romantic gestures. Stelios Hyptos 89 Male A fisherman, chariot builder, and poet. A youthful, athletic mali’thill who boasts that he is the son of a beautiful haelun. He spends time between the Iron Temple, amongst gardens and libraries to achieve perfect art. His blonde hair may be in a pompadour-like style, or sparse braids. He is interested in high-art, athletics, song, and storytelling. His weakness is… “Bad Girls”, to quote himself. Theveus Sythaerin 145 Male A member of the Sillumir who claims he is strong, handsome, manly, redpilled, bold, brave, and beautiful. His interests include capturing maidens and taking names (a rather odd choice of words for an esteemed soldier). His weakness seems to be his unrequited love for a particular red-headed ‘aheral. Future Matchmake’ees Carallia Maeyr’onn 48 Female The heiress to the Maeyr’onn talonii. Tall and graceful, with a presence akin to the sun with her white hair and golden eyes. An aspiring artist and writer, she enjoys spending time with her young ward. Her weaknesses are sweets, specifically lemon-based treats. Whispers in the Wind - Haelun’ors gossip column Pamphilos seems to be rather taken as of late with an unusual thing known commonly as gloating. Generally the good mali of the lands would know better than to engage in such a valah concept, but it seems the Hyptos talonnii does not have the same regards. Even more than a year later, you can hear him spout his tale of being the first upon a bridge. He also was reportedly claiming to use deadly snake pits instead of the acid pits of old, and to throw a certain Valindra Nullivari into it! A strong rejection was made from Kolvar Uradir, causing Miven Caer’meonn to move on in attempts to seduce the cacti along the road to Haelun’or. Reportedly, the cacti have been wholly unresponsive to the temptresses advances. The Hyptos talonii, commonly referred to as “Toga Elves” due to their general attire, have been spotted with long elegant dresses and scandalous druidic-themed attire. Whilst engaging in this crossdressing of odd sorts, they’ve been allegedly taking on hyper-feminine names such as “She-lios Swishtos”, “PampHERlicious Lipgloss” and “LariSLAY”. It has been heard that our dear Okarir’sil has found... a lover? There has been a rumor spread regarding Athri’annyer Tinuviel and Yera Silvera, stating that the two of them have been seen courting one another late at night! Is this rumor a baseless accusation, or is a marriage soon on the horizon? One has seen the Sillumiran taking skulls of fallen enemies, on top of the standard loot that comes with battle. Could this denote impure amongst the ranks, with blind eyes turned? We have one statement here; “Of course this is false. Those of the Sillumiran are the strongest, as well as the purest of the Mali, any impure thoughts that come to mind are immediately dismissed, whoever started this rumor must’ve seen that of an Uruk taking their enemies skulls, or they are lying.” - An Anonymous Sillumir. An Interview with Valindra Nullivari Tell us about yourself. I was born on Axios, though I didn't truly enter the public eye until Almaris. Initially, I served under the late Sohaer, Othelu Orrar as elOkarir'maehr, as well as Div'kinael. Upon my departure from the state, I focused on attuning myself to both the blade and the spell, undertaking the difficult path of the Arcane Scion. I am known to be the First Veilwatcher, alongside my fellow discoverer of the art Sulieronn Ashwood. Nowadays, I spend my time outside of work at home, with my nose in various ancient books. What are your inspirations with your work? My work involves tracking and ultimately dealing with reckless magi. My inspiration comes from the numerous voidal incursions I have led charges against, including the crises of Arcas, the Ando Alur tear and hollow, the Celian tear folly and most recently, the attacks of numerous human cities. All of these horrendous events were the product of overzealous magi whose ambition outgrew the pull of their moral compass, if they even had one to begin with. Alongside this, I hunt darkspawn as the line between corrupt mages and dark magi often blurs. Unfortunately, nowadays many have grown complacent again, and thus the need for someone to step up has arisen yet again. It is often a thankless job with liberals cursing my name. What are some things you would want to change, given the chance? With the war redirecting the sillumir's attention from internal affairs, elcihi has faced a few issues, namely people breaking the law by letting undesirables through the citizen doors. Ultimately, though, I have withdrawn from elsillumiran so it no longer any of my business to deal with. Instead, I'd focus on pleading for the monitoring of mages, especially Veilwatchers who are often those with impure Sutican mindsets and corrupt ambitions. Do you have any close friends, and who might they be? No. I prefer not to waste time on petty mortal attachments. How do you feel after the blatant discrimination from Silvios Hyptos? I'm flattered that I haunt his mind, but I am currently not looking for a relationship. His orcish-style bullying seduction tactics are wasted on me. And now, onto the Gazette’s public questionnaire: Who is… There were not very many entries for the last edition, which is quite surprising! What’s even more surprising is who had been voted the most for each question. First up was Obok Metaldrinks for most in need of a bath, next was the Sythaerin talonnii for the cutest oem’ii, and finally the most in need of some intervention from Larihei was none other than our Asulir Kolvar! Quite an unexpected turnout, but on top of this we are including four submissions from our lovely readers. Onto this edition's polls! Who is… the most likely to perish in battle? Who is… the most likely to fall off ElCihi's walls? Who is… the most likely to get wed next? Who is… the most likely to go through a messy divorce? This edition of the Haelun’or Gazette was graciously written by: - Kolvairea - Valindreas Would you like to see your own entry in the Gazette? Send a letter into the Gazette Dropbox.
  8. The Haelun’or Gazette Published the 22nd of The Grand Harvest, Y. 147, SA Vol. V Important News and Events - Haelun’ors Local and Global news column With the war Haelun’or is staging on the Vale of Neveahlen, we of the Gazette only find it right to fund the creation of Haelun’orian War Bonds, in the Sillumir’s name. Purchases of these can be made in the city square, where the Haelun’or Gazette previously left its work out. Miven Caer’meonn, leader of the Vale, has yet again attempted to seduce one of our esteemed members in society! Firstly it was the disowned Celiasil Uradir with whomst she was previously married to. It appears she seems to be attempting to keep it in the family, vying for our esteemed Asulir, Kolvar Uradir. The temptress is trying to tear down our nation, one ‘aheral at a time! A few elven days ago, Carallia Maeyr’onn was spotted being approached by a sketchy looking individual. A few eye-witnesses express seeing the man walking up to and cornering her before the gates to the housing district! We’ve yet to get word from the oem’ii at the moment, but we have found some shocking news about this mystery man. Apparently he has been banished from our lands before. He masqueraded around, pretending to be a ‘thill in order to manipulate oem’ii away from the path of Maehr’sae Hiylun’ehya! The close llir of Carallia, Cresence Tunuviel’vihai, gave a written statement on the matter through our dropbox. She said en-quote, “I saw him cornering her and demanding physical affection in the form of a hug! He even knew her name and that he could find her here, meaning he had been watching her for some time. Once he noticed me however, he threatened to harm me and unnecessarily destroy the area for being there.” The name this man goes by is Cain and seeing as he has personally attempted to put one of our oem’ii in harms way, we have decided to form a bounty on this disgraceful being. Not only has he broken the terms of his banishment but he had enough time to watch and stalk the young Miss Maeyr’onn to learn of her whereabouts and seek her out! We will be issuing a cash prize for any and all who manage to put this man behind bars. A grand sum of 200 mina will be issued upon completion of this, via a designated Sillumiran. (Note: If multiple people work to capture this man, the 200 mina will be divided equally among them.) A summon was made by the Maheral for the one called Dyonne Alusa, calling for her to debate her reasoning for creating an alchemical potion that is said to make the blood of the drinker gold- experimenting with this on Mali’aheral, willing or otherwise. As any would know, do not trust that which has not been approved by the Government itself. In a decisive opening strike against the Vale and her allies from up North in the Kingdom of Norland the Haelun’orian party would slaughter a combined force of Vale and Norlandic soldiers, leaving them in route while not a drop of silver blood would be spilt. In the aftermath of the fighting four Nevaeheln and Norlandic leaders would be taken captive, including that of the Norlandic High Keeper which would bring the number of hostages up to 5 as the Haelun’orian party stumbled upon a man outside the walls before fighting began. The Norlandic prisoners would be escorted to the Grand Kingdom of Urguan where they would meet their own fates. The High Keeper would be sent free after negotiating her release for the ending of hostilities between nations in a violent feud that previously had no end by writing a rather embarrassing letter to Urguan. It is unknown what happened to the Nevaehlen prisoners which were taken by Haelun’or, but many speculate they were released back into the wilds. Whispers in the Wind - Haelun’ors gossip column While simple, a rumor is spreading on our ex-Maheral, Seth Calith, stating he is bald and wears a wig! We do suppose he is quite the aged ‘thill, yet it would be such a shame if he had less hair than the ancient Silvos Sythaerin. Stelios Hyptos, known to be a spirit-worshiping elf, has seemingly been harassing the Mar’sil Valindra Nullvari. He accuses her of being a follower of dragonkin, siding with the Azdrazi- even telling her to bathe in the golden pools and end her life on the account of his beliefs that she is an ‘ata! Valindra faced these accusations with grace and poise as any ‘thill would, with two others speaking well on Valindra’s growth and her ongoing path. Even so, Hyptos still questioned the leadership of Kolvar Uradir and Seth Calith; the two who unbanished her and gave pardon. We have also heard that a goat was found hanging on a tree branch near the stairs to the Citadel! Was this goat a sacrifice, or a warning of what’s to come? Did a citizen commit this heinous act, or an outsider? From what we know, no visitor has been logged bringing in a goat with them… An Interview with Arasdir Miravaris Tell us about yourself. This question was left unanswered. What are your inspirations with your work? Ageless echoes from marbled stone, and the sun which rises on a morrow ever better than the last. Our Motherland, verily, which we inherited from those who walked before us, and the great tapestry which our people have weaved in threads of silver and hope, and left for us to toil, so that more beauty and harmony ever our successors may come to behold. What are some things you would want to change, given the chance? Pertaining the Motherland, there is seldom any change I would enact. Mine yearning is that which we all should share, that the Light of Larihei may reach wide and far, and that all shall see knowledge and health to be the path to harmony, and end to shadow and the coming of an age of prosperity and wisdom. Do you have any close friends, and who might they be? This question was left unanswered. What is your opinion on the recent document send out by the ‘ame of the Vale? It is by chance alone that no longer shall my heart find solace under tree, and that my rest shall be in the shade of ivory towers. Our cousins had not so fortunate to bathe in the Pools, but I trust that they may come to see the Light of Larihei and that we may together come to cherish our forgotten roots. And now, onto the Gazette’s public questionnaire: Who is… Our last poll ended in a partial tie. The winners for most likely to be intoxicated in public and most likely to stalk a love interest were Arasdir Miravaris and, you guessed it, Valazaer Calith. Considering our earlier entries, we have decided to change the winner of the former to match what has happened as of late. As for our final poll of who is the source of our gossip, it was a tie between Arasdir and Elarhil Sullas surprisingly enough. Onto this edition's polls! Who is… the most in need of a bath? Who’s talonnii… has the cutest oem’ii? (Young and old may apply) Who is… most in need of some intervention from Larihei, for all our sakes? Cast your votes into our dropbox! This edition of the Haelun’or Gazette was graciously written by: - Mintheria - Haelsen - Galicus Would you like to see your own entry in the Gazette? Send a letter into the Gazette Dropbox.
  9. The Haelun’or Gazette Published the 11th of The Grand Harvest, Y. 144, SA. Vol. IV Important News and Events - Haelun’ors Local and Global news column Malithor Nullivari, with his ongoing absence, has been released from his duties as Okarir’sil and replaced by Alexander Nightingale; an individual we do see as quite deserving of his new role within the Silver Cities Council. Similarly, Malaurir Seth Calith has passed on his role of Maheral to Arasdir Miravaris, marking what will hopefully be new changes for Haelun’or in the coming years during the tenures of the new Maheral and Okarir’sil. Perhaps old news now, our neighbors, the Elves of Amathine, have recently been facing a plague amongst their lands. There was quick work to remedy the sickness between their people, yet we can only question what caused this. Some are inclined to believe it is due to nature's grime, but what if it were an attack on the wellbeing of the people? The Sillurmian have been diligently doing their duty with their change in leadership, actively going out and fighting beasts of various sorts to ensure Haelun’ors people stay safe. We at the Gazette would like to extend our gratitude and praise to these brave knights of our land, as they protect us in Larihei’s name! Whispers in the Wind - Haelun’ors gossip column The beloved Malithor Nullivari has seemingly vanished from ElChihi! Perhaps he’s ran off to marry an unknown lover in the midst of supposedly courting Celestia, or rather, went off with Celestia herself for a private union at last? It was witnessed that the alleged Elibar’acal, Alfer, was attempting to tell the Sillurmian how to do their jobs after they seemingly angered her, causing what simply might be referred to as trouble; a pastime of hers, apparently. Tyraeal Vaelreos appears to be having quite the uncomfortable time with his shoes, where they do appear quite dirty and unkept, resulting in him failing to hide the fact he always appears quite itchy at the heels… Is he perhaps running around quite often to frequent the maidens of our nation? Speaking of courtship, it has been witnessed by many that Cresence Tunuviel’vihai and Theveus Sythaerin have been rather close as of late. Many have seen and attested to them staying up through the waning hours of the night upon rooftops, scarcely leaving enough room for Larihei between them! Could they possibly announce a courtship soon, or will they bring disgrace to each talonnii through an arrant affair? One would also question if the match would be such a good idea, as Theveus has been witnessed to be blatantly disrespectful to one of Cresence’s closest llir right before the Okarir’sil! An Interview with Alexander Nightingale Tell us about yourself. I may be known as Okarir’sil, the protection of Haelun’or and its people are of my first priority. However on a personal level I view myself as a scholar. Most of my spare time is spent towards my thesis for the Eternal College, a work that’s been 20 years in the making and will most likely take me much longer to fully complete. Aside from that, I like simple things. A conversation or debate over drink with llir and strangers, music, walks, a well placed bad joke, an interesting class, festivals, sailing, fishing… birds. What are your inspirations with your work? If this is an inquiry regarding my written work I have two inspirations. First, is Elsillumiran, whom I write to help them succeed in their duties with works like “The Art of Diplomacy, Continuum of Force and Interrogation Tactics” and second are the individuals I meet during my travels. It is rare I write a song, or poem based on an experience of my own. I listen, watch, and question others then attempt to put myself in their shoes. I feel doing this opens my mind to the nature of others which I find useful in my day to day travels and work, be it positive or negative. If this is an inquiry about my work as a Sillumir, my inspiration has always been Malithor Nullivari and Valazaer Calith, who helped educate and guide me to where I stand today. Seeing what they did on the field, in crisis, where most thill would crumble. Their organization and commanding natures saved the elves and elfess’ under our command during those harsh times, the fall of Almaris. I have nothing but respect for the dedication that they have presented to the state and I wish to make them both proud, by bringing Elsillumir to their greatest potential for the sake of elcihi and it’s scholars safety and progress. What are some things you would want to change, given the chance? I came to Haelun’or in my mid 20’s mainly, looking for my Talonnii, but I also arrived because it was the safest place to be during the fall of Almaris. As a vehement traveler myself, I wish first and foremost for our citizens to not only be safe within our walls, but outside of our walls so they may see the world should they choose without fear. The realm of Aevos is dangerous, attacks happen daily to unwary travelers. I wish to change that and make it safer for everyone so true progression can happen. Thill need to be able to experience new things, to be able to leave for their studies and then return with their findings unharmed. Do you have any close friends, and who might they be? I do have close friends, however my duties keep me occupied enough that I feel I have drifted from them. There is nothing more entertaining than debating with the confidence and ego that is Carallia Maeyr'onn. Indulging in conversation with the intimidating, pure intelligence and ambition that is Yera Silveira. ‘Interrogating’ unsuspecting travelers and citizens with Liamme Elbar. Potato eating and ‘who can find the best sleeping spot to not be disturbed’ contests with Valindra Nullivari. And, despite them being of a lesser race, Naith Mettalyth and Masayoshi Makoto. They have long since proved to me that they have my back, have helped me in intensive times of trouble and hold a lack of bloodlust, accompanied with a kindness and dedication to their respective fields of study above that of their kind. … And I suppose my brother Skeral. Even as a proven, pure citizen of Haelun’or through your deeds, why do you still keep your Valah name? I was never proven pure, my word was simply trusted by those who inquired which in the end baffles me. Alas, I have the proper documentation ready to make public to prove the purity of the Tinuviel Talonnii line and have been waiting until the formatting of such is finalized to submit it to the Bloodline Archive to re-take it officially. I was named ‘Alexander’ for the single reason of: the Valah whom raised me could not pronounce my elven one. I was young enough that I had forgotten what my true name was. Regretfully my mal’onn had not known the answer to this either as he had left to explore the world before I was born, and then I was unfortunately separated from my parents during a shipwreck. It has taken time and research to reconnect with my parents. Only recently I have discovered what I was initially named, Athri’annyer, and have full intention of bearing it once again. And now, onto the Gazette’s public questionnaire: Who is… The votes are in, and once again the most fashionable ‘aheral has ended with no clear winner! The top votes were Elarhil Sullas, Celestia, Valindra, and Yera Silveira. For the second poll, it comes to little surprise that Valazaer Calith was voted most likely to be chased by a mob. And finally, Elarhil Sullas was named the most likely to own a concerning number of cats, strangely enough. Now without further ado, onto this editions polls! Who is… most likely to be intoxicated in public? Who is… most likely to stalk a love interest? Who is… most likely to be the source of the Gazette gossip? A note of importance. We of the Haelun’or Gazette mean no malicious intent in our writings. The Silver State lacks laws on such a topic; that which we do implore you to amend, and we simply are attempting to help progress our Blessed people as well as entertain and inform. It should be noted that anything we say, pertaining specifically to the gossip column, is hearsay and should not be taken seriously unless specified. Alas, to comply under law the Haelun’or Gazette, our written thought, shall now be printed into thin book form henceforth so copies of the Gazette may be protected under Chapter I, Article 5. We may be privately contacted should issues arise. ARTICLE 5. The Blessed Residents of The Silver State of Haelun’or will not tolerate the disgraceful and irrational destruction of written thought. Knowledge and written thought is completely imperative for progression and preservation of our people; a custom rooted in maehr’sae hiylun’ehya. The destruction of tomes of any value within the great library is to be treated as a crime akin to both violence, and theft. This edition of the Haelun’or Gazette was graciously written by: - Astarius Terival - Carlach Maveris Would you like to see your own entry in the Gazette? Send a letter into the Gazette Dropbox.
  10. The Haelun’or Gazette Published the 21st of Snow's Maiden, Y. 142 SA. Vol. III Important News and Events - Haelun’ors Local and Global news column It seems our distinguished Okarir’maehr intends on breathing life into Larihei’s presence with a remarkable play dedicated to her glory. Those who are interested in such a riveting experience should seek out Celestia and audition for her play, as it’s heard that those who are casted will rise to celebrity throughout ElChihi! Sohaer Kolvar seems to be propelling previous Sohaer Luthien's legacy in foreign diplomacy with the formation of our newest pact with the Kingdom of Urguan. I certainly hope that this will usher in a new era of foreign trade and relations, as it will be sure to help both of our glorious nations thrive and prosper. Onto a more somber issue, our druidic neighbors have been suffering in an ongoing war with none other than our allied dwarves in Urugan. It is claimed that the dwarven clan of Irehearts had instigated a conflict with their foreign delegation during the coronation held in Norland, though the conflict in question was not detailed in the slightest. One would, or rather should, beg the question of whether our nation should become involved, and moreover what that would mean for our people. There appears to be mixed feelings throughout the land as some claim the mali’ame’s brought this misfortune upon themselves while others seem to sit back in silence or abject horror. I simply have one question to ask, how can we believe these allegations and if they are true, do we honor our treaties, or do we face the consequences of our treason? Whispers in the Wind - Haelun’ors gossip column Comparing two of the citizens of the Silver State, Carallia Maeyr’onn, and the ward of Alexander Nightingale, Asul, one might find the two appear awfully similar when taking into account their stark white hair and canary-yellow eyes. Rumors have spread of the two being related in some way, perhaps the young ward being a relative or; dare I say, a bastard of the esteemed Maeyr’onn family. Taking into account the hands-off parenting style Curunir Maeyr’onn seems to prefer, it would only be a wonder what he does in all the spare time he has.. It is also no secret that Curunir’s wife, Ithia Uradir, has been deceased for quite some time, leaving his children without a maternal figure. One would question how this has affected the two, as his only son has seemingly run off with a Talar’norian noble! Clearly, the lack of maternal parentage has caused some mental issues with Nelecar. Only Larihei will know if Carallia has not suffered in the same way. And some words have spread on Luthien Maeyr’onn and Elasul Sullas, specifically their… hair colors, oddly enough. With the Maeyr’onn having ginger hair in a family of blondes, we believe that she may be dying her hair, as is Elasul too; one dying their hair blonde whilst being a true ginger, and the other dying their hair ginger as a true blonde! It has been rumored that Azaerin Visaj, the producer of the famous Visaj Red, has been importing the grapes from foreign vineyards! I beg the question of whether our own local grapes are not superior to others. Do our grapes not suffice? What is it about these foreign fruits that make them seemingly more desirable than our own? There has been ongoing gossip on whether or not our Okarir’tir Malithor Nullivari and Okarir’maehr Celestia will put their courtship to an end and finally tie the knot. Larihei knows neither of them are getting any younger, and with infertility among our lovely ‘aherals still rampant, it would be rather foolish for them to remain unwed while still in their fertile years. Perhaps we may be able to persuade them into finally creating a family together? An Interview with the Sohaer of Haelun’or Tell us about yourself. I was born within Haelun'or during the era of the Blessed Diarchy and was nurtured by its ideals and traditions. I initially served as a Sillumir before the Civil War which forced an exodus of loyal citizens. Years later I returned to serve as a Medi’ir during the inevitable decline of the republic to help transition Haelun’or back to an authoritarian state. It was during this service that I was called on to act as Sohaer due to a sudden decline of Sohaer Othelu’s health and the Ando Alur calamity. Once the crisis had been settled, I passed the torch. However, this was short lived as again I was called to act as Medi’ir by Sohaer Alaion Miravaris to aid Haelun’or after the catastrophe of the Almaris Coalition War that led to the loss of Karinah’siol. I am glad to say that in this task I was again successful. Now we find ourselves in a new land of which I am the sovereign, overseeing our nation during an unprecedented time of peace and wealth. What are your inspirations with your work? My inspirations are drawn from the archives of our history and the brilliance of past leaders. My every action is driven by an unshakable commitment to see Haelun'or flourish and stand as a beacon of wisdom in the world. What are some things you would want to change, given the chance? I always look to matters of state, seeking to foster a nation of continuing prosperity and wealth. With this in mind, I plan to oversee a refurbishment of our capital city’s architecture to better reflect our grandeur. I am also assisting in the cultivation of a dynamic Talonnii system, which will be implemented in the coming elven days. What were your aspirations as a young oem’ii? As a young oem'ii, my aspirations were steeped in the teachings of the Uhieran of which I was a member. I always sought to contribute to the growth and protection of our society by serving as a Sillumir. It should therefore come as little surprise that I was already enlisted before adulthood. Do you have any close friends, and who might they be? I am a friend of all the Blessed Citizens of Haelun’or. Through their unwavering loyalty and devotion, our nation prospers. - We at the Gazette do wish to add a thing or two; based upon the last answer we received, we do feel concern that the Sohaer himself may be suffering from insecurities, regarding his leadership, and being a ‘people pleaser’. As Blessed Citizens of the Silver State ourselves, we only wish to help him overcome these ailments so he may be the Purest he can be. And now, onto the Gazette’s public questionnaire: Who is… The last questionnaire ended in very mixed reviews, as there was no winner for any question! Though, in accordance with the last two polls, Valazaer Calith remains to be one of the most undesirable bachelors in the Gazette’s history. I will admit, that is an accomplishment in and of itself, and I suppose congratulations are in order. We have received a request to ask who is the most fashionable ‘aheral, and while we normally would not do a repeat in questions, we figure it’s high time to settle this debate once and for all! Who is… The most fashionable ‘aheral? Who is… most likely to be chased by a mob? Who is… the most likely to own a concerning number of cats? This edition of the Haelun’or Gazette was graciously written by: - Lavendula Pyrenaica - Diphylleia Convallaria Would you like to see your own entry in the Gazette? Send a letter into the Gazette Dropbox.
  11. The Haelun’or Gazette Published the 4th of Snow’s Maiden, Y. 125 SA. Vol. II Recent News - On the same day as the first edition of The Gazette, it was announced that the Ashen State of Nor’Asath has now been granted temporary membership to the Sol Entente in a probation period to test their commitments. As more and more strangers make their way into elcihi it stands to reason that they become more peculiar than the last. As of today, the 11th of Malin’s Welcome, a female individual appearing as a mali’thill made their way within the city. Many crowded around this abnormal individual, wishing to learn more about them though the process could be seen as unorthodox. Soris had grasped the individual's eyewear, nearly ripping it off of them without even asking it seemed. Much to the dismay of those around, this individual, who appears to be named Nemi, had no eyes. They were very robotic in nature, even emitting clicking noises as they ambled about the square. Multiple individuals, such as sillumir Illynora and Phandelver, stated that Nemi resembled a doll, albeit a very strange and almost creepy one. As time went on, the being began to learn and repeat new words as others gathered nearby said them. A shroud of mystery surrounds this elf-like creature, though one fact is certain. They are not living, or at the very least natural. During the recent public forum debate hosted by the Okarir’maehr, there were a few rather bold and questionable wishes/statements, one of which was made by none other than the Okarir’tir Malithor Nullivari himself. One of his statements was that the recruitment age for the Sillumir should be lowered to twelve years of age. While he had also mentioned that the oem’ii would not need to face actual combat, it is still a rather unnerving request. As most, if not all know, a mali is not physically mature until eighteen years of age. Most still have a rather child-like mindset until the age of twenty-five, or even well past that in other cases. While it can be agreed that the oem’ii of today need to have some form of guidance and structure in their life, having it be thrusted upon them at such a young age is not wise. Oem’iian need time to grow, learn, and explore the world they live in. As someone by the name of Arasdir commented, “Oem’iian… should not give their life to the blade.” A few days ago, Haelun’or was attacked yet again by pirates. They had somehow managed to blow a hole into the back of the city where we were most defenseless as not many linger in that area. As they poured into our walls, many mali fought bravely and laid themselves down to protect many innocent civilians. Multiple mali were injured but soon after the sillumir were able to push the assailants back and forced them to retreat, though it is just a matter of time before they attack again. This is just one of many battles we are due to face as their malice brews, however it is suspected that these individuals are affiliated with the Mori and fish-people we once battled. Is there any reason for these attacks? Has someone wronged these attackers, or is it merely out of boredom and possible gain? Whatever their motives, these scum of the sea will face retribution. Whispers in the Wind - Haelun’ors Gossip Column It seems that from the limited interactions following the last volume of the Gazette, Curunir Maeyr’onn has developed a distain for the woman who was mostly innocent in regards to the incident that occurred. Some have admitted to seeing the Maeyr’onn glare towards her whilst she did nothing more than sit before the tavern bar, he even refused to speak to or acknowledge her before promptly walking off. While there has been no updates on Dakaith’s proposed casino, there have been scathing reviews regarding Sohaer Luthien. One critic had not hesitated to shame her for a ‘blatant egoic bias’ though had failed to mention how the Sohaer flashed her ego. According to their claims, Lady Luthien had reprimanded Sir Pamphilos for nothing more than speaking, though they failed to provide factual evidence to support these claims. They grossly exaggerated how Lady Luthien had asked for silence prior to the beginning of a diplomatic meeting, not to mention having the assumption that Sir Pamphilos had at all been offended by the request. They continued to deliberate her 'inflated ego’ but consistently failed to mention the reasons behind these accusations or provide any sort of evidence for them. Perhaps this flaming critic is somehow jealous of the Sohaer, or perhaps even enamored with Sir Pamphilos and is using this as a way to gain their favor? Though there have been no comments from either Knox or Grimm, it appears as though perhaps a possible romance is blooming... It is rumored that after a lesson taught by Lady Aiera Sullas, Skeral Nightingale opted to stay behind for quite some time. Though this may just be a pursuit of knowledge, one may suspect a small attraction towards the elder is being formed, similar to how some oem’ii develop ‘crushes’ on their teachers. Onto a more pressing topic, it appears as though our Okarir’tir is beginning to show signs of greed as his actions are becoming more self-indulgent and narcissistic. During the recent siege (as stated above) Malithor Nullivari attacked a citizen with his crossbow completely unprovoked. His claim was that they were a darkspawn, but considering the circumstances one would be led to believe dealing with the nation's attackers would be more important than a ‘I think’ or feeling, however his claim may hold some truth. It was witnessed by others that the alleged darkspawn got back up from the usually fatal blow, practically unharmed. The attacked party claims alchemy is the reason for this seemingly impossible feat, though it is a farfetched story. Malithor had then begun to get in an argument with the Sohaer as she reprimanded him for taking attention away from the ongoing battles during the siege. Unfortunately I cannot say what had happened past that as I do not know, but perhaps the Okarir’tir was using this attack as a diversion of some kind? It can be assumed that the disruption had interrupted the focus of others fighting, perhaps leading to some of their injuries? Who is... Surprisingly, the poll for the most hated individual has ended in a tie between none other than Dakaith Araaloq and Valazaer Calith. Multiple entires have the two men voted for the category, though one could have a sneaking suspicion that it was none other than themselves who voted for the other multiple times. Due to the anonymity of the Gazette dropbox, we shall never know for certain… Continuing on, it seems the individual who won ‘most attractive’ and ‘best dressed’ was also Dakaith Araaloq, though the Sohaer and Valazaer tied for second place. For someone that is still quite unknown, he seems to have gained an unprecedented following.. Onto this editions polls: Who is… the clumsiest person? Who is… most likely to be chased by suitors? Who is… the most likely to live their life alone? Submit your responses to the Gazette dropbox! Have anything you’d like to see/add? Wish to bring something to light? Use the Gazette dropbox!
  12. The Haelun’or Gazette Published the 6th of the Deep Cold, Y. 123 SA. Vol. I Recent News - The other day, a very strange and filthy mali’ame was stopped within Haelun’ors square. An enraged source states that this ‘ame was endangering an oem’ii with a filthy creature they carried upon their person. Others claim that the ‘ame was ridden with bugs and diseases due to their filth, one even going as far as to recreate the scene in a drawing. One of the oem’ii present, Carallia Maeyr’onn, had begun to choke and gag at the mere scent of the woman as she ran past in an attempt to avoid the sillumir present. Soon after, the mali’ame was banished from the lands but not before a few choice words were spoken by Sohaer Luthien Maeyr’onn. Multiple witnesses to this event can attest to the beloved leader losing her patience and calling this pest-ridden woman an ‘ata. Another strange thing is that many new faces are appearing within the grand walls of the Silver State, particularly from the elven nation Celia’nor. Numerous accounts of these mali’thill roaming the streets of Haelun’or may be cause for suspicion, are they truly harmless or should citizens have some concern? Apparently these newcomers are cause for concern as two individuals, one being a mere oem’ii, were caught attempting to break into a home to do Larihei knows what. They were apprehended by sillumirs Parir’acal Maeyr’onn and Phandelver, though the former seemed to be eager to jump to extremes. The sillumir suggested taking the two to a trial for their actions, but was quickly shut down by Phandelver. It seems as though the two were forced to clean the guards barracks as a punishment instead. On a much brighter note, it has been heard that the Council is considering the rebirth of the Uhieran for all the young oem’iian to flourish when not involved with their studies. Whispers in the Wind - Haelun’ors Gossip Column It has been heard that Curunir Maeyr’onn is in kahoots with none other than a Celia’nor citizen. He was seen taking them in not through the main gates for processing, but rather through the citizen gates. It was heard that Seth Calith himself had stepped in to sort things out as gatekeeper Soris went to confirm the woman had indeed been processed before. Many believe that Curunir’s actions could threaten the safety of the people, but was there some motive behind them? Perhaps even an attraction? It seems that another mali’aheral is gaining some traction by attempting a rather unorthodox means of business. Dakaith Araaloq is apparently trying to open and run a casino within Haelun’or, though he has not gotten approval to do so just yet. There is quite a bit of tension in the air, namely between two individuals named Knox, a mali'ker, and Grimm, a human man. The two bickered back and forth, seemingly trying to impress a woman by the name of Liu Chen. Are they both smitten with the woman, or perhaps are they merely trying to show off their masculinity and utterly failing? Who is... Who is the most attractive man or woman in Haelun’or? Who is the best dressed individual? Who is the most hated? Write your answers and place them within the dropbox located in the square. The results of each poll will be announced in the next edition of the Haelun’or Gazette. Have anything you’d like to see/add? Wish to bring something to light? Use the Gazette dropbox!
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