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  1. The Invasive Friends of the North “The pingus are here…” ✵ Published; upon the 12th of the Grand Harvest, in the year 154 S.A. The Pingu Invasion In light of a cold winter and snow sweeping over the Celia’norian realm, the vineyard became frozen and the fruits of the fields were left unharvested. A singular Pingu scout from the North of Aevos has reached the northern border and has found the plentiful frozen harvest for its colony. As days turn into weeks and weeks turned into months. Multiples colonies of penguin has proceed to treat itself to the vineyard near the Celia’lin Winery or they have seek good shelter in the Celia’norian capital of Leyu’sil. The berries, the grapes, the wheats and the fishes all sources of harvest for the Celian people during rough winter months are now gobbled up by our flippers friends. It is advised that Celia'norian are to escort them out of the City or take daring measure to fight these tall birds. Towards the good people of Celia’nor, Our capital is under attack! Our streets are overrun! What foes are these? What great enemy has done what no other army has so far? Trained physicians of Visaj Industries (owned and operated by the successful, handsome, brave, rich, humble, generous, intelligent, witty, charismatic, cultured, well-educated, well-mannered, well-traveled, and handsome Numerian Visaj) have identified these fluffy creatures as the Pingu. Pingu come from the north of Aevos and seem to undertake seasonal migrations in search of fish and frozen fruits for the winter. Fortunately for them, but unfortunately for us, our city is now swarmed by these flocks as dozens migrate into our walls and make their nests! A rendition of a Pingu by one of Visaj Industries’ finest artists (Numerian Visaj sure knows how to pick them!) Please be careful as you go about your daily business throughout the city. Pingu nests can often cause serious structural damage, and young Pingu can often be a tripping hazard for those who are not careful. The authorities are presently searching for a way to deal with this infestation and apologize to the subjects of Celia’nor for any inconveniences that may arise. ilMaehr’sae Ilkun’ehya ✵ ____________________________________________________________________________ AY’PUERAN; His Royal Highness, the Former Prince, Illarion Ibarellan, Retired Lord Chancellor of Celia’nor The Honourable Laurir Fer’pueran, Numerian Visaj, Presiding member of the High Council in the Principality of Celia’nor.
  2. MC Name: VoxyNoir RP Name: Philip Tiberian Persona ID: 79846
  3. Celius's yes brightens as he recalls a time when Celia'nor had close ties with the predecesor state of Adria. He smiles as he returns back to his study room to get drunk again. "Ay'Illyria, may this mark a fruitful start of allies who will fight by each other's sides." The Cerusil would proceed to write down this moment in his personal history book with a sip of red wine from the Starlight (Celia'sul) Winery.
  4. The aging Ibarellan reads the missive with a tense look at first before relaxed his body. He would grab his quill and ink as he silently writes down the next chronicle of tales of the Celia'norian people. Yet he hastily left his house as he prepares to find a gift for the new Royarch's coronation in the coming week. TO HER ROYAL HIGHNESS ILLYRIA, What I've witnessed today was nothing short but a dream from the Fi'andrian Stars pulled into the fabric of reality. Yourself and your cousin Hurin has woken up the Celia'norian people from a long slumber, you've restored back their identity and pride. Remember that I am always a hallway away from your office if you wish to refresh yourself with my new baking recipes. May the Stars guide you, HIS ROYAL HIGHNESS Illarion Ibarellan, former Chancelor and Prince of Celia'nor
  5. Honestly, Sailor is probably one of the most capable people to lead this project and community. I hope to see her do well with this, and I will be there to support her!
  6. Philip Tiberian read the missive as he warmly smile at his friend from the far East getting recognized for her worth. The Marshal of the Stassion Company writes back to his brother TO MY MORE SUCCESSFUL BROTHER Can't believe you guys see me as such thing! I will remember you for this! IN NOMINE FLAMAE ALBAE, HIS HONOURABLE, Sir Philip Tiberian of Stassion, Officer of the Stassion Company, Knight of Petra Edited August 11 by Voxy
  7. Philip Tiberian smiles as takes out his bow to hunt for some game for the feast.
  8. Philip Tiberian glances back at his brother with a smile as he prepares a sword gilded in silver and gold as a gift to their new allies.
  9. "NOOOOOOOO!!!!!!" The man cries as he heard of the news, before he fell on his knee.
  10. Philip smiles at it as he support his friends
  11. Philip Tiberian read the missive as he warmly smiles before he prepare his longsword and the table at Richard's castle. The man would proceed to draw out his quill as he wrote a missive towards his father in-law TO HIS ROYAL EXCELLENCY, Gaius var Ruthern, Viscount of Marsana @WaveLincoln Your daugher original portrait was painted quite liberally by our court painter, unfortunately one of my advisor has forced me to not use it in the hall of our castle. Hence why I am sending you this realistic portrait to the far south as a gift for your excellency! HIS HONOURABLE, Sir Philip Tiberian of Stassion, Officer of the Stassion Company, Knight of Petra
  12. Philip Tiberian read the missive as he warmly smile at his friend from the far East getting recognized for her worth. The former Riverguard Marshal draws out his quill as he wrote a short letter for the now Queen of Petra. TO HER ROYAL MAJESTY, Renilde I, by the Grace of GOD, Queen of the Petra, My deepest gratitude goes out to you, from hearing your heroic tale of fighting the exceptional preservation of Petra during the Civilwar to the long march to this new continent. Your journey was filled with many trials, and I hope this will be your last one. I wish to sincerely congratulate on your new title and ranks as a ruling monarch. May your royal majesty continue to rule this realm with great health and strength. SIGNED, HIS HONOURABLE, Sir Philip Tiberian of Stassion, Officer of the Stassion Company
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