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  1. free build bad. LC and resource pits good.
  2. tell me you hate settlements and rp focused groups without telling me you hate them
  3. sure wish that I, the lovely reader, knew what a level 5 infraction was based off of the information provided here to know what sins are being arbitrarily cleansed.
  4. It sounds to me like it’s automatic, something along the lines of you place it down and it grows once every X seconds.
  5. I can only answer this question with what I feel is logic, and that would be that attackers actively engaged in combat wouldn’t be able to raise a ladder while also fighting.
  6. Can’t say I think factions-lite raid ladders and seal team 6 breach charges are the move. I’d love to battle for helms deep someone in a warclaim but I thought we were moving passed promoting pvp and raiding when we did stuff like not allowing trees as parkour platforms.
  7. Eisodios to our fellow peers and subjects of the Kingdom. All are invited to the first Rhenyar cookout in decades, hosted to celebrate the elevation of the new count of Susa, Sir Aleksander Basrid. ❃ The day shall begin with the hoisting of a freshly caught sturgeon from the river Sabari onto the great table, followed by its preparation in the open air with oils and spices endemic only to imports from the isle of Rhen. All guests shall participate in the preparation. ❃ Thereafter, lades will be led to the picnic stations where they shall prepare plates of ruhdrian clay from the wastes of Savoy, while the men heat the flames to cook the sturgeon. ❃ Plates done and fish fried, the feast will commence! Wine will flow, and merriment shall be had for all. Signed by The Right Honourable, The Count of Susa, Sir Aleksander Basrid OOC: Monday June 6th @ 3:30 PM EST at Susa.
  8. The tears no longer fell. Not out of callous, but of the simple fact that there were none left. His friends were all dying, he could only wonder how much long it was until Xan called his name. "May your memory be a blessing, rest well my friend."
  9. The tears rolled freely down Kalius’ face upon hearing of the fate of his old, old friend. Their bond had started on an odd note, the Lion ready to shred the phoenix should he treat his cousin poorly. Yet quickly their bond grew into that of brothers, in more way than one. Time and time again the two jaded ‘Ame rose from the shadows to fight, and prepared to die, for their kin. Kalius envied his fallen friend in a way, knowing he finally found the peace he long sought that he himself still chased. He knelt atop a mountain, cloak draped over his head. He made no effort to stop the tears, letting them soak the ground beneath him. “May your memory be a blessing, old friend. You shall live on in the hearts of all those you met. We will not forget you.“
  10. A weary figure sat still upon the root of a tree, his head bowed in mourning. He had not known Tanila well, despite being his sister in law, but that was mostly his fault anyway. Tears slowly cascaded down his cheek, though quickly stopped, but still he wept. It felt that loss was all he had ever known, haunting every facet of his troubled life. "Rest well, lari'onn. May you leave the pain behind, and may your memory be a blessing." He rose slowly after some time. His limbs shouting in defiance. It was time to head home.
  11. A DRAGON RIDES AGAIN 16th of Tobias’ Bounty, 1868 It is the will of GOD and my ancestors before me that I, Mattias Ault, last known and material blood descendent of His Lordship, The Mountain that Rides, Ser Darius Ault, herein declare my fealty to King Frederick I and back his rightful claim to the throne of the Kingdom of Oren. I devote my life to the Kingdom of Oren, and humbly request that His Majesty recognize me as the patriarch of House Ault, stripped of any and all claims or titles once held by His Lordship Darius Ault, beyond those of lineage, legitimizing the surname Ault once more so that it may once again stand stalwart in defense of the throne. Mattias of House Ault
  12. Hargurr takes a deep puff from his pipe as he reads, choking on the smoke as he nears the bottom of the paper. "Why iz da signature section longah den tha missive itzelf? Stupid pinkie and/ohr twiggie gitz."
  13. Say what you will about the implementation of the World Team but the team did not have the leadership it needed to work in any capacity, which frankly I think says more about the administration as a whole rather than the WT. An admin who was stuck in his ways to a fault, pvp goon turned admin who abused PEX for his friends (totally shocking, who could have seen that one coming /s), and an admin whos been negligent of the entire team for months. I'll admit that I was rather surprised by this move to remove the WT outright instead of trimming the dead weight months ago and trying to get a competent leader for once. I'll also say that the whole notion of "general admin" seems to be more of a weird way of letting incumbent admins cling to a shred of "power" and dodge responsibility for ruining their teams, rather then being something that is genuinely beneficial for the servers growth and survival. Not sure we really need general admins with longevity, or at all really.
  14. do you know who else is in paris?
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