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  1. Come back, bish. Lots of us are returning, coincidentally.

  2. One minute I want to get back into LotC, the next I completely forget about it for 2 months. Funny how that happens lol

  3. LotC - Learning outside the Classroom. Lol'd

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    2. Irish


      Snazzy's house. Half Five. Be there.

    3. yekim8


      Or be a cube.

    4. KaneKaneKaneKaneKaneKaneKa


      I like to think of myself more as a sphere

  4. I was listening to

    while reading a post by you and you had your little dancey avatar thing, and I was laughing because it went well. Cool story right?
  5. I was talking to Kevin on skype and he said zigge started on LotC, by any chance are you zigge from outbreak-gaming? I logged on to see if it was you, I hope it is and I'm not talking to some randomer, lol... Yea, I'm Willizl33t if you remember me :D

  6. I logged on just to ask you if you have skype, and if you do give me your skype :3

  7. Nah, for two reasons. 1. I disagree with people bringing there characters back after they have been dead for awhile. 2. I lost the skin, haha.
  8. I miss Thedas too, dunno why I killed him off, because Kane turned out kinda similar, but Thedas was so fun, and the BH and all that stuff was amazing. Anyway, Kane died now...lol. So now it's Foronir :3. BH, funniest memory, Shen thought I was a girl. That made me laugh so much.
  9. You're still the same <3... kind of... not really... but kind of...similar, you're similar, whereas Ryder is Erus, Shen is Lucas, Natheus and Rasta are gone... *sadface
  10. Man, I just read through like, 20 of the pages. Brings back such amazing memories... When we just began and it was so epic, and we had like Natheus and Rasta, man, I miss this stuff. When I was Thedas/Raziel/Azrael, and Lym wasn't undead and Lucas was Shen (despite him thinking I was female...). Good memories ;) Love the BH forever <3
  11. Derp. Hai.

    (See what I did there? You said "Hai. Derp", so I said "Derp. Hai", I am so funny /endsarcasm...)

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