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  1. Hey everyone, how's it been?

  2. I keep saying I'll come back then don't stay.  But I always miss you all in the end.  I've never enjoyed a game more than this.

  3. Alkenaar

    Rate The Above User's Fame.

  4. I really really want to get back into this community I joined over 5 years ago.   It was one my most memorable experiences.  I feel very overwhelmed rereading on all the Lore.  I do want to be back and stay, though.  Anyone have any good resources to catch up back on everything?

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    2. Alkenaar


      Oh man Eoin didn't know you still played lol.  And hi cloaked! I might add you soon, I usually keep my skype for personal stuff but i could add you.

    3. Cloakedsphere


      How have you been dude? Last time I heard from you was back when Haelphon was running the media team.

    4. Alkenaar


      Been busy. And yeah I remember that haha. With my job and school I had to leave. I'll be sticking around though for some small role play. :) 

  5. Hello, old friend.

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    2. Tavari


      Hey! Long time no see.


      How've you been?

    3. Alkenaar


      Sorry I'm so on and off.  I've been good, you?

    4. Tavari


      Good to hear, and good myself!

  6. Woah, 4 days from now it will have been 3 years since I joined LotC.. Oh Aegis.

    1. Mψ§ŧ


      Woah! You're still here? I figured you left a while ago.

  7. I miss you guys. It's been hard to stay on LotC -- a lot of stuff has changed and it's all new to me, especially after having been gone for so long.


  9. Merry Christmas to Anthos!

  10. Can anyone link me to rules involving hoods?

    1. Elindor


      They are nation specific. You can either have a skin with a hood on, or put [Hooded] in front of your name and your identity should remain secret (unless someone knows your voice, smell etc). Getting in trouble for wearing a hood will depend on which nation you are in.

    2. Alkenaar


      I mean OOC rules, like what you should and shouldn't do with hoods.

    3. Elindor


      There isn't really anything. If you have one on your visual identity is hidden. You can pull of someone's hood or get close enough to see their face. You shouldn't use it as a form of contraceptive.

  11. that really weird moment where you suddenly see chat from all of the server.

  12. Why is q-u-e-e-r a censored word? I understand the way some people use it is derogatory, but it's actual meaning is a socially acceptable term for a non-heterosexual or someone who is not gender binary

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    2. Evilbanana5757
    3. nppeck


      we should just type as many curse words as possible and see how many get censored

    4. Tavari


      I'm *****. I find it offensive.

  13. I'm getting a "Failed to login: Bad Login" message. Anyone know the cause?

    1. dank


      Close minecraft. Re-open, try again.

  14. Alkenaar

    Anore's Forum Mod Application

    5 minutes later: "Denied for use of comic sans" Seriously though, Anore is extremely capable of this position. Best of luck!