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  1. Could someone fix the hair on my skin? It looks pretty bad...

  2. Figured I'd pop in, see how we all doing?

  3. Eastin Dia Trading Co.

    MC Name - Jtheo2016 Character Name - Sentoric Profession - Chef Profession Level - Adequate Combat Or Magic Training - Combat Skype Username - stealersfan1997
  4. Bro, I have to ask a question that I have been wondering for a while. On you old character Brittle, where did you get the idea for the mask? It reminds me of something.

  5. Opening a lore shop. Good at writing but nothing to write? I provide the ideas. Send me a PM and I can provide the ideas you so desire.

  6. If I see one more person with a name pulled from Anime I swear to god. . .

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    2. TavernLich


      Psh. Saucyk Edgiha will always be in my edgy heart. He wasn't at all actually edgy, I trolled a lot with that char :3

    3. Netphreak


      My characters name is actually the result of a typo, I promise you won't find "Pherak" in any anime I know xD

    4. Jtheo2016


      The problem is that no one wants to see an already existing fictional character in LoTC; if they wanted to see that character acted out poorly by a fanboy/fangirl, they could read fanfiction. Granted, names like Seth are completely okay. It's a common name. But when manga/anime names are pulled directly from the source without approval or relation to LoTC, with a suddenly modern-like culture/manner of speaking, it ruins the atmosphere.

  7. [Adventure] The Order Of Seekers

    OOC Minecraft Name: Jtheo2016 Timezone: EST Skype: stealersfan1997 Anything you'd like us to know?: I will be online fairly irregularly; I have an incredibly busy schedule this year. IC Name: Theopold Adelban Age: 23 Race: Human Gender: Male Alignments: None Skills: Aspiring Farmer, Chef (however, I do require further training in these areas), and swordsman. Anything you'd like us to know?: I earned my experience in battle through guarding a major city, thus my tactical skills are limited. Additionally, a run in with a goblin left me without one of my eyes, thus I still need to adjust to my craft.
  8. Says I'm downloading texture pack. Nothing is happening. Any ideas?

    1. Raptorious


      its just named items and stuff, it happens instantaneously

    2. Heero


      It's real snazzy and keeps any existing textures.

    3. ||||||||


      It's just named items, nothing fancy.

  9. Hey, I've got a self-inflicted ban. Any idea how I can undo that? Also, hi guys! Been a while.

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    2. Jtheo2016


      Thanks mate. Appreciated! If you can, keep me updated :) Just pop me a PM

    3. Booklight12
    4. ||||||||
  10. I'm sorry you can't trust me And won't ever let me in I'm sorry you don't believe in me And that I could not win I'm sorry for not being perfect And being able to break your fears I'm sorry for messing up And causing all your tears I'm sorry I can't fix it And make you want to stay I'm sorry I wasn't good enough And now I have to pay I'm sorry I ever doubted it And made you second guess I'm sorry I was so stupid You haven't seen my best.

    1. Jtheo2016


      I couldn't help it, I'm sorry :3

  11. ((I'm not insulting his roleplay capabilities; I've never roleplayed with him and thus cannot judge him. However there are already quite a few pirate factions and he does not seem to have put much thought into his post. His post was very quickly hashed out and lacks important detail. And if he can garner support, great for him, but both his last post for the same guild and this post have lacked detail and care and failed to garner any form of support. I am not putting him down, I am pointing out that it might not be a good idea for him to start a guild without enough thought. For example, he could've just edited his previous post which had plenty of applicants, but instead made a brand new post and didn't even think of a name for this new pirate guild.))
  12. ((How long have you been here? The lack of detail put into the guild seems to suggest you don't know how guild pages work and how thorough they are, so it's safe to assume you're pretty new.))
  13. ((Perhaps it would be wise to merge with another pirate guild rather than create another one. You seem new to the server and sometimes it's better to get a feel for the server before creating a group.))
  14. Hopefully I'll be back for a while. Anyone who wants to partake in the Arscimali project, please contact me.