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  1. While walking down the King’s Road you stumble across a sales catalog written on a tattered parchment scroll. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The Golden Harvest Catalog of Supplies for Sale ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ We Deliver! To order, fill out the attached form ((Forum pm)) For immediate service, send a bird to the Westmarch Harvest HQ ((JD_DC)) Wonderous Oddities: Odd Libations – 15 minas Timekeeping Pendants – 85 minas Halfling Pipeweed Cigars – 15 minas Fine Minerals: Raw Diamonds – 35 minas Raw Emeralds – 10 minas Refined Gold – 25 minas Refined Iron – 3 minas Cobble Stone – market price Lapis Blocks – 10 minas Redstone Blocks – 10 minas Food Stuffs: Carrots, Bread, and other vegetarian dishes – 2 minas per serving Steak, Chicken, Mutton, and other meats – 5 minas per serving Pumpkin Pies and other baked goods – 10 minas per serving Tools of the Trade: Herbalists Snippers – 45 minas per pair Leather Riding Saddles – 70 minas Maps Made to Order – 100+ minas Office Supplies: Bookshelves – 40 minas Books – 10 minas Paper – 1 mina String – 10 minas Black Ink – 15 minas
  2. ((On a flyer posted outside your nearest city you see the following, posted on an ornate flyer)) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The Golden Harvest Has Returned Once the mightiest merchant guild in the world, The Harvest has been reformed by a distant descendant of the founding father, Golden Richards. We are seeking strong lads and ladies to help us in many regards, from builders to hunters, breeders to miners, and writers to merchants. Wealth abounds for all of our members as they help further the cause of free economy and healthy population growth amongst kingdoms. Interested? Submit an application and stop by our offices outside the Courland keep, near Renatus. A map and short application form are appended to the flyer: ((-856,-1814)) Application form: (In Character): Your name: The profession you seek: Past experience and jobs: What you wish to achieve with The Golden Harvest: ((Out of character information. Your minecraft name: Time you have been on the server for: Your timezone (in GMT): Your real life age: Anything you would like to add about yourself:)) Enclose your application and send to Golden Richards ((DM or Discord @ JD#3674))
  3. OOC ((MC Name: WOOSH10001 )) ((Discord: JD#3674)) ((Timezone: GMT-5 US EDT)) RP What is your name? Golden Richards Why seek membership within the Mages Guild? I seek to contribute to the schools of magic by furthering the corpus of research in the arcane arts. My broad connections as a the leader of a mercantile guild may be of benefit to my masters. What is the extent of your experience with magic? Petty experimentation with alchemy which has yet to yield a brew of any substantive value (mostly inducing nausea and blindness thus far). My meditations have resulted in naught but tingling sensations and flickers of light manifesting from my fingers. What arts if any do you currently study and who was your teacher? My studies have focused on ancestral knowledge passed down through the annals of the Golden Harvest. My forefathers were accomplished alchemists and spellweavers, however they didn’t exactly leave a comprehensive manual of how to reproduce their works. What position do you desire to claim upon joining the guild? Simply that of an Acolyte. I have no grandiose misconceptions of my abilities, simply a desire to learn.  What position do you desire to advance to within the guild? If I’m able to master my art I’d seek to spread the knowledge to other worthy souls in furtherance of the field. I would avoid combatant roles insofar as is practical When is the best time to contact you for an interview? I’m not so much of an early riser, however I’m able to meet at your convenience. Just send a bird. ((I’m flexible for the next few days.))
  4. Going to be back on as much as possible, I'm stupid busy this semester but I want to see the Harvest thrive in Anthos like it has in Aegis and Asulon.

  5. Well atleast this time you disappear from the server with a reason. But it would be good to see you on LOTC

  6. Bad news buddy, I have to drive 20 hours to school leaving tomorrow and I dont know how much I'll be on. Gonna try my best but I'll be pretty busy.

  7. You better not disappear for a long time again since the update. I haven't seen you on for a while

  8. having an anxiety attack about how far back the server will be rolled when it comes back up.

    1. Astraeus
    2. Golden_Harvest_Richards


      have you seen the new shops yet? they *were* looking pretty slick.

    3. Astraeus


      i only saw it as a wip

  9. First week back on the server and I'm already trying to get banned. >:| easy swooshy... easy....

  10. Why would anyone DoS a minecraft server? Why not the syrian government.. or joseph kony... hackers use your powers for good!

    1. Agnub


      Or an Obama Super PAC website...

    2. chanman98


      DDoSers shut down the Reddit Child'c Play 24 hr Charity Marathon on the Reddit MCPublic Minecraft server... I know because I was there...

    3. chanman98


      DDoSers shut down the Reddit Child'c Play 24 hr Charity Marathon on the Reddit MCPublic Minecraft server... I know because I was there...

  11. I am! Just started a new character.

  12. I am! Just started a new character.

  13. I saw you visited my profile. Is it true, thou art back?

  14. You better be coming back online things have changed

  15. Stop by the base oig, if I'm not there tell pikel I said ye was ok and we'll get you set up with some work soon.
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