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  1. How you homies doing?

  2. ... I wonder.. maybe I can militarize the hobbits

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Yohei


      Love not war, man.

    3. Devland99


      they will kill you for trying

    4. bobisthebest1234


      they are to drunk for that or they eat to much food!

    1. Backup Lago

      Backup Lago

      If we suck at reading, how do you expect us to read this?

    2. Benpowell987


      ... Fairest point if I ever did see one

    3. Morinehtar


      A bunch of white lines, why so many white lines. MY EYES! OH GOD MY EYES!

  3. Its been almost a month now, and I still mourn for the loss, RIP jon snow, ;-;

    1. GrimReaper98


      he will be reborn, as Jon Targeyran STARK

  4. Actually.. orc RP is increadibly fun, even for a human!

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    2. Benpowell987


      And thats not to say, I didn't come out bloodied by it!

    3. craotor



    4. Benpowell987


      m8 i want to reform the great war nation of krugmar!

  5. Odd Silence Appeal

    Player Report (If applicable, please provide a link): N/A Minecraft Name (at the time of your ban): benpowell987 Rule Broken/Disputed (Multikill, Griefing, Xray, Etc. Be specific.): N/A Character Witnesses (Name(s)): N/A Event Details (Reason for actions. Apology. Etc.): Been happening for some time now, where i've been unable to speak, or emote, with this I've found out i've been muted, Modreq's dont work for me either so I've thrown this up, I'd atleast appreciate a inbox on the forums or something if i've done something wrong, but this is completely random as i've just started playing again since day 3 of my unbanning? basicly.. all commands that allow me to communicate in game have just been.. Well, blocked for me.. ( I Know that you can't 'silence' anybody' Im not a ****, but you can mute.. ) Screenshots/Vids (Link):
  6. Cant say or emote, is this a common issue?

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    2. Benpowell987


      Can use ALL commands now, aside from talk, which promps me with a mute comment.

    3. Benpowell987


      Got it fixed, admins unmuted me

    4. Emilyyy


      Is it possible you pressed F1 by accident?

  7. Is it legit to mine the stone in the mines? think I saw a sign saying otherwise

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    2. Benpowell987


      Are the support struts really needed though? Given its an OOC area

    3. Arkelos


      The Resource Island is an OOC area, the Mines are not an OOC Area.

    4. Space


      The mines all teleport to the same work, from my understanding. Just different parts of the world. I remember trying to plot out a route from the Orc mine entrance to the Elven mine entrance in Anthos.

  8. An immidiate reaction like to my ban report on Aislin, I really didn't want to do it..

    1. Benpowell987


      If you have an issue with Aislin please, just Make your own ban report on him, or simply just +1 my present one,

    2. Backup Lago
  9. Why is it, everybody suddenly become computer experts when they see something they don't agree with?

    1. Benpowell987


      Like you post a topic on how to protect yourself against DDOS's which involve trojans and everybody seems to become a network expert and suddenly belives that the only way to DDOS someone is through networks?

    2. Benpowell987


      When using a trojan is more common in gaming networks, as they are responsible for the most DDOS's on home routers. But hey what do I know?

  10. Someone inbox me what the hell happened with the admins? please

    1. Googlesearch


      Someone posted Thythus Ltd's nudes which damaged his creditability

    2. Benpowell987


      Like I really want to know

    3. craotor